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The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ April 30

Ladies Night

Twelve Lovely Ladies all in a Row  -Ali

The Sexiest Photos of the Day

Exhibitionists: Brea Brianna and Igor Romanov @ Katmee's!

The community of photographers centered around The Sexiest Pornstars group has to thank immensely the contribution given by the woman known as Katmee. A talented artist of her own with a really naughty streak, she provided a beautifully designed sim, 'Katmee's Coconut Island', which not only is a place with perfect photo opportunities (you can rezz by joining the group for free), featured already in magazines such as Busted and countless flickr shots, but also is home to a building complex hosting art galleries.

 This weekend is for you the last chance to see in world the exhibitions of two people very well known by our group members due to being so very active ever since their debut. Thanks to Katmee's keen interest they have had their first chance at all to put on display their artwork.
....Or their smut, as Igor put it!

 What The Hell Is This Smut?
Igor being all metatextual and cheeky in  'What the hell is this smut', as he looks at 'Hold the Line #5' with Sonia See

 They have been wonderful in their patience to answer my silly questions, so without furter adieu (it's ado,I know, but if I don't move my butt finishing this post, it will be farewell time already!), there's Brea Brianna and Igor Romanov (Jeffcosgrove)'s As to my Qs!

- This is your first exhibition as an artist. How did you feel when Katmee asked you to have your artwork on display at her place? Did it feel 'strange' in any way? Were you considering yourself an 'artist' before, and do you feel a bit more of that now after such an invite?

Igor: - Gosh. An “artist?” I hadn’t really thought much about it. I love what I do and want to be better today than I was yesterday. Does that qualify me as an artist? Maybe I am in the sense that I want what I do to be artistic, especially the more graphic pictures? For me, the whole shot has to make sense.

Like I Care
Bratty Brea is a rotten apple in 'Like I care'

Brea: - When I got into Photography 6 months ago I never would have dreamed to have my photos exhibited ever. But I had a lot of guidance from two people in particular. Graham Collinson was a true inspiration for me, and the Iconic Laura Demonista helped me along the way and introduced me to Singularity as a primary phototool. And of course Robert Eroica Dupea taught me about resolution and angles and without those three influences I dont think I would have gotten to where I was ready to show my work in world. It was and is an honor to be asked by Katmee and it's a part of my SL I will always cherish. I never considered myself an artist and still dont, I simply love to capture images and thoughts and express them and project them outside of my busy little mind for others to share and enjoy.

Topless Tuesday With Partee
Igor inspired by Partee in 'Topless Tuesday with Partee'

- When Katmee told you you'd have to choose photos for the exhibit, which one (or more than one) appeared in your mind as 'the first' to have a spot in the gallery? I guess that means which picture you are the most proud of, but could simply have been one that has a special meaning for you.

Brea: - The champagne picture from Robert Eroica Dupea was my first and only thought about what to include, I didn't however; understand that I couldn't display others photos of me, so I had to remove it but.. Tickle trunk, and Dragon Slayer and Her Time has Come, are amongst my Favs. Those really show my continuing efforts to learn and understand the value of windlights and The Lumipro Photo Hud, which is an essential tool in any photographers arsenal. 'Dragonslayer' is by far my fav since it was one of the few fantasy pics i did entirely in SL without any editing in photoshop. It was a simple 2d image layed onto a transparent prim and then glow added and transparency reduced to accentuate the dragon. I think I spent 5k making the photo and buying the gacha rare clothing for it but it was soooo worth it to me and I'm  very happy with the result.

Brea rightfully proud of 'DragonSlayer'

'Her Time Has Come' is sacred to me, It was during one of my down days when I expressed my wish to end it all and ascend . Being a Bipolar can be very difficult at best, but it certainly helps to get my creative juices flowing. Just have a listen to Amy Lee of Evanescence and you may be able to understand the inner turmoil we suffer from every single day of our lives as Bipolars and how it can help to shape our creative processes.

Her time has come
Lots of feelings behind 'Her Time Has Come'

Igor: - Hmmm. I want to answer that for you but I’m not sure how. They are all my babies and I love them dearly. Some represent a milestone for me in terms of accomplishing new feats, but I don’t recall that there was one that stood out above the others. Many stood out to me that I liked, and I even asked friends to weigh in one what they felt people should see. Sometimes others choose pictures that I don’t and sometimes it surprises me what moves people. When I did the pictorial story with Mandy, there were several shots up against the glass that I thought were so hot, but somehow it was #7, the shot of her riding me on the bed that got so many comments and faves.

 Room Service 07 (With Story)
The exhibit barely covers the vaste production of erotic shoots by Igor, here in the 'Room Service' with Mandy

People loved it. A similar phenomenon happened with the sequel to The Naked Bartender. After the series finished, I did something I had never done by posting a few choice outtakes that just never made it to the final set. One shot so moved people that it possibly has more faves and views than any in the original set. I was shocked. Perhaps I made an error in judgement on that one.

T.N.B.N.D - Outtake 02 (with description)
Igor works magic with Partee in the sequel of'The Naked bartender'featured in the gallery and in the previous interview

- In general, how did you pick the photos for your gallery show? Do you think your artistic endeavours shown at Katmee's have a recurring theme, a mood? And going through your collection to pick, did you get a feeling that you have evolved as a photographer?

Igor: - Well we sort of already started down that road, now didn’t we? Maybe after a couple of years I won’t feel like they change so quickly, but for now, I feel like I take huge leaps every week, so much of it was the most recent pictures. I’m not sure about a recurring theme. I have some friends who are not fans of the majority of my work. They would just broad swipe it all as porn, smut, filth, etc. (laughs) I did get a feeling that I had grown. Looking back now, just two months later, I think I could pick fourteen new shots done since then that would represent even further development in my work.

 Tickle Trunk
Brea tickling your imagination on her 'Tickle Trunk'

Brea: - Most of my photos i would have loved to display because every single image is special to me. I think I have close to 700 pics so poor Igor (who has an amazing exhibit on the ground floor of the same building) may have been overwhelmed if Katmee gave me free license to fill the sim with my favs lol. I definitely see an improvement from when I first started but that goes part and parcel with everyone in our community, the level of talent and creativity that everyone displays on a daily basis in the Groups is truly inspiring and amazing. I'm just one of many to be evolving in the photography world of sl :)

Working Overtime 06 (With Story)
Igor 'Working Overtime' to bring you another hot set, and story. Featuring Apryl Twist

- Also on the sim, there's the exhibit of Laura Richards, whose work you are very familiar with. She explored in the past the relationship between 'porn' and 'erotica'. I am asking you not just what do you personally consider the difference between the two, but also, do you have sometimes to deal with the involvement in 'pornography' being a stigma? Have you refrained from putting something in particular in this gallery because 'porn and not art' ?

Brea: - Laura Demonista is a true creative genius in every respect, I only wish I could have the foresight and imagination that she has but I can only be myself and express myself in my own fashion, I adore her for all shes given to the community . My approach to Photography is simple , sex is an art form in itself, whether during the act or while capturing the act in photos it is an art, a form of expression in its most intimate and collective meaning. I always try to make my photos classy and appealing to all demographics, but you will never see me post a simple unprepared shot on flickr just because I want to appeal to the masses , everything has to be an expression of a moment in time, a feeling, or a memorable experience. 

My Dark Angel
Brea with 'My Dark Angel' watching over her (oogling her butt, I believe)

Porn doesnt exist to me, I find the word to be more associative of dirty messy sex and for me there is no such thing. All forms of sex are beautiful be it film or photos all my work is aimed at being realistic and beautiful in every aspect. To me that's the meaning of erotica.

Make me do anything you want
Brea inviting you to 'Make me do anything you want'. Tempting offer! ( I heard that anal is an extra, tho. )

Igor: - We use labels for so many things. Labels are great for helping us quickly identify something we need when shopping. They help us define what we are and do here as well. Labels also have the unintended consequence of ruling out what we really could be all along. Not everything falls nicely under a simple heading. Is this sensual? Erotic? Pornographic? Does labeling it as pornographic cause one to miss a sensual element or erotic twist? Others will always label me. I guess I try to refrain from that because I know it may change at some point.

 I Got 99 Problems.... Happy Ass Monday
Igor in 'I got 99 Problems....'. Obviously having a flabby ass is not one of them!

As far as the stigma goes, soon after I published a photo set or two of sexual activity, I was informed by a couple of fashion models that I had met that said they weren’t interested in having me shoot them, even though I could point them to other types of sessions I had done, such as glamour photography. I have never intended for these models to engage in erotic pictorials, but they were obviously concerned, likely for their clothing clients. To be quite honest, it did hurt. I was still new to Flickr and attempting to network the best I could. But the wonderful thing I want to focus on is the warm reception I have received from new friends, some of whom have modeled for me.

Igor in 'Solitude'. Aww.

I feel quite fortunate to have worked with the ladies that I have worked with. I recently looked back on a list I created about six months ago of people I had wanted to work with, and I do say that that particular list has almost been completed. Most have been wonderful experiences and a number of them have become good friends who I talk with on a regular basis. While I endeavor to make them look as amazing as possible when the job is complete, it would be downright wrong not to admit to how good they really make me look.

In The Zone With Laura
Igor has collaborated and featured Laura Demonista many times. Here's a candid shoot of her from the DS spring party 

- Are you a creative person in your RL too? When you close SL, do you think a lot about what you could make in SL? Any source of inspiration in particular ?

Brea: - Music and thought are my primary focuses outside of SL . My love of Trance and vocal trance music helps to clear my mind and thought process and open it up to creativity. Vocal trance is pure and beautiful , you will never have a negative thought while listening to Tiesto or Armen Van Buren or David Guetta. And in a way that is therapy to me and allows me to be creative and thoughtful in my passion for Photography.

La Viola
Brea playing 'La Viola'. If all you hear are cat screeches, that is....probably normal?

Igor: - Well, in RL I am involved in both the Arts and business. I grew up devouring music, movies, and all sorts of art. I “wasted” all of my elective classes as far back as secondary school on arts related subjects. Unfortunately I don’t always stop thinking about Second Life when the viewer closes, sometimes to my own detriment. I also find myself caring about the people I know as well from it. It isn’t just a game now, is it?

- What is the next artistic challenge you are going to embark on? Can be something you have not done yet but you really would like to do, or just a particular photo/theme you are eager to explore.

Cocktails poolside
Brea having 'Cocktails Poolside'. I know, many of you just wanted me to stop at the K. Another photo, ok?

Brea: - Since learning photography day by day and getting to understand more about textures in photoshop, I would love to develop my own makeup line for SL. or possibly a clothing line but right now i focus my attention on my career in the SL Adult industry and escorting. Perhaps i will realize that dream one day soon though. As of right now im swamped with work and clients and it wouldn,t be fair to anyone to try to take on a new project :)

Igor: - Oh gosh. I’m not sure what to say on that. I think people can expect to see some new things by me in Aroused, coming soon. Other than that, I can’t quite say.

The Talk Of The Village

To end the post, a suggestive shot from 'Quantly English' exhibit @ Katme's,  non porn, but still very much Laura!

Huge thanks to both Brea (her flickr) and Igor (his flickr) for the patience and avalaibility through their busy schedule. They already had to suffer through this once, and you can read previous interviews for this blog here and here. Enjoy your visit to the exhibit, and express your appreciation to Katmee, for once more giving SL artists a space to express their creativity. I do enjoy letting the artists speak about their craft, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and choosing what to put on display is one of the most interesting and authentic forms of communication. In a way, it's what we do all the time in SL!

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The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ April 29

Hot 10 at 10

Feast your eyes on some of Friday's finest  -Ali

The Sexiest Photos of the Day

The Pornstars' Rack: Y/N ?

Oh my, it has been a week already, got Aroused yet? See what I did there? Talking about...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 38

Talking about the erotic magazine of course! The biggest fun by far putting together a magazine like that is to see what the photographers come up with, and in this case, I had a wonderful surprise in the guise of my partner Marika Blaisdale getting very creative with the cover there. I love her talent for this sort of creative presentation.

As the picture says, Ali Lancrae went to great lenghts to get the job done for this issue

But enough already with the private notes, and on to the goods. Aroused! was very happy to showcase and present the work of remarkable artists, covering the many nuances of the 'erotic and porn' scene in SL. Much alike this blog and the Sexiest Pornstars group, which counts amongst its members many who don't consider themselves pornstars but have an interest in the erotic, sensual, unrestrained side of art, Aroused has always offered to its photographers the whole gamut of choices to express themselves, and brought to its viewers the results in their original material.

If my bed would tell 5/21 (Virgil)

Zuby's bed might not have been too talkative, but she surely had plenty to show in Aroused's lenghtiest set to this day

This issue so proudly presents the shoots of some of the most prominent pornstars such as Zuby Gloom, Ali Lancrae, Sandra Palletier who pull out all the stops in their sets, together with the more restrained sensual eroticism brought by Aloyssia Hema and Loly Hallison, plus the dainty portrait views featured by Erika Madazzhatter, Rachel Avro, Sunday Whitewood, and one heartfelt homage from Evangeline Ling to her partner Bella for their anniversary.

 Sin in the Warehouse

It would have been certainly a Sin to keep stocked in the Aroued ! warehouse this set by Sandra...

I appreciate a lot the way the artists have incorporated so many models in this issue, far from the 'records' of previous issues but all of them appearing in truly memorable photographies. In no particular order, i am talking about Damien Godard, Cream Release, Racheal Rexen, Stacy, Curtis Trevellion, Dargonis Dufaux, Mirko Panacek, Nakuru Bergamasco, Sasquatch Rhino, Virgil, Jake Raven and a lot more not involved in the 'adult' community in the traditional sense!

Sun catching Stacy catching some sun. I know. Capitalization is important.

And with a particular appreciative look at the wonderful photographer and one gracious model so very intriguing in her looks, PJ Thornton shot by Marika, and to the gorgeous Anyka Aiseiri, one of the finest photographers in our scene and a delightful subject for Nicasio Ansar in one of his two shoots, each worth seeing also for the contrast in the beauty of his subjects.

Anyka by Nica. He always picks good ones, I tell you!

We had also the pleasure of presenting the magazine during a Pornstars Party, thanks to the efforts of Yana Grau, during which we received more subscription on the in-world kiosks. If you want to get your copy of Aroused!, it's so easy: just get it from MP, for free! You can also watch it on Issuu (you can access with merely a click on the appropriate icon if you are already logged in G+ or facebook ), subscribe from one of the aforementioned kiosks (such as the one at the Mirage gallery, official gallery of the magazine) , or IM me, or.... C'mon, get it already!

Contact me anytime in-world about Aroused! or any publication , movie, idea for a blog post. I am more than happy to help bring your idea in written form!

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Wanna Flick? A taste of fame

Thursday has yet to find a proper gig. Well, this will be for me a Tasty Thursday! Yeah but just this week, I am not trying to start a thing or anything.

I am just using an excuse to cover the latest (unless she beats me to it with her new one 'cumming soon' will be a very 'sweet' one, hint hint) episode of the 'A taste of' series by Isabelle Cheviot! Featuring in this case, not a surprise peeking at the title, the exotic beauty of Sasha. (Sashshah)

" Two friends get together and chat. Such a common occurrence, isn't it?. But what happens after is not so common but so much fun! Damn and is it hot! Introducing Sasha in her inaugural Dog Star performance."

Isa knows very well how to introduce people to the world of porn, and feature them at their best. She's a natural 'talent scout' when it comes to spot the charm of a look. We spoke already about her blog just yesterday, and more on her 'pictorials' later. Here's the link to Sasha's, tho!

With photos by Chris C. (aussiecc)

I am a self-professed fan of series in porn, as consistency is one of the keys to this 'business', and there's a fun element in spotting the variations and different elements of interest in the SL take on a porn series. You don't need any more snapshots to easily recognize the basic traits of the 'Taste of' series. It's a F-F movie, and Isa's victim gets to be in a quality adult video shot with her usual clinical eye for effective, erotic, even creative angles.

Other than that, every episode of the series has something truly different and unique, and not just because of the different female lead. That has been a constant trait in Isa's production, and inspired by a very recent pictorial from her website , I am also bringing to your attention one of the past episodes of the series, featuring Faith Pottzen.

Picture by Scotty (scottr07)

My attention and priority blogging goes to the member of the in-world group and active partecipants to the porn scene, but it's remarkable to see every time Isa feature new gals and guys who have an 'it' factor in the look, and get their chance to appear. What they will make of these opportunities, is part of the fun to find out.

I always had a passion for the cheerful atmospheres of Isa's more summer-oriented movies, and the movie Isa made with her made no exception. I admire how Isa manages to approach the task of showcasing a new model with a fresh perspective throughout the series, and there are some pretty neat sequences using a toy, on top of Isa's trademark black strapon.

With a perfect use of DoF, a fast pace and one breathtakingly sexy shot after another (ah, that wry smile of Isa's gets me every time), 'A Taste of Faith' is another eyecandy movie with a simple concept and 100% sex, edited to perfection and very satisfying to watch.

As you can ascert now, having a look at both movies, after the jump!

Hit me up inworld if you want to bring to my attention your creations, and perhaps we'll do a blog post about them!