Friday, May 27, 2016

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ May 27

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The Sexiest Photos of the Day

Hello! Pornstars - May 27 2016

Nicasio Ansar, chillin' like a villain @ Club Yana (pic by Yana!)

Today marks the release of the new issue of Aroused! Magazine, featuring some of the Sexiest pornstars around (I'll make the usual magazine post one of these days, but amongst the names, Marika Blaisdale, Severina, Sandy Miggins, Ashlynn Jameson and so many more!)...and primed for a release party, at Club Yana! Starting 1 PM SLT!

NP @ Yana
Another great capture of the gorgeous NP Milneaux, by Sunday Whitewood! @ Club Yana!

I have still a bunch of pretty awesome photos taken by Yana herself from our last release party! Featuring the covergirl from issue 38 PJ Thornton, and so many models and guests who attended! If you haven't checked out issue 38 already, you really should, it's avalaible on Marketplace, Issuu (log in through facebook or G+, no need to sign up), in the notice history of the kiosk , too...Oh ok where was I? OH Yes! Yana and the many photos from the event!

So , heeere it comes! Thank you Yana, thank you everyone who was there, thaaaaaank you and let's go party!
With next week an even bigger party celebrating the next issue of Attention magazine, and who know what else! Do i need to tell you why you should attend the party? How you can meet photographers , network, etc etc? Do I need to tell you also how to end up on this blog with your photos, and how party photos are ideal for that purpose? Well if you wanna know, scroll to the end! Now party time!

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

Wanna Flick? Almost an Oreo

Movie time, or overtime! A little look back at ...

Since I mentioned yesterday her Scavenger Hunt XXX project, it occurred to me that I never gave you the reccomendation to go watch some of the movies Jenny Starveling has been making. A couple featuring a rather popular theme: some girl fun. The latest of which being called 'The Siren'. 

No mermaids here (you have to turn to Dillon and Carly for that) but Jenny and the milky skinned (literally) co-star Calypso for a one-night odissey into exhibitionism.

Jenny always likes to get the most out of the spicy situations she films, and the progression of this shoot in such a simple setup is very natural and stylishly filmed.

Her 'Luv me some Caramel' video, establishing a completely different atmosphere, had as strong point in the interaction between the two avatars. Silly as it sounds in the realm of non-acting-acting that is SL, it's as if the friendship between the two and the good time they have came across through the video! We're talking of course of Jenny and her co-star, the sexy Luv Caramel, also worth following in her adventures at Teqi's.

Of course there is a rational explanation, and that probably lies, besides the observer bias of who is writing, into the way Luv's avatar is so strongly characterised and expressive, with an overall jovial apparance, complementing very well Jenny's strong range of expressiveness.

Jenny as we noted before is one of those photographers who make a flawless transition between her 'action' shots and her movies, and in fact the movie form adds excitement, with the dynamic flow of her facial expression and the chance to admire the sexual poses in their full liveliness. And she knows how to put the camera in all the right places!

In the end, both videos are an exciting sight, and I am sure you will find them well shot and a definite example of what a capable camera enthusiast can turn a sensual experience into. Both actresses survived Jenny's orgasms unscathed and without drowning, and will live hopefully for more flicks.

Enjoy the 2 movies after the jump and remember, again, her fun Scavenger Hunt project!

And please let me know if you'd like your work to be covered in here!!