Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Wet magazines!

There you have it: more british than sipping tea in a red phone booth on top of a double decker bus, the new issue of...


Britannia XXX issue 6

And what better covergirl for the new issue thank the gorgeous magazine owner Kat Kassner? Who is blessed with many qualities, two of which you can easily spot from the cover. Another one is being concise and effective in her writing, so, to quote her directly:

Not sure why, but I kinda like tennis these days....

" Brit-X No.6 has arrived! Our first issue since our move and re-brand in world. We bring you the return to our pages of Rachel Avro and Kat Kassner, the Brit-X/Britannia debuts of Alisha McAuley, Alisha Sugarplum and the debut (anywhere in SL Porn/Erotica) of Christie Minx! "Alisha
Sophisticated beauty and a real bitch, all in one picture, with Alisha!

Yeah, what Kat said! What's more to add? With a terrific covergirl photographed in the typical British summer, 2 gorgeous pornstars shot by Laredo, one hot debutante model, one great first-time-on-the-magazine photographer, one Rachel Avro (it wouldn't be a magazine without one Rachel Avro) and more, what else can I say if not, uh...."blimey, get the magazine" ?

Well, I tell you what:I can tell you where to get it, and that is in-world at their club by the same name:  , or read it online featured at the Brit-X blog.
Perks of reading it in world? You get posters with all the beautiful models in the issue, LMs of a few places of interest AND...it's the Brit-X club, come on!! Home of those sexy Britannia girls and location of the Topless Tuesday Bash! So today might be the good day to visit. Just saying!

  Show me your magazine, and i'll feature it here! I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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