Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wanna Flick? Late May Edition

Awesome videos have been posted all week, and then some! My my, I have quite a bit of catch up to do, so I'll go with the newest one I have seen, and with a couple efforts from prolific directors who already have more out there.
Starting with...

After her debut , Carly Mode has released a new movie, and already she carries herself like a true pro. The concept is simple, as shown by her summary in the notice

"Come see how me and Dillon stay in top shape to be SL pornstars .

Hope you all enjoy it."

Yet it's more than the two pornstars simply 'breaking a sweat' together: everything about this video shows a real cinematic sensibility, with beautiful attention to editing, pacing, camerawork. There is a sense of real intimacy between the two established through the cutaways, which to me was really appealing.

Now, don't be mislead by my pseudo intellectual chick approach to porn blogging, tho: they fuck, oh they SO fuck, and you'll love watching it!  That Carly sure is limber. 

 Just, I really loved how it feels more like getting physical (to semi-quote another cool SL Porn movie that works wonders with its soundtrack) and less like mechanical pumping iron. Or wood.

Ironically enough, just as this morning I read a ( pretty much spot-on) blog post about how the flaws of sex engines, this movie due to its high specificity certainly doesn't suffer from the 'samey-samey' problem. If anyone in porn will manage one day to make ballet look hot, my money is on Carly.

 Moving on and since I quoted muscles and movies...

Can't be without covering one of the hot movies released by mr. Dopeman (Morph Wix) the past days. Sure there's another one coming, but I have a bone to pick with this first.

I so hoped it would be "Big Trouble In Little Vagina", for metric reasons, but still...I can see the reason for this choice. C'mon, dat ass!

Just remember: what ol' Francesca (amyvickers Resident) does when the earth quakes, and the heat rises, and that meat pillar of Heaven shakes. Yeah, Francesca just looks that big ol' Morph right square in the eye sunglasses and says, "Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it." 

"Would you stop rubbing your body up against mine, because I can't concentrate when you do that. " 

Now, I could go on quoting and misquoting the Carpenter classic for hours, but I have a 'job' to do, and that is presenting the sl sexiness. And this has all the marks of a Wild Erotica movie, with some one bootilicious sight and hot no-nonsense action in a very effective dark lighting. Yum!

Moving on, gotta show you a couple Omer Smithson things, because my oh my, has he been prolific or what! Let's see...Oh yes. His latest one. With a title I have absolutely no room arguing over.

Certainly they are. They are the world (in the SL porn world at least) renowned italian funbags who belong to the magnifica pornstar Quinn Ying!

You can see them in action here, and also prominently on display in picture form as proudly displayed in the photo our valiant photo bloggers have already covered. But as you see, Quinn doesn't bring to the ball game just big bewbs. Oh no!

Which Omer shoots as he likes to do, implementing his perennial fade ins and also his trademark effects.

But anyway, I think the movie brought forward the 2 biggest reasons for you to take a good look at it. I can't blame you now if your eyes happened to wander lower and lower, looking for.... Well, the jump!

Check out the movies, right below.
And remember to write me if you want to tell me about your movies!

Survey of Second Life Sex : Over 1/3 Find Virtual Sex More Fun Than the Real Thing!

Photo By Talisker Braveheart.
Reading the superb NWN Blog, i found an interesting item. Second Life Blogger Canary Beck has put together a quite amazing survey on SL Sex. You can read it in depth right here.

Asking residents of Second Life about their SL-based sexual activity. Of the 267 who responded, 172 reported that they were sexually active in Second Life ( 172 out of 267!? She should have asked The Pornstars! ) . From that data set, some striking results emerged, including:

"36% of the respondents find Second Life sex more fun than real life sex."
"74% wished their real life sexual experiences were like their Second Life sexual experiences."
"92% of those that find Second Life sex more fun wished their real life sexual experiences were more like their Second Life sexual experiences."

Photo By Marika Blaisdale.

Her data suggests the latter result is attributable to the ability to engage through Second Life the kind of sexual activity that's likely less frequent in real life for many people for various reasons ("kinky sex (87%), and sex with different partners (89%)").

The top item mirrors the results of an academic study from leading virtual world academic Edward Castronova, co-authored with Gert G. Wagner, that people get more happiness from being in Second Life than good news from real life. Indeed, Canary concludes "The data suggests those who like Second Life Sex more are having less real-life sex than those who prefer real-life sex over Second Life sex."

Photo/Movie By Serenity Kristan-Faulds.
That's not to say everyone's like that -- Canary's survey included an open question which includes answers like this:

“They’ve made me fantasize more, and made me want to better learn all that my body likes, sexually. I feel less repressed, meaning, I allow myself to fantasize and feel more than I used to, because I’ve realized that playing some fantasies in my mind doesn’t mean that I want them really happening in the real world. I enjoy the risk without the possible dangerous consequences, because it all happens in my mind.”

Photo By Benjamin Glendale.
Much more to read at the source -- go here and dive in.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Sexiest® Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ May 23

For your pleasure..

The Sexiest of the Day!

Hello! Pornstars May 23 2015

Simply ...Zuby!

A great time partying, all week long! Hardly a surprise, as there's always so much going on in the world of Pornstars. We love through the group chats, the flickr stream, and of course this blog to share the output of your crativity, but meeting with your avi eye-to-eye is a wonderful way to have more opportunities for your career, meet people, or what the heck, simply have a lot of fun together.

All kinds of fun, in all kinds of places! Just have a look to begin with, at the sheer beauty that can come out from bringing your face out in the open, and get snapped by a sneaky Junah, at Emily's humpday party. Or just below, have a taste of what happened last Sunday at the Erotique party, where madame Sandra Palletier set what I think is a 2015 record, with a poker of consecutive porkings, right there poolside! What? You can do better? Did better? PICS or it never happened!
But we have a taste for every day of the week, literally. All I have to add is, incoming copy and paste...

You took party photos and would like us to publish? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

Have fun!

And after Sunday with Sandra (thank you for providing the raw snapshots for the blog!) at Club Erotique...  views from Monday's Ocean Haven party



Thanks to Margie Blanco! And on Tuesday, when normally there is no official Pornstars party taking place, we had the pleasure to catch in action on the dancefloor of the Britannia XXX club an all-pornstars cast (Margarita included) thanks to Laredo Lowtide. Britannia XXX Tits Out Tuesday

Britannia XXX Tits Out Tuesday

Britannia XXX Tits Out Tuesday

Britannia XXX Tits Out Tuesday

Britannia XXX Tits Out Tuesday

We already mentioned the SL Porn party from Wednesday, which has as always a matching post by Miss Emily. Here you have one more snapshot from the always excellent Sasquatch

Pornstars Party

Who also captured a glimpse of Thursday's at Ayara's! Pornstars Party

And I could close with more Erotique glory this post (no I couldn't....I didn't wrap my fingers around any photo from yesterday's party...yet :p), but instead, I want to show some of the sexy people who flocked at Retroville for the Hard Rust Birthday Bash! Because it's always nice to celebrate a true legend like the Sleaze King!

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

Also, because I wanted to show dat ass. Any excuse is good.

Hard Rust's Birthday Bash!

So, see you at the next parties, and remember, if you have Pornstars party photos, even raw shots you don't want to put on your precious flickr, feel free to toss them my way, I'll be happy to feature at least some! You'll even get a fancy Pornstar® Paparazzi tag in the group! :p