Friday, May 31, 2013

The Pornstars Gallery : May 31


Starting off and finishing today with Maria Collinson. By Bewitched. Then Carla Dreasia by the great Jeanne Sahara. The beautiful Louise Silverweb, By myself. Along with the very talented and sexy Raelin Jestyr too, this is a really hot and lovely gallery for everybodies favorite week day. A sexy Friday!


Louise Silverweb Beach 2

Louise Silverweb Beach

Ready for Summer


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Full On Spring Time Frollicking! - Eva & Katina


It's no wonder we're looking at two Sexiest® Award winning Pornstars right here. Eva Brunswick and katina Cazalet. In a beautiful, pretty, and sexy spring scene. Sensual passion on show, which would even make me forget about my allergies! *sniffles*.



The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : May 30

Enjoying the sun in my new garden

Usually I'm not that keen on gardening. Having seen this lovely image though "Enjoying the sun in my new garden by Shurely Shan". I'm converted! I'll be asking Arwen to join me outside just like Shurely. Also great to see another first time appearance by a photographer on the blog. Congrats you're The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : May 29


Mustang-Ride by Jadelyn McAuley-Stratford. Loving this image. Which has really managed to capture a great looking scene and one which is really fresh and unique in its very hot styling. Congrats, you're The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

The Naked Truth : Woozer Paule

So  I am very excited to bring to you today a new Naked Truth.. why are you excited Envy.. you may ask.. well  I will tell you ...  :)  It features my good friend the one and only Woozer Paule!
That being said.... here we gooooooooooooooooooo 

Wooze came over ... gladly got naked.. but left the sneakers on!

 TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : What is your favorite position for intercourse?
 Woozer Paule: easy, i like the girl on top
 Woozer Paule: not cos i am lazy, which i am, but cos i like to see her show me what shes got
 Woozer Paule: and cos I'm lazy
 Woozer Paule: haha
 Woozer Paule: jesus

 TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : How many people have you had intercourse with with?
 Woozer Paule: rofl
 Woozer Paule: erm
 Woozer Paule: ok so i was asked this before
 Woozer Paule: and cos i also make tattoos
 Woozer Paule: someone dared me to put the names of as many as i could remember on my torso
 Woozer Paule: so i did t
 Woozer Paule: and I'm covered
 Woozer Paule: :s
 Woozer Paule: i see an Envy Watts in there...hmmm
 Woozer Paule points
 Woozer Paule: :D
 Woozer Paule: wanna kill me yet?

*Wanna see the tat .. with all the names... here ya go ! *

 TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : In a perfect world, how often would you like to have sex?
 Woozer Paule: how often?
 Woozer Paule: pfft
 Woozer Paule: I'd just take short breaks

 TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : What is your most expensive bedroom toy?
 Woozer Paule: my house
 Woozer Paule: many many uses
 Woozer Paule: oh and the car
 Woozer Paule: the neighbours car too
 Woozer Paule: but i didn't pay for that

 TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : What sort of birth control do you use, and why?
 Woozer Paule: the ass
 Woozer Paule: cos i like it
 Woozer Paule: hahaha
 Woozer Paule: am sorry
 Woozer Paule: erm..
 Woozer Paule: yeah still the ass

 TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : What is the largest age difference between you and an SL lover? Younger or older?
 Woozer Paule: rofl
 Woozer Paule: ok so
 Woozer Paule: I'd like to say this was intentional
 Woozer Paule: but
 Woozer Paule: i was 23
 Woozer Paule: she was cute blah blah blah, she took me in when i started here and showed me alot
 Woozer Paule: got round to the boom boom and i was like.. shit i love this game
 Woozer Paule: so anyway
 Woozer Paule: she'd told me she was 30
 Woozer Paule: so at that point she had the record
 Woozer Paule: but
 Woozer Paule: hmm
 Woozer Paule: she let slip one day that she was well... in her 60s
 Woozer Paule: i called childline and ran for the hills

TruthBall: Question for Woozer Paule : What were you dying to try sexually, but were then disappointed in the results?
11:33] Woozer Paule: ok well
[11:33] Woozer Paule: erm
[11:33] Woozer Paule: kinda fancied my wife's sister
[11:33] Woozer Paule: she was hot
[11:33] Woozer Paule: and shes in that 'ffs don't do it' zone
[11:33] Woozer Paule: so i did it, and well that was the end of that marriage
[11:34] Woozer Paule: so disappointing in one respect
[11:34] Woozer Paule: but dayum
[11:34] Woozer Paule: :D

Envy Watts.

The Pornstars Gallery : May 29

Tonight's GF #5

Opening and closing this gallery with the new Hoobs Hotties shoot. Featuring Tosh Fitzcarrald, with Envy Watts, by Hoobs. Take a look at the full post on the Hotties Blog!

Before going onto even more Pornstar hotness, with a really awesome contrasting collection of images. Featuring : Tatiana Easterwood, Colleen Criss ( By Don Roodborst. ), Sveta Shevchenko, Rachel Swallows ( By Lady Falcon. )

Just horny !!!

Submissive Little Bitch 826x1024

"*PS*I'm in the sky"


Tonight's GF #5

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : May 28

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. (Oscar Wilde)

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. (Oscar Wilde) by Illargi Dover.

What is there to say about this picture? It's just simple beauty, it's always great to see a detailed, wonderfully shot location. This however just throws all the focus onto a truly lovely model, portrayed and edited to perfection. It's The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

The Pornstars Gallery : May 28

First Love

Opening with Mirko Panacek's interpretaion of Boris Vallejo's erotic art. Featuring The Sexiest® Actress Kai Baby Barineaux. :

Also on the Gallery, a whole lot of hotness, and some of the best on our scene : Katina Cazalet, Tatiana Easterwood, Moonie and Envy Watts ( By Moonie. ), Jinx Jiersen, and Graham Collinson.

Beach blowjob

Cool Down



Another Half A Million Since The Million! - 1.5 Million Blog Views!

The Million Party at the end of 2012.

It really does not seem all that long ago we were partying to celebrate the Blog reaching One Million views, and enjoying the "Million Movie" Produced by the Pornstars Group and some of the best directors and photographers around on our scene right now. All supporting the Million events.

I can't hold this smile until 2 jaw is aching...sorry.

Now the Blog has just passed 1.5 Million views! Thanks to the rich amount of content members of The Pornstars group, and The Sexiest® Flickr Group has provided. With input from hundreds of our readers over the years. Published by myself and before that, by the Blog founder, the super sexy Emmanuelle Jameson. We now have a huge back catalogue of posts, and also daily new features being enjoyed and visited by thousands of people each day. If you are on this blog your work is really getting seen, and appreciated, and really brightening up peoples day. That's a awesome thing.

Thank you to all our readers, and to everybody who ever featured, or contributed to our blog. xox

Emmanuelle Jameson : The Million Movie.

How To Get On The Blog?

So don't forget if you want to be a part of it. All are welcome to get themselves on our radar. Just add your Flickr pics to The Sexiest® Flickr Group. To make extra sure we spot your sexy pixels, as it's not always easy to keep track of everything. Begin the title of your pics on Flickr with a "*PS*" prefix.

Directors are also welcome to upload movie screen shots. Along with a movie synopsis in the image description. With links to SL Porn Tube. For inclusion on the Blog.

Colleen Criss : The Million Movie.

What better time to have an encore performance of "The Million Movie". A project i was very proud to edit and produce, mixing together many peoples Directing, acting, photography, and modelling and placing it all in one movie to celebrate that huge mile stone of 1 Million Blog hits, just before Christmas 2012.

Arwen Juneberry : The Million Movie.

See the Million Movie Encore and grab a glimpse 
at a screen shot gallery. After the Jump!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

How To Change Your Flickr Cover

Images must be 2048 x 342

It goes without saying that everybody loves the new changes to Flickr! However, believe it or not, some people have issues with certain aspects, and amazingly, things like not telling us how to do things on our lovely new Flickr streams, or explaining anything whatsoever has caused some people some stress! ( ikr!? )

Today on my "Coping With The new Flickr And Leading A Happy Life" feature I'll be tackling "Changing The Cover Image".

Some people don't like pebbles in a stream, or fields of daises etc. They wish to change their photo stream, and personalize it. The problem is many of us due to the type of content we put out do not have "Safe" Flickr Streams.

Cover Images must be "Safe".

How to change your Flickr Stream Cover Image.

1. Make an image 2048x342. ( Must be this size in order to display the image how you see it in your photo editor. Otherwise Flickr will stretch and crop it etc. ). Ensure the image is safe. ie not nude, or sex.

2. Click "Edit Cover Photo" At the top right of your existing cover photo.

3. Upload your new chosen cover image.

4. Once uploaded you'll be in the familiar "editing" page. 

5. Go down to the left side, and "edit" > "Safety Level" to "Safe".

6. Upload to your stream.

7. Click "Edit Cover Photo" again. Now you'll see your new image and be able to select it!

Take note, the top of the image may be clipped off, or shaved to make room for the bar at the very top, so you may have to adjust the height, Flickr do allow a small vertical movement. However you may have to move the image in your photo editing software to centre it how you'd like taking into account the top bar.

Easy! Now you can enjoy your new Flickr!

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : May 26-27

Sol palavra danca nua, pluma tela pétala...

With "Sol palavra danca nua, pluma tela pétala..." by ❀Luaflor Moo❀ above, and "Because Maya wants it too... :P" by Angeli Optera below. We are catching with The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day in the hottest, and highest quality. Congrats both of you.

Because Maya wants it too... :P

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Porn Movie : Wet Weekend!

Wet Weekend ( Love Juice Remixed. ) : Directed By Serenity Juneberry.

Colleen Criss and Jinx Jiersen. Set the tone.

 "Wet Weekend" was a bit of a first for me and a strange project. A film that was not actually filmed during this production, in one sense. All the video ( except for some back drops i filmed recently for the production. ) was shot over a year ago for the "Love Juice" project. Which was over an hour of second life porn i battled with producing, featuring a cast of 26!

Kai Baby and Serenity Junebrry. Getting wet.

Among the video shot was a lot of the cast against blue screen, the versatility of having those clips has allowed me to go back into my archives and produce a movie with brand new scenes, and new looks using footage captured over 12 months ago. In the Love Juice movie myself and Kai were in a sunny resort and a hotel room, now 12 months on we're on a rainy dock thanks to Blue Screen.


Arwen Juneberry.
Kai Baby Barineaux.
Krystall Pearl.
Serenity Juneberry.


Louise and Coco Silverweb.
Emmanuelle Jameson.
Colleen Criss.
Jinx Jiersen.
Alisha Cedarbridge.

 The project began with me simply wanting to re edit the main Sauna sex scene from Love Juice and re release it. Featuring myself, Arwen, Krystall Pearl and Kai Baby. A lot of people liked those scenes as it featured such sexy, well known girls such as Arwen, Kai and Krystall, and i always wanted to make it as good as it could be. Now hope i have. Plus it now sits as more of a prominent centre piece, rather than part of a very long 35 minute movie.

Arwen Juneberry and Emmanuelle Jameson. Showing the quality of Maid Service at the Hotel.

Wet Weekend has some fun clips, and some great cameo appearances from some of the many cast members shot for Love Juice. However this is stripped right down, in more ways than one, to a simple little plot, and a very hot and steamy sex scene.

Louise and Coco Silverweb. Whose home was the inspiration for the video theme. With Serenity.

The idea came from Louise and Coco's house in second life and the amazing thunder storm they have off shore at their place. Which i filmed to place the blue screened actors against. It got me thinking about switching everything around from Love Juice which was set in a sunny idyllic tropical paradise. I thought, we're sexy Pornstars, we can have  a hot fun weekend whatever the weather. So why not have it raining, and awful weather, and experiment with some effects to portray it. It makes a nice change i feel.

I hope you enjoy the video, it's not meant to be an epic story, it's really just  a vehicle to showcase the re edited sauna sex scene, which really is one of my all time favourite moments in Second Life Porn, re visited, and me having some fun and experimenting.

Krystall Pearl and Serenity get steamy.

Hope you enjoy watching this strange blend of old and new. With a star studded cast!


Maid to perfection! ( groans. ) Arwen Juneberry with Kai Baby.

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : May 26

Sara Reed

Sara Reed by Jinx Jiersen. A really lovely model, back drop, and beautifully composed image. A perfectly pretty and sexy picture for a Sunday edition of The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : May 25


Addicted. by Ҟαяαℓєє. One of the greatest photographers we feature on the blog, with a really amazing picture. It's sexy, creative, and wonderfully produced. The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day in just about every way!

The Pornstars Gallery : May 25

"OLD"   (*PS* Eva Brunswick)

The lovely Eva Brunswick opens the gallery today. We hope to bring news on her new project the "P.I.C" the "Pornstars Info Center" very soon on the blog.

Now to a bunch of Pornstars who already gained quite a bit of info about showing themselves off, and are doing it in some sexy style!

On todays gallery in order of appearance : Eva Brunswick, Domino Dupre, Christina Vilda, Meg Corral and Ruff Brocco ( By Meg. ), Ivori Faith. Finishing off with Eva in our rear view.

PS Topless in the Sun


cover photo for flickr

"OLD"   (*PS* Eva Brunswick)