Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's not sexy. Just thought you might want to see the CEO of the Lindens talk about Second Life.

He talks about how SL viewers are the ones who sell things in the digital world.
It plays automatically, so I'm going to put it after the jump.


We had over 50 people like us on our SECOND LIFE PORNSTARS page on FACEBOOK. And then Facebook pulled our page. Seems we were to naughty and sexy for FB.

I am willing to put up another page. But we will have to be strict and not put up any pictures with nudity. And we probably can't use bad language.

So my question to all of you is this...


Is it pointless to have a FACEBOOK page for pornstars who have to keep their clothes on?
Or do you think it's good to have this as a way for us to talk and get together, even if we have to rain it in a bit?

Let me know. There's a poll to the right. Vote and let me know. And I'd love your comments as well!


Quinn Ying asked me to come over and do a photoshoot with her for the the latest chair by Alina Graf. The chair had wonderful poses and Quinn and I got excited. The professional shoot got a lot

You can see more photos on sexxxy Quinn's blog by CLICKING HERE


THE SEXIEST - June 30th

Beach Love by Connie Arida
Beach Love, a photo by Connie Arida on Flickr.
This is called BEACH LOVE by the lovely Connie Arida. I love the angle, the water, the realasm of the beach and the letters. And Connie looks lovely! So she's THE SEXIEST® today.


This girl lives for the lens....movies,stills, and looks great in front of either! Still a relative newcomer to the Porn scene Kai has already made an impact, and for anyone who has met this bubbly and vivacious lady....that won't come as anything of a suprise.

1. What is your favorite position?
 Kai Baby: "With men I like to ride, I enjoy being able to watch him enjoy me, while he watches me enjoy him. There is no faking the facials!, with women I enjoy A good ole' 69, there is nothing like soft breasts against my stomach, so sexy"

2. What is your least favorite position?
Kai Baby: "hummm, thats hard cause I really enjoy sex. If I have to choose I would say anything that requires me to be upside down. Blood rushes to your head and if done too long you just end up with a flushed face and a headache"

3. What turns you on?
Kai Baby: "I know it sounds sappy, but kindness is the sexiest trait to me. A nice person can get this any day over a sexy jerk, well done tattoos turn me on like a light too".

4. What turns you off?
Kai Baby: "Unsubstantiated arrogance. which is sometimes mistaken for self-confidence, jerks in other words"

5. What sound do you love?
 Kai Baby: "I love the sound of the ocean, and laughter"

6. What sound do you hate?
Kai Baby: 'The sound of lies!!!,crying, and air horns"

7. What is your favorite curse word?
Kai Baby: ''Motherfucker, one word. Need me to use it in a sentance? "This motherfuker got cum on my dress"

8. What was your favourite role?
Kai Baby: "Honestly I have loved every one, from fucking on a drink machine to being a green elf. They have all been positive experiences with awesome people"

9. What is your favourite movie?
Kai Baby: "I would say Bali and Meow. Bali because of the creativity and Meow because of the story without words. But I also love "How to be a second life porn star" I watched it, and well here I am!"

10. How did you get started in the Adult Movie Industry?
Kai Baby: A friend had a pornstar tag and I asked him about it. figured I like sex, I like being watched having sex, and once I set my mind on something, I work hard to make it happen.

11. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Kai Baby: "Lap Dance!!!"

Have fun in all you do!- Jinx Jiersen 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


CYBERSEX 2.0: The Xcite Touch

As if Second Life wasn't stimulating enough, Xcite has a product called THE TOUCH. Its a vibe that is controlled in SL...with Real World orgasms.

Gotta look into that one :)

Lots more after the break.

THE SEXIEST - June 29th

[AA] Alley Bed 01

Todays pic is by a real favorite of the site, Lincoln Garnet. Also known as LincG. This one is called ALLEY BED. I love the atmasphere and the look of it. And its THE SEXIEST®.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Thanks to my friend Eddi Haskell, I learned how to make those fun MOTIVATORS those funny you see all over the internet on Photofunia.

Here's a couple I did. Hope you like them.

Let me know if you like these and I may do more.

There's on more after the break. And that's where I'll give you the link to make your own!!!

So send me your favorites (put them on THE SEXIEST flickr site) and I'll put the best ones in the blog.

CYBERSEX 2.0: The iVibe

A new toy for everyone who wants to make their sex online a little more real...the new iVibe.

Details after the break.


Quinn Ying takes a bath

Lots of our old sexy friends are updating their looks and their pics. Here's some new looks at Q, Scooby, Amy and Ryce.


Scooby Mode's new profile pic

Amykitten Parx continues her return to erotica

Ryce Skytower models his new jock

THE SEXIEST - June 28th

Stop the World 5:15:2011

Another new artist to the blog, Ehl Genesis, with STOP THE WORLD. A wonderful new edition to THE SEXIEST® pic of the day.

Monday, June 27, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: Sasha, Sasha, and more Sasha!!

That's right darlings, you have spoken!  And it's not over yet!  We have so, so, so much more lovely Sasha Grey to share....

It's clear that Sasha is the fan favorite of the stars posted so far...  And it's pretty easy to see why...  Amazing slow-motion blowjob, anyone?

That and lots more after the break!


Sasha Grey licks them all

In a very close vote and we finally have a winner of our first REAL PORNSTARS POLL.

The lovely Sasha Grey is now wearing the crown.

She's the girl you picked as your favorite, with Tori Black and Kayden Kane tying for second.

Here is Sasha telling everyone she is number one in our latest poll

True to our word, we're doing a whole lot of Sasha in this post.

Here's just a taste of pics

Yes, lots of pics


and sensual pics

And even a few of her movies!

Sasha Grey is the queen of all sex slaves brought to you by RedTube - Home of free porn videos

We've got a whole lot more Sasha pics and her movies. Just click READ MORE below.

THE SEXIEST - June 27th

Untitled, originally uploaded by Regina Eyre.
Another great photo from a new photographer. This is by Regina Eyre. I love the story this picture tells. And its THE SEXIEST® of the day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

THE SEXIEST® Newcomer Spotlight: Pusi Firegrave

Pusi is brand spanking (pun intended) new to the Porn Scene and just dying to make her first movie. I met up with this feisty redhead recently at a photo shoot and went back to her place to take a few snaps and have a chat: ( Pusi THAT's a pornstars name if I ever hear one! )

1. What is your favorite position?
PuSi CaKe: My fav position is with a man who has a big dick *laughs* cause' then it dosent matter about the position cause' you feel it anyway.

2. What is your least favorite position?

 PuSi CaKe: Hold on thats a tough question .. thinking.. Nope I love all positions,  you can even poke my ear if you want, then I can hear yah cumming ~jk

3. What turns you on?
 PuSi CaKe: Hhmm my weak spot is for dominant men.

4. What turns you off?
 PuSi CaKe: People pretending to be who they really arent ... and bath room things  ( not a human toilet lol)

5. What sound do you love?

 PuSi CaKe: Fucking, Screaming, Moans and whips .. oh what a delight they are.

6. What sound do you hate?
 PuSi CaKe: Scratching of  nails on a chalk board.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

 PuSi CaKe: Cunt, You can mix it with anything really ... cunt rag .. Stupid cunt .. list goes on.

8. What would be your ideal movie role?
PuSi CaKe: Hhhmm..  anything with you :) ( ''a tad biased maybe here Pusi lol'' - Jinx )

9. What is your favourite movie?

PuSi CaKe:
One made by lee Horngold,  He did this beasti movie but I forgot the name of it.

10. What made you want to start in the Adult Movie Industry?
 PuSi CaKe: That video actually .. I ran into one of the actresses while I was shopping around and she told me what a delight it was. So Hey If Debbi does Dallas, fuck dallas .. why couldnt I do the same in sl*laughs*

11. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
 PuSi CaKe: " Can you stop screaming my name when your fucking " *laughs*


Celebrating 15,000 Flickr views!! Jennnnna Meets Megan Fox

Nope that isn't it. Sorry Megan. This one with Megan Fox and I just fell out of the top 10.

My number one most popular pic on FLICKR is over a year old. My name was still Jennnnna then.

And its probably the naughtiest pic I've ever taken. It definitely came from the slutiest movie I've ever done.

But you seem to like that side of me because it has 1500 more views than any other pic I've done.

You can see the pic AND THE MOVIE it was shot at...after the break.
Just click READ MORE

THE SEXIEST - June 26th

surrender, originally uploaded by Jeigh Gurbux.
This is called "surrender" by Jeigh Gurbux. Nice to see a new name in the Flickr Group.
And congrats to Jeigh on your pic being named THE SEXIEST® today.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


streap tease

Here's a wonderful, amazing photo by sidam79 Zenovka. That Zenovka family is really talented, with Deelite and Van and now Sidam :)

Anyway, all jokes aside, its a fantastic pic and THE SEXIEST® of the day.


streap tease

Here's a wonderful, amazing photo by sidam79 Zenovka. That Zenovka family is really talented, with Deelite and Van and now Sidam :)

Anyway, all jokes aside, its a fantastic pic and THE SEXIEST® of the day.

DIRECTOR SPOTLIGHT - Sexy Hitomi Crystal

There has been some well established names appearing under the Director Spotlight so far, but it's as much about who is out there and doing their amazing things right now. Hitomi Crystal certainly is doing just that and wowing viewers at Naughty Machinima. She is brightening up the SL Porn Scene with some of the sexiest most erotic shots I've seen since joining this community.

This, and the screen shots below from Hitomi's very hot latest offering : Ombres Chinoise

The first clue you get that "Miss Athena" Hitomi Crystal has a great eye, is her appearance in world. Without wandering on to Aurora's patch, Hitomi always turns heads and turns on! This is a big clue she has an eye for sexy details. Which follows on into her quite stunning photography and very hot blog. Most importantly it's certainly  evident in her always developing, and improving movies.

Hitomi is a director you can follow and watch evolve right now. As she explores the new viewers capability's and blends it all together into her projects. There is nothing complicated going on beyond a wish to just be as sexy as she can and capture it on video for us all to see. Hitomi goes the extra yard to find the shots with that "XXX" Factor. She's one of a few who turns SL Porn into a very erotic art. she seems to search and search until she finds the shot with that extra special something. Why settle for just plain sexy when you can really turn those viewers on!

Movies like these should transcend arguments and debate about what movies should be made in SL Porn. Hitomi's video work is "Porn". Sheer excitement for the viewer, and for me that's what it's all about. A concept, a theme, and then onto turning on the viewer big time.

Some have it, some don't, Hitomi certainly does. Her directing can deliver beautifully sensual lesbian scenes, to hot intense sex with guys, to more extreme BDSM action. All wonderfully framed with angles to show the best Second Life can offer in it's environments and hot bodies.

If you throw into the mix Hitomi's great hardware set up and ability to release stunning looking quality, along with all the wonderful effects which can now be seen in world. You can really start to get excited about what's to come from this director.

I don't know much french, but one phrase comes to mind "Ooh La La!" Hitomi. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Serenity Juneberry. xx

Watch Hitomi's latest movie after the JUMP!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Kayden Kross

Voting for THE SEXIEST® Real Life Pornstar is almost over. There's only one day left! And it's very very close.

Its turning into a three way race between Tori Black, Sasha Grey and Kayden Kross.

Sasha Grey
Here's three new pics of the front runners. Vote for your favorite today!!! Time is running out.


Jennnnna Outdoor Huge

Well, if my 2nd Most Popular Flickr pic looks similar to my 3rd, its because it was from the same photosession. Thanks to Ruff Brocco whose also featured in the pic...for everything :)

Its been a fun trip down memory lane. Its also great to see how far SL photos have advanced in a year.
There's really no comparison to one like Jinx's below. But hope you are enjoying the look back and seeing how far we've come!



Jinx Jiersen is one of the best at SL photography. We're honored to name his latest work, FRIENDS, as THE SEXIEST® today

Thursday, June 23, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: Riley Steele!

Riley Steele is a relative newcomer - started out in 2008 - but has quickly become one of the most desirable and sought after actresses in the porn world.  She's exclusively contracted to Digital Playground, so now you know where to find her :)  I love the sultry way she does her eye makeup, she's got a great body, and is cute as a button - not to mention one hell of an energetic sex kitten!

Click through for a great Riley clip, babies!