Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, maybe it is or maybe it isn't.

But every day we choose from THE SEXIEST® photo of the day from THE SEXIEST® group on FLICKR.

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And we also taking suggestions for THE SEXIEST® pics of March

MY NEW SEXXXY MOVIE: Working His Pole!!!

I just did a new movie with director VAN HELSING SVOBODA called LAP DANCE.
And as you can see he had me working the pole.

HIS pole. And it was wonderful!!

There's not much plot. But VanHelsing does a very nice job of capturing all the sexxxy action.

You can watch the whole film and see how naughty he makes me after the break!!
Just click READ MORE below to see all the hot action.


I went to do a wet t-shirt shoot for BIG D Elcano and when you get a lot of pornstars together, it turned into a hot orgy.

As you can see it turned quite naughty!!!!

More of the pics after the break. Just click READ MORE.

THE SEXIEST PIC - March 31st


This is by the great Jane Victoria. Thought we'd leave March on a very high note, with the THE SEXIEST® today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Rysan Fall and Deelite do it again!!!

They were just doing a test film and wound up making a hot hot hot movie.

Rysan is an amazing film maker. Even his test films are beautiful.

These are still shots and they look like photographs!!

They are totally sexxxy together. And the sex is always hot between them. And is anybody in Second Life hotter than Deelite?!!

Watch the whole sexxxy movie after the break!! Just click READ MORE below.

THE SEXIEST PIC - March 30th

Psst...Yes You...Lean Closer,...Whisper Softly...

This a great real life pic by Ricknsami called, "Psst...Yes You...Lean Closer,...Whisper Softly..."

Its THE SEXIEST® of the day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

THE SEXIEST PIC - March 29th

Heaven - Caught, originally uploaded by JobblerJ.
Love when a pic tells a story. This one is called HEAVEN CAUGHT by Jobbler J.

Its very erotic and beautifully shot. And its THE SEXIEST® of the day!!


Congradulations to Serenity Kristan and Arwen Juneberry for being named a FEATURED FILM on NAUGHTY MACHINIMA. It's called WEB CAM VOYEUR about a couple who are caught on camming on Skype without them knowing (i can relate to this in RL!!!).

This movie isn't technicaly groundbreaking. It doesn't do anyone with a computer couldn't do. And I don't mean this in a bad way at all.

The movie is great. And the reason why it's great is that they did everything we normally everytime out really, really well.

Basically it's a lesson on getting EVERYTHING right in a SL adult film. So lets look at those sexxy lessons Serenity and Arwen are teaching us!!!

What a face!! So film it!!
 LESSON ONE: Use Close Ups!!! 
This is the first thing i tell people making films for the first time. Everyone shoots way back because they are trying not to miss the action. Instead break it up and film some faces. You will be glad. Especially if it is as pretty as Serenity's!!

This animation is harder than it looks!!
 LESSON 2: Only Use Good Animations!! 
Notice how in sync these two are. You don't see an arm going through one. They are lined up perfectly. Don't use cheap or old animations. It makes a HUGE difference. It's just sexier!!!

Like a work of art!!!
 LESSON 3: Pretend you are shooting an art photograph. 
See how beautiful they frame Serenity here. Look at the light and shadows. How pretty is this pic!!! You want to hang it on a wall. But it's not a pic. Its a still frame from this movie. What a beautiful job.

Look...a fun plot twist!
 LESSON 4: A little plot goes a long way!!!
This movie is like 90 percent sex. Almost wall to wall. But it gets us into the action with a little twist. Someone on the other end is watching Serenity and Arwen without them knowing. The plot doesn't have to keep you from showing sex. Instead it should make the sex more exciting!!!

Great details on this fake Skype page
LESSON 5: Details Matter!!
See how Serenity and Arwen get the screen to look like a Skype page. They even bothered to get the names of the two characters in there. And then they include a sex scene with an anamation they didn't show yet. Its a little thing but it means a lot!!

OMG...i want to join in!!!!
LESSON 6: Make sure the sex is sexxxy! 
Have fun!! Watch how these two really go for it. The avis are as good as they can be. They shoot angles that show off the hotness of the action. The music and sound go with what the are doing. OMG...You just want to join in!!!

WEB CAM VOYEUR is a great movie you want to watch
Again, Serenity and Arwen do all of this wonderfully. Which leads us to our final lesson...

LESSON 7 - Just watch this very hot film!!!!

You can see the whole movie right after the jump. It's so sexxy and hot. You will love it!! Just click READ MORE right below

THE SEXIEST PIC - March 28th

This is called "THE PIANO TEACHER" by Sandro Fratica with the lovely Miraj Ansia as the teacher.

I believe they are "key mashing" a bit :)

Its also THE SEXIEST® pic today.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


 Emanuelle at the 1000 Pornstars Japanese Relief Donation Party

As promised, here are lots of sexxy pics from all 14 parties we had during the NIGHT OF 1000 PORNSTARS!!!

Many thanks to EDDI HASKELLCLUB EROTIQUECHELSEA DOLLINGER and STRIPPED AND TEASED for some pictures I used from their website for this post.

Check out their blogs for more coverage on NIGHT OF 1000 PORNSTARS
Courtesy of Club Erotique


Courtesy of EDDI HASKELL


There are even more sexxxy people after the jump! Just click READ MORE.


I just wanted to say thank you to all the sim owners, all the DJ's, all the hosts, all the dancers and all the partiers and donors for making NIGHT OF 1000 PORNSTARS such a success.

I was shocked how long all the parties lasted. We had 5 or 6 going at a time almost all day long.
And the parties kept going well into the next day.

Most importantely, all of you were very generous. I don't have any official numbers. But I heard from four of the fourteen sim owners, and together they had over 100,000L$ in donations.

I won't be on until late tomorrow. Maybe some of the other owners will do a tally for us :)

But that is far more than I imagined. So thank you.

I took a lot of photos. I'll try to get those up very soon :)

THE SEXIEST PIC - March 27th

Roller Girl, originally uploaded by Oded"O".
A great photo by Oded, with Poppy as Rollergirl.

According to Oded:
One in a series of the Boogie Night's inspired design. This started out as just a shoot, didn't take long to become live action.

And its THE SEXiEST® of the day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Alexus Minotaur is always thinking. Recently he took some pics of me for a new, exciting project.

I can't give out the details of what the project is. But i thought the pic preview he gave me looked wonderful.

Cant wait to see the rest Alex!

THE SEXIEST PIC - March 26th

The quality of the pics in this group have been SO IMMPRESIVE lately!!!
It really is hard to choose

This one is called ESCAPE FROM CRUCIBLE XV by the wunderful Corinne J Helendale.

She writes:

Lost in thought, and contemplating her next move. There is light aheadFlashes of another life flicker at the edges of her consciousness.

Great poetry. And its THE SEXIEST® pic of the day!

Friday, March 25, 2011



12:00  (noon)  TEASERS (Featuring DJ Candi Mendle)

12:00 to 16:00 (12-4pm )THE KEYHOLE CLUB (DJ Vik Magic-Galli)

13:00 to 16:00 (1-4pm) OLD LAR'S HOME (featuring Pixie Rain)

13:30 to 15:30 (1:30-3:30 pm) CLUB EROTIQUE

14:00 (2pm)    MAUI SWINGERS (Featuring DJ Roxie Davidov)

15:00 (3pm)    CLUB COZMIC 
16:00 (4pm)    SEXPRESSIONS CLUB (With DJ Thaintomos Barnes)

17:00 to 19:00 (5-7pm)VaZEN. ADULT FURNITURE
 All products will be half price and all proceeds will be going to the Red Cross appeal.
 Exhibitionists are welcome to just jump on the beds and perform.

18:00 to 20:00 (6-8pm)   HARD ALLEY
Hard Alley also invites the group to Ladies Night featuring Hard himself on a pole from 20:00 to 22:00 (8-10pm) All tips to him will go to the Red Cross)

19:00 to 21:00 ( 7-9pm)  TADD'S CABARET (Featuring DJ TInaMarie)
12:00 to 21:00 (12-9pm)  CLIT PIT
Drop in and voice chat with Fang Aries in a private sim for all 9 hours!!!

18:00 to 24:00 (6-12 pm) DIRTY TALK VOICE SEX LOUNGE 
Come down to Dirty Talk and be an exhibitionist or voyeur as they engage in the usual naughty fun at Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge.

19:00 to 24:00 (7-12 pm) TOY SLAVES BROTHEL 
Featuring Toy Slaves DJ's
The party will be filmed on video too at: