Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1000 in 2 Weeks

This picture has been amazingly popular on FLICKR. It's gotten over 1,000 views in 2 weeks.

Most of the comments are about Ruff's amazing size.
MMmmmmmm...lucky me.

THE SEXIEST- June 29th

My Friend's Garden, originally uploaded by arthurx Titanium.

MY FRIEND'S GARDEN by arthurx Titanium.

It's THE SEXIEST today.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Jennnnna Circled, originally uploaded by Jennnnna Jameson.
This pic from JENNNNNA THE SLUT just got its 2000th view on FLICKR.

It's only the third pic I've made to get that many views. But I'm sure you can figure out why it's so popular.

Below is an encore presentation of JENNNNNA THE SLUT. Enjoy, I know I did...mmmmmmmmmm

Great New Blog

I love Annabelle Nicholas's blog BIMBO FASHION. It has great sexy, smart, slutty clothes. And tips on making your boobs bigger.

Plus Anna's avi (I think her in-world name is SUZIE SUPERSTAR) is gorgeous, as you can see by her pic.

So lets all go CLICK ON THIS LINK and take a look at Anna's hot new blog.

THE SEXIEST- June 28th

, originally uploaded by Saphire - "bigger is better...!!!".

Yet another amazing photo by the great Saphire.

This was done with poser, 3ds max and photoshop.

And it's THE SEXIEST of the day!


I've been doing a lot of RL things lately and haven't been talking much about all the great new movies out. But I think this idea is FANTASTIC.

Aurora and Scooby did two videos from two different points of view. And each is a great movie on it's own.

Here is BARBERSHOP by Aurora Bentham. (Love the music!)

And this is THE HAIRCUT by Scooby Mode. (Great music too)

Comment below and tell us which you like better?

THE SEXIEST- June 27th

This is an amazing amazing pic by Wilma Yongho.

It's called ARMY GIRLS and it's THE SEXIEST today.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE SEXIEST- June 26th

Cleaning up, originally uploaded by toyguns0.

I just love this one!

This incredible pic is called "Cleaning Up" by TOYGUNS0.

It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

THE SEXIEST- June 25th

Too Close 2, originally uploaded by Aurora Bentham.

TOO CLOSE 2 by the sexy and awesome Aurora Bentham.

It's THE SEXIEST today :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This photo of me and my good friend Zac Effron just received its 2,000th view on Flickr.

The Paparazzi just never give us any time to ourselves :)

THE SEXIEST- June 24th

, originally uploaded by Saphire - "bigger is better...!!!".

Another amazing shot by the great Saphire Nishi.

It is THE SEXIEST today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Thanks to everyone for viewing my Flickr.

So to celebrate my 35,000th view, here's a little pic my friend Tiger and I made for the celebration...Doesn't he look pumped!!


THE SEXIEST- June 22nd

Forced To Kneel, originally uploaded by Marian Wildcat.

One of the most popular pics in SL with over 1000 views Marian Wildcats photo, FORCED TO KNEEL is THE SEXIEST today

Monday, June 21, 2010

NEW JENNNNNA MOVIE: "3some/4some"

Roberto has been cleaning out his archives and he put together this movie starring himself, Daisy and me.

I hope you enjoy 3Some/4Some!


THE SEXIEST- June 21st

Blanc et Noir, originally uploaded by Connie Arida.

This is called BLANC et NOIR and it's by the very talented Second Life artist Connie Arida.

It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

THE SEXIEST- Father's Day Edition

Jessica CockSucking!, originally uploaded by Xonex256.

A photo by Xonex256.

It's THE SEXIEST for all the dads cause it says. "Whose your daddy!"


My compilation movie, HOW TO BE A PORN STAR just got its 2000th view on Naughty Machinima. Thanks to everyone in the film and every for watching it.

For actual helpful hints on becoming a SL adult star, click HERE.

Otherwise enjoy the encore performance above!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Did you hear? 350 in THE SEXIEST!!

, originally uploaded by Saphire - "bigger is better...!!!".

THE SEXIEST group on FLICKR just hit 350 members.

Every day we pick THE SEXIEST picture from the group. And we vote on THE SEXIEST of the month.

Join the most fun group on FLICKR at:


THE SEXIEST- June 18th

14 Nudes #5, originally uploaded by Corinne J. Helendale.

A very sexy photo by CORINNE J. HELENDALE.

She writes, "I didn't realize the sun was going down until it was too late. Now I am alone, and it's dark."

It's THE SEXIEST today.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

THE SEXIEST- June 17th

JANE VICTORIA, originally uploaded by JANE ~ VICTORIA.

Another great one by the great Jane Victoria.

It is THE SEXIEST today :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SCOOBY'S RAP: The Lyrics

For everyone (and he included just about everyone)...who loved Scooby's rap on TAKING OF EMANUELLE, here are all the words so you can sing along:

Scooby on the mic, 
scooby doo it right, 
yeah we know he's white but this kid is tight
i play this secondlife have her going crazy everyday and night. 
yeah i hit it twice just roll the dice
and hit it a few more times before i go inside like its do or die. 
man that bitch is fly like she in the sky
that ass is fine got me mezmerized, she says im good with the lines, 
i say naw naw im just good with the rhymes.
bounce with me shawty in the club if you wanna fuck 
we can have a cup 
of gen get drunk do it again
shes already wet before i go in. 
my flow got the club hopping like a damn sin in the wrong way
we aint stopping girl we like to partay
just ask jenna jameson, krystall pearl,the barbie girl even sid or ruff 
hey wanna play with the big kids
call sammie if ur alone, 
call dee on the phone 
your favorite rapper going off the hook like a damn ringtone. 
you can even bring the pornstar hunter home. 
dont act like you dont know
tina puts on a good, 
show kick it to cece or pelbeaten party 
still jumping hell we aint fucking leaving.
even roberto gots that good dope. 
we all pro hell check our videos.
dont blame us, im here to make you famous.

Don't you love it!!

THE SEXIEST- June 16th

Photoshoot 1of2, originally uploaded by Mr Gausman.

This is by Mr. Gausman. It's a really great, fashion-y, b&w shot of two well-done avis.

It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THE SEXIEST- June 15th

vitamin suppliment?, originally uploaded by wilma yongho.


How amazing is wilma yongho's work? She is one of my very favorite artists on Flickr that does SL work.

This is her photo, VITAMIN SUPPLIMENT. It is THE SEXIEST today.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Scooby Mode won the VIRGINITY FILM CONTEST with his movie, TAKING OF EMANUELLE.

He recorded 60 percent of the vote, narrowly beating Pelon Beation's TOY SLAVES movie:


Congratulations on your amazing film, Scooby. And enjoy your 1000 lindens!

Here's an encore performance of Scooby's work. Listen carefully because Scooby throws in a great ORIGINAL RAP about the Second Life Adult world. See if you got mentioned!

THE SEXIEST- June 14th

Sand 8, originally uploaded by Shakira Skirr.

A wonderfully erotic work by the lovely SHAKIRA SKIRR, entitled, SAND 8 is THE SEXIEST today!

Sexy New Flickr Pics Added

Just click on the pic...or go here


THE SEXIEST- June 13th

In honor of the World Cup, THE SEXIEST today is this photo by Elettra Gausman.


JENNNNNA: THE SLUT just got its 5,000th view this week on SLUTLOAD.com.

Here's an encore viewing!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010


OK, 1000 lindens are on the line!

Both Scooby & Pelon have put up videos.

Scooby Mode's is entitled, "TAKING OF EMANUELLE."

Pelon Beaton's is entitled, "TOY SLAVES."

Take a look at the top right and please vote.

Voting ends just before Midnight on Sunday (SLT)

THE SEXIEST- June 11th

Paint the Sky with Stars, originally uploaded by Musique Gable.

A wonderful pic from a great artist, Musique Gable.


And it's THE SEXIEST today. :)


I liked the way the new BLOGGER templates show off pictures more fully.

Hope you do too :)


Interesting article about sex in Second Life on THE HUFFINGTON POST.
Too bad they didn't include any of my friends here.

It would have spiced that article right up!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


You can't win the 1,000 Lindens if you don't get you movie up on Naughty Machinima before noon!

Tic toc!!

Linden Labs 30% Staff Layoffs. Is Second Life being primed for sale?

EDDI HASKELL'S SECOND LIFE: Updated: My Take on the Linden Labs 30% Staff Layoffs. Is Second Life being primed for sale?.

For anyone interested in Second Life news, please read this very smart assessment by Eddi Haskell. He talks about 100 lindens being fired, that SL is going strictly to the web and they won't need their servers, and that there is a 50 percent chance the game will be sold.

However, he believes the sex trade in SL will need to be cleaned up.

Read all about it.

THE SEXIEST- June 10th

Reach, originally uploaded by Zeeva Quintessa.

This wonderful photo is by Zeeva Quintessa and is called REACH.

It's definitely a knockout and THE SEXIEST of the day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 get 3,000 views

Both movies THE BEAUTIFUL ONES and A WILD ORGY have over 3,000 views now in just ONE MONTH. It normally takes a film on SLUTLOAD.com about 5, 6, 7 or even 8 months to get that many hits.

So congrats to all the actors and actresses. Here is an encore performance of both:




, originally uploaded by Saphire - "bigger is better...!!!".

A new one by Sapphire Nishi. Genius, as usual.

It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

To be THE SEXIEST of the day/month/year, just join THE SEXIEST group on FLICKR.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Emanuelle Jameson losing her virginity got two films yesterday. Both will be put into the 1,000 LINDENS contest starting this Friday.

Here is SCOOBY MODE's film, complete with his own rap about the biggest stars in the SL Adult Film world...

Here is Pelon Beaton's tribute to the Toy Slaves Brothel, starring Madame Aprille Shepherd and the rest of the staff:

Thanks guys!!


My funfilled romp with Prince William now has 1,000 views on Flickr.

Long live the king!


It is by LUV&ROCKETS and is entitled, "I DO HAVE A LICENSE FOR THESE."

it is THE SEXIEST pic of the day!

Monday, June 7, 2010


What a great party we had yesterday. While Madame Aprille Shepherd technically won the bidding for Emanuelle's virginity, with a last minute bid. The truth is...EVERYONE won.

That's because Madame Aprille took Emmy and then gave her to everyone at the party to use!!

Even though I am sure everyone who wanted a turn may not have gotten one, (although Sammie went TWICE), it was amazing and intense day.

Thanks to everyone who sent me your amazing photos of the day. Just click on them to make them bigger. And I hope everyone enjoyed it ALMOST as much as I did.


Remember to get your movies from EMANUELLE'S VIRGINITY PARTY yesterday onto Naughty Machinima.

The deadline is Friday at 12pm SLT.

1,000 Lindens goes to the film that gets voted the winner.

3000 in a WeeK

So much has happened since this movie was released. But THE AFTERPARTY, starring Monique Iuga, (seen above) and Natalie Shuffle, is turning into a fairly big hit. It now has over 3,000 hits now in a little over a week.

Here's the breakdown on the 3 sites it was downloaded to:

Naughty Machinima- 1145
Slutload.com - 939
Pornrabbit.net 1138

It also got some wonderful reviews, as we already reported, judging from the great comments by notables like Ruff & Roberto on the NM comments section.

So we think that deserves an encore performance!

New Roberto Highfield Movie: LOVESCENE

Roberto is carving a niche out for himself as the romantic of all SL adult directors. LOVESCENE is probably his best film ever. The film starts off beautifully, with scenery that could have been in AVATAR. It's his third starring the amazing Nicole.

And while it is is sensual, the sex does not disappoint. Both avis are amazing to look at. Roberto does a wonderful thing with his sound. He just lets us hear their passion and doesn't get tricky with it.

It's very effective and really great. Bravo Roberto!


he looks down at her as..., originally uploaded by caMeяon™.

A wonderfully made picture by caMeron called "he looks down as..."
And we can guess what is to come.

It is THE SEXIEST of the day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today is the big day! Emanuelle Jameson loses her virginity. Find out if you got the winning bid (I am accepting them until 2:30pm SLT)

The party starts at 2pm SLT@Toy Slaves Brothel

1,000 Lindens goes to the person who makes the best film of the event!!!

You have to be there!!! It's going to be HUGGGGGE.

STAR SHOWCASE: Aurora Bentham

As my friend Roberto Highfield said about Aurora, "She's SL porn's 'It Girl."
Aurora is definitely the girl of the moment. 5 of the last 20 movies on Naughty Machinima are either by or about her.

Since we were talking about Roberto, lets look at his film about "Rora." It's a very romantic piece called AURORA BOREALI. Let's take a look:

Aurora shows a rawer, naughtier side in BARBIE LIKES IT BLACK, which she just made with popular star and filmaker Shaun Chernov. I love the hot sex in this one...but the bad driving at the beginiing might be my very favorite part. (Get a chauffer girlie!!)

The main reason Aurora is tearing up the SL adult world is because she doesn't just star in movies, she also directs. Here's a wonderful sample of her directing work. It's called GIRLS GONE WILD. As you can see, she doesn't just do it with looks. She's got a killer eye. This girl is a STAR!!!! (Just keep her off the road :)