Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wanna Flick? Step by Step...

Let's cover some movies today! It's Thursday so...

...So I am glad to open with a movie directed by the queen of Thursday nights herself, Ayara Illios. The host and often dj of the Official Pornstar party of the day released a new Pink Production, and as usual with Ayara, I am sure you will find it well worth a look.

This was prolly one of the hardest ones to make, and its far from flawless, but i am happy how it came out anyways.
The filming and editing is from me, the idea is from Ziggy Markova, who is playing the stepmom btw lol.
Hope you enjoy!

♥ Pinky

It was very funny to get a glimpse of this movie's inception from the group chat banter: some of the veterans here are probably familiar with Ziggy, and it's quite nice to see how he put his vivid imagination to good use commissioning this movie (and putting together a real master of disguise performance!). His co-star Celeste Bloch is as well a worthy sight on the silver screen.

Even better though it is to see Ayara do another movie. This might have not been the easiest movie for her to make according to her release notice, but it's a really intriguing one to watch.

 I remember how in the first movies I watched from Ayara back in the day, the camerawork was what would catch my attention at first, overwhelmingly so even, while in the latter movies it was especially the lighting choices who would catch my interest. In this flick, the camerawork is perfectly measured and accompanies the viewer through a sultry spectacle. Ayara in both photos and movies is keen on experimenting stylistic choices, sometimes original and daring, and the the dark gradient in this video gives it a rather sensuous tone.

To round up the post and catch up some, let's just see more movies featuring actors not often seen here on these pages. For instance, one of Artfull Zane's latest involving...

Diablo Balazic is another Sexiest Pornstar who doesn't often get to star in a movie. Zane gives her the leading role in this suggestingly but also quite appropriately named flick, where her amazon build can truly shine.

To no surprise with Zane's movies in perfect porn tradition, after the brief visual introduction of the actors involved, it gets down to action pronto, and gyms are one of the favourite places for Pornstars to break a sweat at. Using the tools there not quite for the purpose intended. But we're all about getting creative!

Since I have a few movies to catch up from mr. Zane, why not featuring another too from earlier this year, with yet another sexy diva who doesn't get used nearly as much as you'd expect? I am talking of course about..

...Larry Vinaver!
Ok no, I was talking about Suz ! This was not her first appearance in Zane's steamy videos. But certainly she gets spotlighted quite effectively. Showing off her 'talents' with two of the leading talents in the SL porn industry. She looks really hot in here, doesn't she? And a reaaal camera-mugger!

The flick, straightforward as it is, it is also exactly how you'd expect a threesome porn movie to be: about one very lucky lady who enjoys and is enjoyed. Enough has been said about Larry as actor, never missing a beat when it comes to bring great looks to a new movie. And certainly not enough has been said about Zane's contribution to the SL adult scene, in a world where getting 'acting gigs' is so difficult.

Congrats to everyone involved, and we'll see next more flicks again soon! Now gawk at this stuff, after the jump!

The internet is for porn! This blog too, but just let me know about any of your initiatives you'd like blogged. I'll do my best to have you in here!

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