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The Sexiest Photos of the Day

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Making out of with...Meg Corral

Today on the blog, it's my pleasure to show a little bit of a three-parter series, from one of the most dynamic and hardworking production companies in SL Porn. Talking about ...

Maximum Sex-u-rity Part 1

The first part was brought to us by Meg Corral herself, and true to her record, she provided a really stylish poster for it. Part 2 was just released, directed by Dillon, and part 3 is being filmed. I'll have a chance to talk more about the series later on, but for now, I thought it would have been interesting to put the spotlight on the 'behind the scenes'. And what better person to discuss all that, than the warden herself (you could say, the H.B.I.C. ...) Meg Corral?

(screenshots from Maximum Sex-urity part 1 , backstage photos provided by Meg Corral )

- When did you get the idea for a prison movie?

" I was talking to a friend one day about Real prison. He said, "I would never want to be locked up in he U.S.A". I said to him 'Well jail is much worse the prison (not that I have ever been in either one lol, but I know people that have), in prison inmates get more privileges' . Basically speaking about prison just inspired me to film a prison movie.

I wanted to take a different approach, majority of SL prison porn from what I have seen is very basic and does not give a RL feeling when watching. I wanted to bring a real concept to the film and what really can and does happen: sex, illegal activity, warden, visitors, recreational activities, escapes, death row, etc. "

- Was it always supposed to be a series?

" No this film was not suppose to be a series, I was to film and that would be the end. Once I completed the set, Dillon Lecker said to me that the set was amazing. He mentioned all of the time and effort I put in to the set it needed to be shown more. I started to think the concept I came up with for this film would give the opportunity for a lot of porn stars to have the chance to be in the film. With my RL schedule I knew it would be hard for me to film all of the series so I asked Dillon if he would like to film Part 2 and he agreed.

Once Part 1 came out and Dillon was working on Part 2, Carly Mode, another producer for H.B.I.C, asked if she could Direct Part 3. Of course I agreed, I was really honored that they both wanted to take part in Maximum Sex-u-rity. The film will stop at Part 3 but in the future I will bring it back to start a whole new season and most likely 3 parts. "

- Many of your movies feature a large cast, and 'show it': there many scenes with a relatively high number of actors on screen at the same time, not filmed separately and/or green-screened in. Can be a real challenge to get that type of result: do you put a particular emphasys on scheduling with your actors?

" Every film starts with the idea of having a small cast because it is very difficult to have a big cast. Once my sets are complete, every single time the cast becomes bigger then what I originally had planned. I add so much details to sets that I just want to show case so much that it ends up becoming huge. I honestly make no schedule at all with a large cast. I tell the cast my time(s) I will be on SL and if they want to be a part of the film then to make sure to be on. I give the cast a LM and they show or they don't.

I do not like to give people a schedule because I understand RL and people have lives in SL as well. Some people have a hard time believing I will not schedule a big cast, lets be honest it is almost pretty impossible with all of the different time zones. Filming takes a lot of patience and also understand no matter how long it takes that eventually it will get done. "

- Please share with us a bit of the 'obscure' work that goes into filming. The movie is filmed at your sim, so I have to assume everything we see was built/set up by you for this production (well unless your home looks suspiciously like a huge prison...).

"  No, I do not live in a prison even though it would be a good idea to leave the set up because I know some people that I would love to lock up and should live there, lol. Yes, the movie was filmed on my sim.
I bought the prison which was only the prison building. The prison actually is called a lesbian prison, it even had hot pink walls!! I tried to texture over the walls but of course I kept messing it all up since it was multiple textures. Thankfully my partner, Dante, he changed the walls to make it more of a prison feel.

To the outside of the prison I added a basketball court, work out area, barbwire around the entire building, cameras, parking area and the city surrounding the prison. Inside the prison I added a shower room, all of the furniture, visitor room, warden's office, recreational area, death row, lethal injection room, security monitoring room and all of the cameras."

- How long did the filming and editing process take, and which scene/bit was the most challenging for the final result?

" Filming took a total of 3 hours and all filmed in one day. Editing took around 5 hours over the period of 2 days. I am very organized when it comes to filming, as I stated prior I tell the cast the time I will be on and if they show up then wonderful. I know exactly what I am going to film, where I want everyone to be. In my mind I have it all mapped out for every single scene. I am very strict when it comes to set time, I do not play around I get the job done. Believe me I do not miss the 8 hour on set days, I will never have my cast on a set for a super long period of time. The most challenging part is reducing the film from a total of 2 hours film time down to a little over 3 minutes."

- About the future now: you are planning a Halloween movie...

" Yes, I have planned a film called Witches in Dickwick, which is H.B.I.C Halloween film. I am very excited about this film, the set is very creepy, the ending is amazing! The cast is: Kain Flux, Zuby-Lu Gloom Oryl, Melanie Oryl and Brea Brianna. What is so great about this film is that none of the cast has any idea of the ending, it is a surprise! "

New Film coming soon Halloween 2015

- And after the Halloween release, what's next for HBIC?

" A whole lot. H.B.I.C Productions has been very active for years and I plan to keep it this way. Since bringing on Dillon Lecker, Vice President of H.B.I.C, he has helped tremendously with the group and allowing many of H.B.I.C's actors and actress's to star in films. Carly Mode also have a major influence in the group, I remember when I put her in her first porn, I have watched her grow and her contribution as a producer has been so helpful. The 3 of us producing and directing believe me when I say H.B.I.C Productions is here to stay and will be releasing more amazing films.

Lastly what is to come, H.B.I.C Productions will also hold our 2nd Annual Black Tie Affair Second Life Adult Entertainment Awards in Feb. 2016, hosted by yours truly, Me!!! Stay tuned to my Flickr group for more updates regarding the awards. "

Black Tie Affair

- Honestly, this whole interview was simply aimed at asking this: when will you have on-screen sex again? :p

" When will I have sex on screen again, lol, I am asked this question so much. I actually have not been in a sex scene since my film, The Brothel, which I believe was almost 2 years ago. I have been in porn since late 2010 and have been in so many films that I earned my spotlight many times. I started to direct and produce so it was time for me to take a step back and show case many other porn stars.

 I do make an appearance in all H.B.I.C films and I have to say it is so much fun, actually more fun then when I was in sex scenes. Part of the reason it is exciting is because i know so many people have been waiting to see me on screen again in a sex scene. I will say this, I am making a come back, it is in the works and I am very excited. "

A big thanks to Meg for being so nice answering and providing all the behind the scene photos!  Part 1 of her project, starring: Carly Mode, Bewitched Difference, Sam Hanks, Blackheart Taurus, G-MO, Edvard Taurion, Margarita Blanco, Zuby Gloom-Oryl, Dillon Lecker and of course Meg Corral ...

.... is avalaible right here under the jump, and so is part 2, shot by Dillon and starring himself, Meg, Be, Christion Sparta, Larry Vinaver, Brea Brianna, Rob Roxley. I'll have chance to talk about the 3 parts later on, but why waiting to see the 2 already avalaible?

I am always interested in a coverage of everyone's movies and projects. Please let me know and we can organize a post, something special that lets other people know more about you and what you do !