Thursday, October 23, 2014

~Studs of Porn~ Happy Halloween

Halloween time is here.. time for some naughty Tricks and yummy Treats... i do prefer the treats and will take the tricks only if you promise to treat me good after *winks*

So here is a pick i took of myself Eva (owner of Studs of Porn) with two of our Studs Xalted and Dreon..and  a photo by Tracy Quandry with the mysterious Frankie. on our flickr group that i liked.. to check out the Studs of Porn blog go to this link

and enjoy.. Happy Halloween all

The Sexiest® Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : Oct 23

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Tilly. By Jinx Jiersen. One of the top photographers for many years now to appear on the blog. Jinx has a way of finding the sexiest models and showcasing them so well. These shots not only bring us a hot portrait but are edited and produced to look amazing. Congrats on giving us our 'Sexiest® Photo's Of The Day'!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day

Pin-Headed. By Daimaju Clowes. Featuring himself and Ali Lancrae. Raising hell In a spooky sexy preview of halloween things to come on the blog! Another hot project from Dai. Congrats both of you for being our 'Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day'!

Family Tree.....

Hello all :-)

So i was wandering around in sl and saw this midnight mania board at
Zen Creations, i thought what the heck lemme slap it.

And voila i had a haunted ghost tree but then the funnier version of it :-).
I ripped off Rachels and my wig and the idea was born. The Family tree.

Now cmon those are cute baldies eh lol....
Ty Rachel for letting me pull yer erm i mean let me take your wig off ....
Love Be and Enjoy xxxx

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Sexiest® Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : Oct 22

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Women Oriental. Pamela Kanto. Call me biased towards beautiful redheads if you like, but i just loved this image. A really nicely composed picture, taking in a pose and angle which shows off some truly lovely curves. Congrats you're our 'Sexiest® Photo Of The Day'!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day

Babes In The Woods. By Cindy Starostin. Featuring herself and Sindoll. If blonde's do have more fun ....How much do these two have combined we're wondering!? One things for sure though our readers are having fun looking on, and I'm sure they would agree they're our 'Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day'!

Meet and Greet...Welcoming New Members

I met up with some of our newer members to the group and took some photos.  Also asking them to tell me a lil about themselves... so get to know them and use them :))

Enok "Wolfe" Ktaba is from Brazil but is currently Lost somewhere in the USA ;) His hobbies are taking photos and creating SL music videos. The SL Porn industry is fairly new to him but he is embracing the challenge of creating quality work that will make people feel very aroused when viewing!

Xalted Violet  from the midwest has been in the group for a few weeks he is available mostly in the mornings and early afternoons...

Throe Velle, she is a new face to the group but so far is having a blast getting to know everyone.
She has said that everyone has just been so friendly and helpful - which we like to hear! She loves to shop , explore SL, shooting sets..and if she isnt doing that you will typically find her dancing or hosting a event somewhere at various clubs. As for projects, she is interested in just about anything photo or video.

Vincent Max, is a athletic, charismatic and good sense of humor kinda guy. Adventurous and bit eccentric at the same time..sometimes people assume him to be too serious but don't be fooled by
the look, there is more to him than meets the eyes...
Vincent can be seen portraying numerous characters, either in one-on-one scenes or in a team . He is ready to deliver and give a exceptional gratifying and ecstatic experience to his female co-stars.

Katrina Angel is a nature lover and always found close to it. She is a model and loves photography and craves it  " cause its some intoxication, something so very nice which captures my heart so well gives me gust of those hormones makes me high from inside;)  - Katrina. So be it any type of modeling job she is  there for it and interested.

Places to Play: Seasonal Road Trip

October brings with it two of my favorite times of the year, Halloween and Autumn. While Fall actually starts in September, it is in October when the leaves in my part of the world explode into colors. To help you get into the spirit of things, I've dome something a bit different. Instead of the usual place, this time it is places. From gorgeous locations for pictures,  to places that will bring up the goosebumps, here are some locations to summon the season.

Special thanks to Lillth Kelberry, ღ Be ღ  and Tanya Warrhol for modeling with me.


If you are looking for one spooky spot that packs a lot of spooky spots, this is your destination. Psycho Misfits features a creepy as hell carnival, complete with Freaks, The Bates Motel, several rundown houses and just all around unease. Add in quite a few photo spots, with the ability to rez your favorite stuff, and you've got a place that will literally keep you hopping for hours.
And for some extra sweetness..." You don't have to tape up your boobs here," to quote owner Lillth Reanimator.

Museum of the macabre

Information provided by Lillith:
 Full sim dedicated to Horror with a flare for the occult classics.
Such horrible sites to see From the Bates Motel to the morbidly delightful Museum of Death.  The sim has been around for 3+ years.  Completely dedicated to the delights of horror fans and anything twisted.  This is a true labor of love.

There are many sites to behold and locations well hidden.  Many of the builds are interactive meaning you can use them or they are works of art. Approximately 90% of the Sim is custom built by Absinthe Mirabella and Lillith Reanimator.  True lovers of any and all horror with an emphasis on classic occult horror.
There are so many places on Psycho Misifts Sim we would highly recommend.  Take your time and explore.
Frankenstein Castle -  It's simply electrifying
Asylum - Holds quite a few treats from Museum of Death to the Saturation Chamber.  Each area intricately designed.
Haunted House - This is the most interactive build.  From the moment you enter.  Do check out each room and watch :)

The Cemetery - Holds deep below the surface the catacombs.
The Freak Show - All Psycho's need a place to call home,  Welcome Home!!

Movies are shown weekly at our drive in theater.  they normally come in 2 parts. 
Psycho Misfits Offers 3 Levels of entertainment.  The landing point is of course The Shopping area / TP point.  Simple walk to the end of the hall to Enter the Sim.  Shops are available for a reasonable fee.
Should you enjoy motoring fun,  We also offer a Full Sim (AREA) for your racing fun.  Avoid the Road Kill.  You are able to Rez your own vehicles (if you are in them longer than 5 minutes be advised that your vehicle will disappear once you are unseated) or use one of the Many Custom Made builds provided by Misfit Motors (Absinthe Mirabella)


Beautiful, gorgeous and enchanting are just a few words that come to mind when you see this sim. If you are looking for a place to stroll about with your significant other and soak in the atmosphere, you can't go wrong here. Do bring your cameras because the photo spots are abundant and you can rez items. Adjacent to the natural beauty, you can do Halloween with a boat ride through the spookiness! If you want to see the place like I did, you better hurry though, because Winter is coming.

MODEL - ღ Be ღ


This haunted offering, from the people that bring you Busted Magazine, will keep you jumping with room after room of scary delight. I visited quite a few haunted houses while doing this post, and I'm pretty secure in saying you will find things to interact with that you will not find anywhere else. The place was set up with photography in mind, so do take advantage of the chance.

MODEL - Lillth Kelberry


Another sim covering both sides of the seasonal, Creepy Willows provides a beautiful Autumn area that includes a big pumpkin patch. Grab a picnic, enjoy some caramel apples and then make your way over to the haunted house and cemetery. No rezzing, but plenty of props on hand for your snaps.



It's all scare fare at Haunted Island. While not the biggest scary place around, Isle is a visual treat. Wander around and soak in the vibe, snap some pictures (you can rez here) and take a walk through the house...if you dare.

MODEL - Tanya Warrhol


I'll just let Moonie tell you about this labor of love.
"I love Halloween very much. It's my favorite Holiday so every year I've dedicated myself to setting up this haunted house for the enjoyment of people who love the spirit of Halloween.

 Okies, now for a little tip. Turn your sounds on! When you head into the house, be sure to sit on the furniture and try things out. Go through the menus, some are kinky hysterical fun and some are just fun. Make sure to look at the pictures very carefully and walk around the rooms or you loose out on a lot."