Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wanna Flick? A challenge with a naughty title!

Ahhh, uff, I am not too fond of chatting about projects involving me directly (yes, I am so shy and reserved. That's why I am in porn, of course), but this post has been long in the making.

I am gonna talk about...

 Yep! Well, you all know that I have a fondness for a good story in a video (you all know it NOW because I just told you), but at the same time, implementing it is a long labour of love, sometimes. And a nicely made machinima, as you have seen in our previous posts, in last year's awards outcome, and through the whole definition and idea of 'making a sex/erotic video', ultimately needs that: to be sexy and show some flesh in a hot way!

I'd be hard pressed to think about people that in the past year have featured more people, and with more prominence in their roles, than Marika Blaisdale, with her doing countless photoshoots for her flickr, a minimum of 2 pictorials of a model for her bi-weekly mag, and also her movies.

And this series makes no exception. Imagined and designed to involve as many people as possible -especially males, who end up normally getting less chances to be on camera, although often for their own, ahem, how can I put it, elusiveness- through a no-nonsense 'serial' formula, this 'challenge' sees Marika and her partner 'challenge' one another with a new victim in every episode.

Beginning with the first episode (shocking, hm?)... "Knowing her friend George is coming over, Marika dares Katina to go ahead and seduce him. Kat accepts..."

 and comes up with a 'victim' of her own....


and thus, the Fuck Challenge is born! Who will be next?"

Well, so far, Marcus Strong...

And M3 Jonson!

Well, I think the snapshots -as poor as i take them- do speak for themselves. Marika puts together truly great visuals - I saved so many snapshots re-watching the series, and I wish I could spam you with a ton of them, but i exercise restraint. And you really need to see the whole thing in motion to appreciate it, anyway. So now, enjoy the movies after the jump...and while you are at it, ask yourself: wanna be part of the Challenge? Try and give us a call in-world. You know...we always love to get new victims.

Also, if you want to contribute your own way to the blog, hit me up! Yes, yes, hello, I am the Jump, and the movies are just below! Hit HD for a better view!

The Sexiest® Of The Day - Official Gallery : Mar. 31

Sipping my java as I step back, amazed at the talent before me.
Welcome to one awesome compilation of sexy with two from Shan that are just ... wow! Rachel bound and touched, fantasy smexy from Forder and Xing, Erin capturing the best kind of workout, Watts waiting, body shot shot from Holland and Vilda's dark and sensual trio.
You peeps are simply awesome!

Do check out the rest of this mini-set on her Flickr!

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

Wanna Flick? : Movie Preview : Maid In The City 2

**Edit** Now Released! And View able HERE!

Reviewed here!

We've been busy filming for a few weeks now at Studio Erotique, and having some fun with some of Pornstars biggest names. The end result is 'Maid In The City 2 - Final Fantasies'. The sequel to our November 2011 movie 'Maid In The City - Corruption Is Bliss'.

Rachel Avro once again stars in the role of the Maid, and she is joined by myself ( Serenity Kristan-Faulds ) and Lunedor Oryl, cast members from the first movie. Along side Louise Kristan Faulds, Ali Lancrae, Parthenea 'Partee' Mytilene, and Charles Parker.

The film will be released in two installments, with part one out this week! Part 2 is nearing completion right now, and should follow in the next week or so.

I hope you enjoy this advanced sneak peek!