Sharing Your Erotic Work

If you are a member of our Second Life group "THE SEXIEST : PORNSTARS" and you are also a producer of photographs, videos or films, we have two ways for you to share your work in the group.

First: Group Notices. You can ask a group admin for a Producer tag that allows you to create Notices.

Second: Dropping a link to your work into the group chat (so that people with Notices disabled will still see your post).

Each 'post' consists of a photo, photo set, video or film. For each post we allow ONE Notice and ONE Link Drop into chat. You may decide to use a Notice and Link Drop at the same time, or to stagger them over time, but use only one of each for any one post.

The Five-Minute Rule.

In order to give all posts a fair chance to be seen and commented on, there is a five-minute 'wait' period between all posts.  Ways to be aware of when other posts have been made before yours include: Keeping your group Notices enabled and check the time-date on the most frequent Notice (or if you have Notices disabled use the group profile > Notices and select to view them by date and then check the time on the most recent); Open the group chat and wait five-minutes, watching to see if anyone posts (if someone does then the 5-minute wait begins again at the time of their posting); Or just ask in the group chat, "Is it OK to post now?"


The Five-Minute Rule also applies to announcements for official porn parties. The exception is for those who are hosts, dj's, and those involved in running official group parties. Those people may be busy setting up the event, loading songs, starting their stream and greeting arrivals to their event. In this case they don't have time to see if anyone has posted first. If there is a host for the event we ask they check for prior posts or simply ask in chat if it's OK to announce. In other words, try whenever possible to observe the Five-Minute Rule before announcing events, parties, half-times, etc.

Nothing is perfect and there will still be collisions. For example, after someone posts, two or more other people wait five minutes and they post at the same time. But these methods cut down on post bombings. Just posting without looking or asking if it's OK to post is NOT an option.


Some consideration and abiding by this rule elimates a lot of bad feeling from others. It also shows respect for projects other members have put a lot into. The harder somebody has worked, the more upset is caused by their big moment being buried instantly. They are rightfully proud of their work. Give them their 5 mins of spotlight. It's the least you all deserve!

People who repeatedly ignore the rule or have been warned and continue to ignore the rule are subject to the loss of their Notice tag or to being banned altogether from the group.

We have a great group of people creating a wide range of sexy works and we want to encourage you all to flourish and have fun.  Observing these simple rules helps the whole group to thrive.

Now go make sexy stuff! ;)


Also please remember we are a mainstream Porn group. We love fantasy/fetishes. However we also follow the Second Life TOS rules. Steer clear of any breaches of them in your promoted work within our group. No age play/under age portrayals. No bestiality. No abuse to others. No prejudice or attacks on any groups of people. Explore your fantasies but keep in mind we are a mainstream sexy porn group, and severe extremes may breach our rules.


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