Thursday, August 28, 2014

Look Out For... Jodi Sharple


Another sexy and talented girl has made her presence known this summer on the porn scene. Her photoshoot posing with Graham Collinson drew my attention on her flickr, which showed a lot of activity ever since. She credits herself as 'Porn model, photographer' and her recent 'Body Art' series display very nicely her credentials as both. Enjoy a selection of pictures from her flickr.

Appearing also in this post: Pipsy Pearl in pics from 'The Dream', Charlyne Baxton from the eponymous album.















Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Laura Richard's 'Marvelous Comics' - Erotic, Retro, Sexy!

Laura Richards ( Aka Laura Demonista. ) is a person in The Pornstars Group you always expect creative, imaginative, and sexy well produced content from.

This wonderful idea of emulating retro comic book covers gives Laura plenty of scope to do her thing. We see not only her great skills, and her erotic fun imagination at work, but some good skills in image production too. Bringing us an authentic looking, and extremely hot and sexy old comic book series!

I hope Laura will be doing more of these, but felt I should bring our Blog readers up to date on the set so far....

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 27

Happy Birthday Brian!

Hello and welcome, and, just in case you are Burly Tigerpaw, happy RL birthday!

You can see a picture of him above, in case you are not sure if you actually happen to be him and just forgot. All the following hot guys and more than eye-candy girls are not him, but you are welcome to observe them anyway.
For this is the Official Pornstars® Gallery!

And we have today on the blog: Omer Smithson with Alianora May, Hard Rust with Spirit Eleonara (by Spirit), Jeremy Duncan, Daimaju Clowes in 2 pics by and with Laura Demonista, 'Marcus & Pop' by Graham Collinson, Master Darius, 3 shots by Syn Nightly featuring Pandora Nitely.
And more artwork, by Bianca Xavorin, Bernard Broono introducing Enda Clarity, Dee featuring Tanner Ryder, Dannii Ghost x3, Lovely Luvs, Lynn (Ainadara Resident) with her Master, security footage by Kat Kassner and by Roxanne Foxdale, and we close with quality male pin-ups by the very talented Bre Leroux and by Drey Messmer, and with Yoho Waco doing some heavy lifting. Have a good hump-day!

nora & omer Mapping the Globe(s) x. l'art de la séduction Successful Seduction Marcus & Pop Yeah babe you got that spot On the beach On the beach On the beach Wild Hearts (revisit) Introducing Enda Clarity II Untitled My Gift Lust Thrust All my life mh... Security-cam CCTV Reyn Cirrus Wraith Profile 3 8242014 mask_114E copy Siempre tu... mi amor

The Sexiest® Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : Aug 27

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Moments. By Emily Finchy. This has to be one of the most erotic, and down right sexy shots I've blogged. It gets everything right. Bringing the viewer up close and personal to a very hot scene, produced so well. It is our 'Sexiest® Photo Of The Day'!

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day

Loved these great photo's by long time Pornstar legend 'Aurora Bentham' Aka 'Carmen Luscious'.

Bright, cheerful, fun, hot, and sexy of course! So sexy Carmen is our 'Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day'!

Look Out For... Ashlynn Jameson

Kooooool Aid Man

There's nobody around quite like Ashlynn Jameson! She can, and will, surprise you anytime just by chatting together, with her wacky humour and her unbridled playfulness. She is without a doubt one of the most creative individuals in the world of SL porn, and together with her fiancée Melina, she appeared in dozens of funny, sexy, outrageous pics. Actually, the fact that she is so much fun to have around sometimes might make you forget how good of a model she is: her looks have inspired directors such as Thorgal McGillivary and photographers like Woozer Paule in some of their best work.

She has been very active this summer: not just doing her own pics (like the one above :p) but also modeling quite a lot. You'll see some photos below, from Barby Mekaniç's movie posters to Nearly Doune's exquisite,intimate erotica, and many more, including raw and sexual shoots by Jaden and Sandra. These two have also been caught on film with Ashlynn by the wonderful Melinakis, the main source for all things Ashlynn. I hope you have visited the gallery exhibit she did not so long ago! So, check out the pics, click them to be brought to the flickr streams, browse the full sets when avalaible and in short, just enjoy!






Toy in the Attic 5

Ashlynn Came To Visit 9

Ashlynn Came To Visit 10

Ashlynn Came To Visit 11

School Daze with Ashlynn 3

School Daze with Ashlynn 4

Sweet Ashlynn <3

Sweet Ashlynn <3

Ashlynn 2

Piano Lessons

First meeting with Ashlynn

Good morning sunshine

Wheel of good fortune

Wheel of good fortune

Sunny delights (3/3)

Ashlynn 9

Ashlynn 10