Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : Dec 18

Soft, hard, erotic and just plain sexy sums up this dozen shots from The Pornstars universe. Including Casha's moment a lot of us have felt when we are ... you know. Ali Lancrae checks in with a colorful bang, while Jodi Sharple answers the question...Just what is a phone booth good for these days? And if you thought cowgirls were an American West thing, Sid Riler has something to show you!

Nikki Carbenell
 by Moon
by Las Claven

 Casha Fall

Rose Sketching

Anita Dark

Bewitched Difference

Jodi Sharple

By Sam Hanks with Bewitched Difference

Sid Riler

by Carlos MacAlpine

Ali Lancrae

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

The Sexiest® Awards 2015 - A Heads Up For Pornstars Members

I've had word from Emmanuelle Jameson and got the first news for this years Sexiest® Awards! Yes it is happening! Incase you were wondering.

Emma would like to remind you all that these awards are given for content, movies, and photography released in 2014 only. So you have up until Jan 1st to get a movie finished or a picture released you wish to enter.

I'm told Movies will have to be hosted at Naughty Machinima or Xtube. So get your films uploaded there to be eligible. Before Jan 1st.

Photographers will also need to get their images in The Sexiest® Flickr Group.  Before Jan 1st.

Entry Forms will be released from January 1st 2015.

I'll blog news of the event as i get it. Including the list of categories when i have them passed to me. This years head judge will also be blogging all the important stuff here too!

I won't Blog anything until i have it 100% certain, but i can say many of the established categories are back, along with some new ones. Members should also be pleased that The Sexiest® Awards has well and truly moved with the times. They really do reflect the Porn scene in Second Life how it is today. With equal opportunity to win awards whatever area of the scene you are involved in. Movie Directing, Photography ( Glamour or Erotic ), modelling, acting, or newcomer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Pornstars® Blog - Holiday Calendar : Dec 17

Just out of the Oven. By Partee. "Every Christmas I bake like crazy. This year is no different ... well, except baking while naked!".

We need this show on the Food Network! Partee is baking, and cooking up a storm on the Blog today too! Keep your hands where they are blog readers! Because if she knew you were 'coming' she'd have baked a cake!

Congrats Partee! On being behind window 17 on our Holiday Calendar.

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : Dec 17

A virtual twelve-pack of sexiness for ya today. Kudos to Lucy Rainbows and her imaginative creation. Smoking Diesel makes the scene and will be featured in Catching Up With. Slap that ass Miyabi has stuck up there as you scroll through today's offerings. ... and have a great day!

Miyabi Scorpio

Colt Jonstone

B-52 by Zach Larsen

Lucy Rainbows

by Melina Aurotharius

Nikki T

Cali Lamar

by Smoking Diesel

by Angie Wild


Cindy Starostin

by Kes Myas

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

New to Pornstars Group

I've seen alot of new faces and names lately in the chats and at parties. This seems like a perfect time
for me to snap pics of you ... *TIP of the Week*  Go to Porn Parties.. you never know who might be there taking pics.

This time i have a combo ...some i did at my lil hide away..and two i took at the thursday pornstar party ( so yes...parties are a good thing to go to...and get seen).

                                                        Larry Vinaver

                                                     Jay Lyko


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pornstars® Blog - Holiday Calendar : Dec 16

Season's greetings...I have a present for you...By Scarlett Fox. I'm sure Scarlett is hoping whoever this gift is for is the type who likes a good feel before they open it. We've loved opening window 16 though on the Holday Calendar! Congrats Scarlett!

The Sexiest® Photo Of November : Winner!

Winner : Casha Fall.

Big congrats to  Casha Fall on winning our 'Sexiest® Photo Of November'. In a tightly contested tie breaker vote along side Laura Richards. Both deserve huge credit for winning our initial vote.

Runner Up : Laura Richards.

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : Dec 16

A lot of solo sexy in todays gallery, with the last photo being the big exceptiom. OK, maybe the third also, but is that two different people?

Zuby Gloom by Domino Dupre

Deelite Zenovka

Vanessa Blaylock by Canary Beck

Mags by Kittyindia Henhouse

Talisker Braveheart

Laura Demonista

Melany Herrera

Cindy Starostin

Marika by Melina Jameson

Goldie Blindside

Branwen Firanelli

Priscila Balogh, Dani Beerbaum and Dryka Winterwolf
By Lorenz Beerbaum

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

The Sexiest® Of The Day : The End Of An Era

The build up to our Christmas Blogging sadly see's the end of a long running feature on the Blog. The daily 'Sexiest® Of The Day' spot and the 'Sexiest® Of The Month' will come to an end. In its present form that is.

I have really loved compiling this feature since my first days on the Blog. I know what it means to people to be selected. It can make their day, or week even! It is a large part of why this blog has had 2,250,000 views and counting! A search in the Blog's dashboard reveals we're approaching 2,000 posts of content featuring 'The Sexiest® Of The Day'.

However, the flip side is a lot of people are disappointed. When the Sexiest® Blog spot began there were far fewer people involved in Second life porn photography and production. It was easier to showcase almost everyone involved at some point whenever they produced a hot pic, it was only a matter of time. Now the Pornstars Group in world is building its way to having four times the producers we had in the old group and then some. That's just those with official 'Producer' status. I'm not willing to be judge and jury, and i also no longer feel qualified to be. The good news is the reasons for this is hugely positive. An explosion of content and creativity, and people involved since the Second Life Porn scene began. Means i cannot keep up or ever hope to judge it all fairly anymore.

I'm one person, with increasingly limited time. I sit down with my morning coffee and schedule these posts. The Sexiest® is all about timing, whatever amazing, hot, and sexy pics catch my eye uploaded around that time have a great chance of being featured. This is no reflection of the many great people involved in the scene. I have no wish to offend anybody i happen to miss for many various reasons. It stands to reason while there are people so excited and so happy to be picked, there is that flip side.

My wish is for the Pornstars to be a community of like minded people, expressing themselves in their individual Sexiest® ways! All having fun. I don't feel elitist picks,possibly leading to resentment, or at worst making anybody feel second best helps that cause. Even though it is not intentional. 'The Sexiest® Of The Day' is meant to be pure hot entertainment, and to showcase just what amazing stuff our groups are producing.

The group though is growing rapidly in world. It's a newer group replacing the old one we were forced to close down. Which means even though we are a couple of hundred members short of the old group in terms of numbers at this time. The membership is fresher, more active, and there is so much more going on.

I don't feel a daily contest is the way to go anymore unless the time is at hand to examine and judge every members work every day leading to a truly fair pick. I will miss the kind messages from very happy people selected, you all thoroughly deserved your Sexiest® appearances! I really appreciated the feed back, and loved making people happy that way.

Unfortunately many people do get missed, and it really matters to them too. If i did 1000 posts a day the size of the group means we'd still have people missing out.

My solution is to try and cast our net further. Featuring more and varied content. So I've been recruiting new Blog publishers. Who have their own ideas, their own pool of contacts and people on their radar. My hope is the publisher list will grow, the varied content will grow, and more people will get their chance in the spotlight.

'The Sexiest® Of The Day' will continue in a different format. So this favorite Blog feature will go on.

Huge thanks to everybody who has followed this amazing series. Thanks to everybody for producing some of the hottest, most erotic shots to ever be blogged!

Serenity. xox

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Pornstars® Blog - Holiday Calendar : Dec 15

Merry X-mas from Krystal Steal. "I wish you and your families all the best to the most important family days in the year!!!! *huggies & kisses*"

Day 15 on the Holiday Calendar. Still see's the hottest Pornstars coming your way. I hope you're enjoying this sexy collection!