Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ruff "Bo$$ Daddy" Brocco is one of the pioneers of Second Life Adult Films. And you can always count on him to make an entertaining and sexxxy film. His latest is LITTLE RED RIDING SLUT starring himself and Juliet Frequency.

Its basically a version of Little Red Riding Hood. Juliet is the hot Redhead who walks through the ghetto instead of the forest, where she doesn't belong. Along the way she meets a very bad and very sexxxy "Wolf" in Bo$$ Daddy, who lures her into a men's room instead of Grandma's house.

Instead of huffing and puffing, there's a lot more blowing. In fact most of the film is of Juliet blowing maybe the best cock in SL porn! Weather Red has been in this situation before, we can see she loves it!!

Overall if you like hard sex done naughty, and shot very well, with a great soundtrack by N.E.R.D. then this is a movie you will love.

To see it, just click READ MORE and see it after the break

THE SEXIEST PIC - The Last of August

deelite zenovka

We've saved one of the best for last. Deelite Zenovka is one of our favorite directors. And now she's doing photos too. Here's a gorgeous one of her. So gorgeous we're naming it THE SEXIEST® of the day.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Barrett Hawker took some more glamourus pics of me. I absolutely love them. Hope you do too!

There are more after the break.

THE SEXIEST PIC - August 30th

J+J — Please

This is called PLEASE by Jeanne Sahara. We say GO AHEAD! And we'll also make this THE SEXIEST® today.

Monday, August 29, 2011



It almost seems unfair to review this movie after my initial two viewings, and then again for my screen shots for this piece.

Because there is so much going on, so much to appreciate admire and enjoy, on so many levels. I feel you cannot fully take in the whole experience unless you view it many times.

It's a tribute to Pixie that she has earned the right to have a new release anticipated and looked forward to so much. I have been checking her blog and waiting for this, waiting eagerly, then doing a final big "Oooooh! Yes!" when i spotted it at Kittyshack today.

The video ranges from cinematic, trailer like, and very cool at it's opening. Thanks to some Blade Runner like camera flights through a quite stunning glowing futuristic city scape Sim ( look for locations in the credits. ) , and the very fitting, stirring voice acting selections. Through to a cool music video, and on to some of Pixie's most graphic sexual content so far. All balanced with her usual artistic flare and vision. This has it all, enough to keep anybody transfixed for the duration, and then hitting the play button again and again.

It's technically amazing. I absolutely loved the projector screen scenes. Pixie has the prowess to pull off the technical side due to hard work, study, planning, and just plain effort and will to bring us perfection. It's very easy to sit back and be stifled and never bring your visions to the screen, Pixie throws off all the chains due to this hard work. Thankfully letting us see what's going on in her minds eye.

All this and one of my favourite bands "The Specials" on the sound track!

Congrats to all the cast, you are extremely privileged to be part of this. And huge congratulations to Pixie. xx

By Serenity Juneberry. xx.

See more including Pixie's HQ Movie presentation after the JUMP!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


By Serenity Juneberry

If you want people inside the Second Life Porn community to see your movie then Naughty Machinima is great, so too is Kittyshackif you want to reach a wider porn loving community then "Slutload.Com" among many other regular porn video sites can be a good option. Emanuelle Jameson has movies with up to 150,000 views at Slutload.Com, Quinn Ying also has one nearing 100,000 views. It's great to think so many people have enjoyed your work. We have two video's now passed 30,000 views at that site.

I'm very proud the people who run that site consider our movies worthy of featured status in among RL porn and all manner of hot RL porn actresses and actors. It seems this site does embrace and recognise SL Porn. So you can also become ambassadors for our porn scene in SL by introducing it to the wider world of Internet porn! ( my prediction is porn is going to get quite big on the Internet any time now! So why not be in on the ground floor!!! )

Emanuelle's "The Beautiful Ones" has over 150,000 views at!

You get a great quality embed for your blog, or for releasing on Stripped and Teased, or Emanuelle Jameson's SL Blog. Hosted on a site with huge resources, reliability, and with larger upload limits ( I uploaded Pron in great quality to with a running time of nearly 32 mins ) .

By simply changing the "height and width" in the embed code you can display your movie at full resolution on your blog. The movie below was made to be presented in SD ( Standard definition ) 640 x 480. It's great to be able to present it that way below, on our own blog.

So here is our latest release, hosted, and embedded from Slutload.Com. Hope you enjoy. :)



Catching up on my blogging after some months off. I've been super busy with a lot of things and some movies which took a lot of hard work. But I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging again.
Also found on my Blog at AuroraBenthamsBorealis

Hair - >TRUTH< Trixie - swedish
Eyes - Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius Eyes (Ocean)
Skin - [PF] Elly <Chai> - Baby Doll (ltbrow)
Shape - My Own
Prim Breasts - Lolas! ::: Push-Up
Top - Issybella Quintessa - Tease Top~ Pink (on marketplace only)
Necklace - ::je::suis::une princesse::necklace
Flower - je suis...hibiscus
Bracelet and Nails - [MANDALA]KABUKI BLACELET,Handring,Nails/Shangri-La PINK
Dildo - ** Double Dildo Pink
Skirt - :STICKY FINGERS: My pink high waist skirt
Pose - Glitterat
Makeup - Pink Acid - Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up-Pink Gloss

THE SEXIEST® pic of the day

by jaxi morrison

*** find all THE SEXIEST at : ***
*** posted by XXXcyb ***


CC & Kat~New York -crop

This is called CC AND KAT IN NEW YORK by the amazing Skip Staheli. Seems like the perfect pic to show as we wish our friends in New York and everyone on the East Coast the best during their huricane.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sexy Ashlynn Brooke is our winner.
Congrats to beautiful and talented Ashlynn Brooke for winning this feature of THE BATTLE OF THE PORNSTARS.

She had almost half the vote all to herself. The lovely Stoya was second with about a quarter of the vote.

Ashlynn Brooke
  17 (48%)
Brea Lynn
  3 (8%)
Casey Chase
  2 (5%)
Diamond Kitty
  1 (2%)
Faye Reagan
  2 (5%)
Holly West
  1 (2%)
Katie Kox
  3 (8%)
Katie Morgan
  3 (8%)
Kortney Kane
  1 (2%)
Lexi Belle
  2 (5%)
Mindy Main
  1 (2%)
Naomi Russell
  3 (8%)
Nikki Blond
  2 (5%)
Riley Steele
  2 (5%)
Shawna Lenee
  1 (2%)
  8 (22%)
Zoe Voss
  2 (5%)

Votes so far: 35
Poll closed 

So we're doing a special tribute to our winner Ashlynn to celebrate her!!!

Lots of pics and videos of her.

Still more.

To see the rest, just click READ MORE

THE SEXIEST PIC - August 27th

Serenity Juneberry

CORRECTION: I accidentally clicked on the wrong pic. THIS is the photo I meant to post. It was was taken by Jinx Jiersen, everyone's favorite photographer. And of course, the model is the lovely and sweet and talented Serenity Juneberry, everyones favorite pornstar.!

Here is the other photo I grabbed by mistake. Its by our co-editor Serenity herself. Its lovely too, so we'll keep it up here as well. We can never have enough sexxxy pics!!

Sorry for the mistake. You can all spank me :)


Friday, August 26, 2011


Thanks to the sweet and talented Barrett Hawker for inviting me to model for him, for his pornstar series of photos.

I love the result!!!  Hope you like it to :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

THE SEXIEST PIC - August 26th

Bushed by Connie Arida
Bushed, a photo by Connie Arida on Flickr.
I always love Connie Arida's work. She is one of the top photographers in SL and has been for years. This one is called BUSHED. And its THE SEXIEST® of the day.


Aurora Does 50 Men

Aurora Bentham has created a very sexxxy and ambitious film. She does a gang bang with 50 Men!!
For those of you who don't know much about Second Life, just getting 50 people to do ANYTHING is darn near impossible.

On top of that, if you get too many avatars together at once, nothing moves. So orgy scenes are almost impossible to shoot. A lot of directors don't even try.

But Aurora and Strom, the director of this effort, do a fantastic job of keeping it not only action packed but artistic. Strom is definitely a director to watch. His last few outings have been amazing.

And Aurora not only looks sexxxy as ever, but she also doesn't look to sore :)

The cherry on the ice crream is that she even got superstar fluffers: the great Serenity Juneberry, Arwen Juneberry and the Queen of SL Porn, Krystall Pearl.

Courtesty of Serenity and Arwen's Blog:

Overall it's an epic outing that you won't want to miss!!

Just click READ MORE to see Aurora in action!



Expensive Encounters : Mr.Wolf - By Yasmin D

Only one thing is better than watching a nicely produced, sexy, quality movie. That is watching one from a debut Director. Because along with all those plus points is the prospect of what is to come from this first time producer. Potentially, there has never been a more aptly named production company than Yasmin's "Virtual Fantasy Productions".

Everything about this movie suggests care, attention, effort, and the creativity is on show to deliver us the final sexy product. Nicely rounded off, by the inclusion of the wealthy, well endowed client and co star "Mr. Wolf".

Yasmin D certainly has a natural eye for a sexy scene. Which has allowed her to begin her directing career on a high. She already has sense for what makes a good erotic shot in a movie. Expensive Encounters is a series of well selected animations, shot very well. Among them the Blow Job sequences, which are top notch and extremely erotic and sexy.

Yasmin has given her work a more unique look, Just by simply taking time to search out and include a sky setting which immediately takes you away from the norm. Her pink environmental light has given the scene a really nice light for her to shoot her sexy scenes. Everything becomes more interesting than a flat white light would be.

This movie was a top performer at the Kittyshack last week. I would urge all directors to also start using that site. The views may be lower than NM, but the number of comments and activity from members of the SL Porn scene seems higher than at NM right now. So you can make a big mark there right now.

Watch it, and see more screen caps after the JUMP!!!

By Serenity Juneberry. xx


Riley Steele
Even though the voting looks like a runaway, there's still a few hours left to vote for one of your other favorites. Here's some pics of the lovely Katie Morgan, Brea Lynn and Riley Steele.

Brea Lynn

Voting ends today!

Katie Morgan


Now this calls for some nice sound effects!

A great article article from the always amazing Serenity Kristan Juneberry about audio in porn.

Give it a read after the break.

THE SEXIEST PIC - August 25th

save me

A very beautiful b&w pic by BlondeBimbo1 called SAVE ME. Its THE SEXIEST® today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


With a little over a day to go, its looking like a race between Ashlynn Brooke and Stoya. Voting ends in a day, so click on the poll at the top of the page

THE SEXIEST PIC - August 24th

May 4 2011 - Digital Beauty Series

A wonderfully sensual pic by Aeleen Demina callled DIGITAL BEAUTY. It lives up to its name and is THE SEXIEST® today

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Congrats to our Co-Editor of this blog, the wonderful and amazing Serenity Kristan Juneberry on her One Year Anniversary in porn.

There is no one kinder, smarter or more artistic in Second Life.  Everyone who comes in contact with "Sere" falls in love with her (sadly she's very taken with her partner Arwen Juneberry).

Serenity has not only won our Academy Award, THE SEXIEST® for her work, but she's also the first person in our group to help an up and coming director with a suggestion.

Serenity is one of the most innovative directors in SL. She's virtually pioneered 3D porn on SL. And her films are always quality.

She's just finished an Anniversary piece and we're proud to have it on the blog to help her celebrate.

by Serenity Juneberry and Arwen Juneberry
We're celebrating one year in SL Porn the week of this movies release. This video was made to mark that occassion, and a chance to say a big thank you to everybody who has helped us, encouraged us, commented, and been so kind to us in the last 12 months. xx . Starring Arwen Juneberry, Serenity Juneberry, featuring Emanuelle Jameson, and Mr V ( Vanhelsing svoboda. 

And if you love Serenity like I do, please give her some love (HINT: She reads the comments for the blog).

After the break are a few more very sexy pics of our Anniversary Girl and more of her films, that you will want to check out.

Oh, and one more thing...We love you Serenity!!!