Thursday, March 19, 2015

Isabelle Cheviot's 'Massage Therapy'

Lots of great movies posted, and I am loving it! I should do a recap post showing some, but I am just fresh out from watching

So, I am very much in the mood to cover this one a little more in detail!

Actually, I might do a slight disservice to it with my screengrabs and all that, so , you get an earlier-than-usual jump, with the movie and the photos coming after it. I am gonna post a few of my usual poorly done screenshots. I will tell you tho, that Isabelle, AshleyJai and GiGi look really good in this one, from Dog Star Productions!

Hello, I am the jump! I am where Katina tells you to send stuff about your movie if you want to be featured on the blog! It's that easy!

Thanks, and now, on with the sex! Click down below!

So the movie is about a massage clinic, where things of course get heated. No spoiler here, I am sure you saw that coming. It's not that it hasn't been done before! The interesting part is, it introduces a newcomer (or as we like to call them in porn groups, a newcummer) to movies and a very sexy one at that: GiGi. I know SL porn. I have seen a bunch of those. But damn, I stared wide eyed (and wide mouthed) for a bit once ...she drops the towel , so to speak.

Yes, yes, I missed the obvious 'shemale' tag on the movie, ok? :P

 But beside my spell of naivety there, you can't help but admire a lot of little touches the director and star Isabelle enhances the movie with. This movie not only has a solid technical quality with its fluid framerate, but it is shot with a brilliant choice of camera angles, and in spots does a great job at picking and timing the perfect SL animations to put on a truly erotic display. The adjustment of poses if nearly flawless in most scenes.

Very erotic use of DOF as well, to get the voyeurism angle in it just right! You will love it, I am sure. It just gets so creative in so many little aspects (like the 'sharing' at the end).


So without further ado, here you have the movie: congrats to the beautiful cast ( see the little details? gotta love these credits at the end) and to the director, for a very cool SL machinima to watch. Enjoy!

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