Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nestor and Valeria's summer


He labels himself as 'Dj, producer and director of films and Video clips' (and in fact I really enjoy his music videos!), but Nestor Feiri is also obviously quite the capable photographer. This Dirty Rythms regular makes a lovely couple with his Valeria, muse and model in many hot photos.

A very committed uploader on The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group, his romantic getaways with his partner have proven to be an highlight of this summer.

So, here you have a small selection of the photos so far, and looking forward to see more and more. Enjoy, on his flickr!






sex time 2






vale linda_







picture 2

Monday, September 15, 2014

Laura : Always On The Road !

Let's Go For A Ride

The unbelievably prolific artist known as Laura Richards (Laura Demonista) is not one to normally engage in sex sets, but her unbridled imagination brings her to follow themes at times, often reprising them after long pauses. Recently we have seen her tour Europe, being into vintage comic book covers, her personal homage and interpretation of the works of Jack Vettriano and Alberto Vargas, and of course the newest trend, the damn hippies.

One theme I enjoyed a lot through the summer - and I am totally not a car person - , is Laura going through all sorts of transportations. Presenting amazingly beautiful and detailed pin-ups, work that would belong with professional magazine ads, and just silly fun.

So, watch this small selection of Laura riding stuff, perv her most amazing flickr (careful, it's a longer trip than the Paris-Dakar), including the Carnography album that inspired this post...and Enjoy!



Vroooooom too


mobile service


Power Beauty Soul

where does this bit go

Truck Me


A Day At The Races

We Miss You

Yes I might have made a few unconventional choices at the end...but variety is the spice of life. Plenty more cars at the links above ! Personally, I'd ride a dolphin any day of the week. :p

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 15

Shot Hai, and welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery. On a Monday, which means, we're gonna deal with some serious ass. Or smiling ass? Well, it IS a Happy Ass Monday. And I can tell you, the ass Marika Blaisdale is dealing with in our opening picture, is quite enthused. Trust me. I know.

I am also always happy to see and feature in the next spot some joyful moonings by Kerri Fegte, a great tradition for this day of the week. Then, it's time for commercials...well, not really, but you get to see one of those perfect photos by Debora Stine (before and after ftw!) and then a series of quality views by bloggers who got an early handout of the now almost fabled Belleza mesh body: Dani Riaxik, Grazia Horwitz, Roman Godde, Kidman Latte. I am sure we'll see ton more in the future! But back to other mesh, we have Dani Sari by TexasRob McRae, Draven Starflare in a 'Creamed Ass Fuck' with Amanda Vanderbilt, a very intense view by Lilliel Tigerfish, the wonderful Ash, a masterful shot by Bones Delicioso.
Can you fit more? Because we have some juicy ones: Junah, Kelli Kristan, Parthenea Mytilene, who has ben extra naughty with her butt and appears twice, and photos by Carl Essen, Lord Bane ( ah, so nice of him to share with the world such a private view! ), Jeremy Duncan, Ember Adored, and we close with the supreme curves of the SL porn legend that is our beloved Aurora, aka Lexus Devine. Have a great Monday!

That Spells Moonday! Talk 

Lika a Pirate Happy Arse Moonday!
Selfie with friends =) Venus NSFW: Belleza Venus fitted mesh body Belleza I sing myself a quiet lullaby gobo_023 Creamed ass fuck Alchemy of Blood~ Prelude claim indian summer Morning Bare Ass Kitchen Duty Sunrise at the Villa jen Happy Ass Monday_001 Ride. rainy days Becoming a Vanderbilt