Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rosa Rhiadra's 'They call it Jungle Fever'

On the other side of the camera

I greatly enjoy Rosa Rhiadra's photography, I consider her sex shoots some of the most exciting in the business, and her choices always intriguing. Here we have a model shoot with, as the name says, 'On the other side of the camera' someone who is used to capture people on film (well...bytes?), Midnight Shinja. It's already a rare treat to see him these days, and on top of that, Rosa managed to put together a hot action romp out of this encounter. They call it jungle fever, I call her a naughty and talented photographer. Enjoy this 'Welcome back Midnight Shinja' experience, on Rosa's flickr.

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

They call it jungle fever

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 15

Thank you to Umberto Nobile, Malcom X, Liam Howlett and Florian Rousseau...

Hello and welcome to this Tuesday's Official Pornstars® Gallery. I have to thank you as always for reading this post. And looking at it, oogling it and doing all those other things i shall not name with its pixels. Thank you for all that, and for following so numerous. and of course for contributing, through The Sexiest® Flickr Group and/or the Erotique Reflections Group or the in-world mail. I am in the mood for a hot guy today, so i open with Stefan Maldor. He has many people to thank as well.

Now, moving on: we have one of William Weaver's artworks, Laura Demonista, Roxy (workitbish) in two pics by James Wolfgang. We have Marika Blaisdale with Ashlynn Jameson, Nichola Catteneo, Lord Bane, Chrissy Zipper, and a Luigi Trappatoni's extravaganza in a pic by Graham Collinson and one by Junah. We have Kei Frequency by Robert Stein, mr. Jackson with and by Cherish (Cherishsky), Rhiannon Tamerlane, Foffie Katzenberg by Graham Collinson, Tornadoswift, Illa Elan in two pics, and we finish with the two very active models and photographers Anetta Larsson and Vixeee. See you later, all around the clock on the blog!

an escaped prisoner... Yes 

Sir. Sorry Sir. Won't Happen Again, Sir. Roxy - New Girls of 2014 B Roxy 

- New Girls of 2014 A Lick 3 Extras a moment_001 Relaxation Luigi and Junah educate the porn world: Lesson one : Dont play with matches Today's lesson: Meat is Murder! Photo - April 08, 2014 at 09:30AM Jax and Cherish Afternoon At The Cafe Foffie Katzenberg Under the sunset 140 My Friend(143) Tattooed Alone

The Sexiest® Photo and Pornstar Of The Day : April 15

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

First Touch. By Ash. I really loved the whole look, and composition of this picture. Wonderful styling producing something a little different, which is always very welcome. It is of course, very sexy, and a damn hot pic too! Which is always going to mean it's our Sexiest® Photo Of The Day! Congrats!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day

It's good to be a DJ. By Athena. Featuring of course our Pornstars DJ and party planner Moonie, along with fellow Pornstars member Seddy! These two are always a hot looking pair, even more so when Athena gets her hands on their pixels! Congrats you're both The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day!

Hello! Pornstars! : Spirit World Erotic Art Gallery Opening

Hard Rust grabbed these shots of Spirit Eleonara's Gallery Grand Opening. The build and exhibit area look wonderfully stylish, and when it's packed full of Spirit's awesome, and sexy work it has to be an attraction well worth heading over to Hard Alley to see.

I asked Spirit to provide some extra info on the gallery...

From Spirit : "I am thrilled to announce, open now in Hard Alley, "The Spirit World Erotic Art Gallery." Last Friday was the official opening, and I was so happy to see all those that dropped by.  The purpose of the gallery is to show my work, but to have a rotation of artists I admire and respect as well.  Joining me in the gallery for the opening were artists Jadelyn McAuley, Woozer Paule and Cypriss Hill.  

The guest artists will rotate, and I will be paying close attention the the Hard Alley "Intimate Eroticism" Flickr group as well as my own, "Images From...The Spirit World" flickr group for potential candidates to show.  I am very excited for this opportunity for myself, but also for other talented artists/photographers in Second Life.  Thanks so much!  ♥"

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Sexiest® Photo and Pornstar Of The Day : April 14

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Forget Her. By G i a d a ♀ B r e n t l e y. It's wowing everybody on Flickr, and it's not hard to see why this image is approaching 200 favourites either. It's simply stunning, and just plain sexy. Beautifully produced, and just had to be our Sexiest® Photo Of The Day! Congrats!

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day

BarbieDoll Resident is one of the very best Producers on our scene. Excelling at both hot and sexy Photography and Movies. I was really pleased to see Barbie nominated for a Sexiest® Award this time round, truly well deserved. Along with her Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day status today too! Congrats!

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 14

SL Beach Porn Icon

A new week begins, and a new gallery! The Official Pornstars® Gallery, to be precise! And also, a new flickr group. Bud Solo had a pretty neat idea, I'd say, and as he said, he got a beach porn icon to pose for his icon.

So we have Ayara Illios' fine butt to open our Happy Ass Monday gallery. What else?
Here we go: Twalun Boyington featuring Charles Parker, Taken Studio featuring also Bo Diavolo, Stolen Sword with Sheela first, then Leanna Mai. We have Spirit Elonara's lovely butt who being behind the camera would be unjustly left out from the picture-in-the-picture, but thank the Heavens we are totally being metaphotographic here, in Suna Squirtella's thought-provoking set, whom i leave you the pleasure to explore on her blog.
Wouldn't be Ass Monday without a new version of Bewitched Difference's, and Domino Dupre's (note: it could, but i just love those two bottoms).
We have then Nichola Catteneo, Marika Blaisdale, Kirsten Smith, Kwaibebe Kaventipovic by and with Bernard Broono, Paloma Bouvier and Lucinda Cheren in 2 pics by David Dowd, more pinkness with Ayara, and with Daimaju Clowes feautring Pussie Galore. We close this big feature about spectacular asses and underwhelming  jokes with more Pussie (still by Dai), with Carla Draesia by Graham Collinson, and with Louise and Serenity Kristan-Faulds. Picture by Louise. Have a great day, with all of your bodyparts involved! Or your favourite ones at least.

TB&Charles After Dinner.....Dessert Sheela Leanna The Company aroused and arrived Now 

thats an cute azz :))) Skinny Dip Extras Behind La 

Santera Through the Sands of Time... III Paloma I Lucinda I Pink 

Skies Butterfly Moonlight Carla II Cheek to Cheek