Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Porn Stars Pool Party : April 19th

Part One : It's always a real pleasure to feature Ali Lancrae's awesome party photography. From one of the best, established Porn parties on the scene. Miss Emily's Porn Star Pool Party. I'm sure these will be enjoyed by all those attending the event, or just enjoyed for their sexy quality by people who didn't make it. Great job Ali!

Apologies to all those who might expect names on each picture. I began party posts doing this, but had complaints from people who featured in the background not being named. Which became an issue when they couldn't be indentified always. So, we just post the pics, you know who you are! xox

Erotica by Ero&Tica

Ero&Tica 1-1

We all have to deal with the personality-driven aspect of the world of SL Porn, one way or another, some of us thrive on it. We are a community, we relate to each other as individuals, each one with their traits and each one different, and based on what we see but also often on what we know, or think we know, about the person.

Well, on today's feature, I have no idea of who this person, or these people rather, are!

This is the 'Ero Tica SL ' flickr. Hopefully we'll hear this name again, because the beginning is very promising. I have had no contact with 'Ero Tica' other than a brief flickr mail making sure their uploads on our Flickr groups meant they would have liked to be on the blog. Maybe you will contact them and get to know them in world. Maybe you won't and they will stay known only for their pics. I don't know, but meanwhile.. just enjoy this artwork, whoever it is behind the nick! Ero&Tica 1-2

Ero&Tica 1-3

Ero&Tica 1-6

Ero&Tica 1-7

Ero&Tica 1-8

Ero&Tica 1-9

Ero&Tica 1-10

Ero&Tica 1-11

Ero&Tica 1-12

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: April Magazines part 3

As I have said in our previous installments, I'd really love to cover more magazines who feature material linked to the world of SL porn and/or SL pornstars. This time, for the first time I feature...

Cocktail Magazine

Cocktail Magazine is a bi-monthly publication featuring, in the words of founder Kianita 'sexy feminine transgender avatars' and i am covering its 13th issue. it's a special issue celebrating the magazine's 2nd year anniversary. You can get a copy of the magazine and the past issue on Marketplace for the symbolic price of 1 L$, or for free in world wherever a kiosk is avalaible. One possible location i reccomend is of course its HQ, at the Abbie's Hideaway beach, a very well known hangout for the TG crowd in SL and a sponsor of the magazine.

It's a nice magazine, with a hefty community pics section. Don't miss the slideshow of various models presented through the history of the magazine: it highlights their diversity in nationality, skin colours (very true in SL especially, with very unconventional ones...) and body types.
You can find as models through the pages the likes of Pornstars members Vampiresssa, Kinana Kira, Nichola Catteneo, Chocolate Pizarro, and you can even see some Kei Frequency work, submitted to the magazine by her client Emily Eames (I meant to cover Emily's commissioned pics for a long while, just check out her blog if you are into the whole futanari scene. she surely is a star model for the category).

(Emily Eames by Kei Frequency)

Another highlight is the performance of one group member we are appreciating more and more in Dame Crystallia Gothly-Aries. We see her in a sexy phothoshoot with and by Sonja Spore, and she does what she has been doing for the magazine for a long time, and that is: leading interviews. The two form a great pairing.

(Crystallia and Sonja)

On this issue, her first guest is none other than Carla Draesia! Carla is always candid and Crystallia asks the right questions. The interviews in the magazine, some by Kianita, some by Crystallia, in general get right to the point without feeling rushed, which is something i am sure you will appreciate. Speaking of which, i should wrap the article up now! Thank you for reading, and do have a peek at this publication, it's a sure hit for any fan of the TG scene, and you are likely to see some familiar names I have not quoted. There's a huge list of people not from the Pornstars ranks, it's an issue really rich in content!

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you! 

The Sexiest® Photo and Pornstar Of The Day : April 23

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Snuggle. By Stolen Sword. Featuring Christina Striatus. A really lovely, sexy pic, with perfect lighting and pose. Congrats you're our Sexiest® Of The Day!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day

Long time Pornstar, movie maker, and photographer Mr V ( Aka Van Helsing. ) seen here with Sexiest® Awards star Ashlynn Jameson. Making up a great Pornstars pairing! Congrats! You're our Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day!

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 23

Wish you were here

Wish you were here.

Oh , but you ARE here!

Hello and welcome then, to this Wednesday's Official Pornstars® Gallery! Our opening pic is Anetta Larsson's, and it's...just terrific. But there's so much more.
Starting with a double take on Spirit Eleonara's morning, with Hard Rust, and then with Clair de Loon and her boy, and then why not, a beautiful sunset with the even more beautiful Tatiana Easterwood in 3 views by Dominic Dawes. Then, William Weaver in another striking view, and another triplete by the wonderful Lacie Babenco, shooting Paige Muircastle. I give you then Carla Draesia with Devon Adams, Melinakis' shoot of promising newcomer and cuteface Scarlett Fox, in two pics, and one group fun scene by Anna Angela, and David Dowd with yet another beauty in 'Bratty', followed by Zaria Velde with Woozer Paule, and closing in perfect Hump Day style with Miss Emily, modeling for and with Marika Blaisdale.
Have a great day and sexy parties, people!

Well now...Good Morning! Well now...Good Morning! My lovely boy. Lingerie Sunset_002 Lingerie Sunset_007 LingerieSunset_012 the words are spinning here... Bedroom Paige 4 Bedroom Paige 5 Bedroom Paige 6 SHOWING DEVON THE WAY I WELCOME MY GUESTS_17042014_010 Toys & Friends... Toys & Friends 93 Bratty I Ready for bed? Warm fun 1 Warm fun 2 Warm fun 3

Emma Starr and Vampy Chant 'Blogging'

Blog 1

When i was thinking about what kind of post I should do for the blog this morning, here i stumble into this set. Called, well.. 'Blogging.'

What happens when Emma tries to blog..

Hey. What can I say. I am envious. Nothing of the kind is happening, right now. Check out her flickr, Vampy's too while you are at it, and her fashion blog too ! Oh yes, and enjoy!

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