Thursday, September 3, 2015

Poker Face

It has been a while since I did a post for The Sexiest Blog, but today I had some inspiration. So I present to you my Royal Flush of some of my favorite people.

First my Ace of Hearts and the person that inspired me Curtis Trevellion.


 Then my King of Hearts of course it had to be my husband Crow.

A rather fitting Ace of Diamonds, its Dominic Diamond.

Who better for the Ace of Spades but the delicious James Wolfgang

I couldn't think of anyone better to suit the title of Queen of Diamonds than Erika Thorkveld.

More to follow, I hope you have enjoyed our Round of Cards.

Love and Best Wishes Rachel Swallows

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ September 2

F e a s t   Y o u r   E y e s


The Sexiest Photos of the Day

Man Candy....Curtis Trevellion

Thank you for posing Curtis.
Love Be :) X

Wanna Flick? Tricky Laundry

I love to cover new productions and new names, but of course I can't lose sight of some of the most prolific ones! One of them back from vacation for a while already, has already released enough stuff to keep me busy for a week. Today, here you have her latest effort...

Fun stuff happens at the laundromat, and you know something kinky is gonna happen when you put alone in the same joint notorious good girl (and current Playhouse Pet of the Month, congrats!) Rachel Avro, and restless party animal Don Roodborst, in one rare movie appearance!

Obviously Rache doesn't own a washer at home, since she spends a lot of time naked or in latex, and she has better tools to substitute for the only really useful function of such a machine: the spin cycle.

But she's in for some good tumbling anyway.

What could I possibly add about an Isabelle Cheviot movie at this point? She is exploring with this another porn classic setting, and she shots the action in a really exciting way. She just knows how to film porn, that's it. Don is quite the beefcake without being overtly ripped with a body-builder look, and you can really admire that here, mixed with those trademark closeups that Isa can do so well and are simply so freakin' hot.

The whole story setup is funny, and once the action picks up, it just gets better and better leading to the finish.

I already mentioned the very convincing "performance" of mr. Roodborst, but of course I need to highlight Rachel Avro here, at yet another appearance for Dog Star. And I am doing it featuring a movie that came out just before the season, featuring herself and another go-to actor everyone knows they can rely on to look great and be avalaible on set, Rob Roxley.

No surprises and no need to describe much about the setting of this Trick Shot either. Pool seems a classic for porn. Must be something about using skillfully your long stick to direct balls into holes, i guess.

A lot about porn in SL is about intangible qualities that go past the look. Oh don't get me wrong, Rachel Avro has as always that special look that pulls off classy and slutty, naughty and innocent. You see her in movies and pics, you know she has many faces.

And two tits and one ass, but dayum they look fine....ok I digress.

But of course, she gets to be in productions because she is quite reliable and also very committed, not afraid to invest in her porn career with time and proactive efforts. I am glad to see her in movies, and I am looking forward to see her even more (not counting her future gazillion pages spread in PlayHouse, obs).

By the way, if you missed this movie, just...don't. Check it out after the jump, because to me, there's never enough porn shot with inspired lights and dark sensual atmospheres. Yes, one of the trademarks of rl porn is having your light a bit flat to have everything kinda 'in your face', plus....who cares, right? But porn in SL works differently in many ways. Lots of filmakers here put actual effort in their production and have complete creative freedom without the need to 'sell' a product. So we get to see a lot of 'real' directing at work , and it's always a pleasure to see Isabelle shoot the scenes in such a professional and sensuos way.

Enough yapping, the movies are down here, and obviously on the very complete Dog Star website! Enjoy.

 I love making posts about your movies, hit me up with additional info and requests please, so i can make the posts more informative, too!