Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1,000 Views In One Week!

Wow. Apparently people really like this pic of my friend Zac (or Zac Efron to the press) and me together.

In less than a week it's shot up to become the 2nd most viewed pic of all time on my FLICKR.

I have to admit...We are a sexy couple.

Sari Choche & Roberto Do It Again!

Another fun Roberto movie with the sexy Sari Choche

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10 Second Life Predictions for 2010

10 Second Life Predictions for 2010

As this year winds down, I thought this was a fascinating look at what we can expect in SL for 2010.

Monday, December 21, 2009

TIFFANY NEOX: Amazing Cover Girl

What a great issue this is shaping up to be for Slutman Lane!! First he's got the sexxxy Tiffany Neox on what I think is his best cover ever. Then he's got an article coming on my wonderful friend, Ruff Brocco.

Love you both!!

PS Did i mention to vote for me for SLUT OF THE YEAR? Vote HERE!!!!!


This is interesting. Kathrein Henhouse was inspired by AmyParx Kitten's XXXmas film to do a similar movie. Here are the two of them back to back first Kathrein's and second Amy's.

Kathrein's (I love the mash-up movies)

Now Amy's Original:

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Sid Haalan has made over 20 films in Second Life. His series FIRST TIME FILMED has many parts.
This is his first of that series. I love the lighting:

Okay This SUCKS!!!!

OK, this is ridiculous. I've been totally passed in the SLUT OF THE YEAR contest. NOW I am a distant 4th place.

Seriously...there are really THREE girls on SL who are SLUTTIER than me!!!!!!

It's enough to make me want to pout and have slutty sex!!!

PS Please vote for me HERE.


Just wanted to give a shout out to some of our favorite directors and actresses blogs:


There's also Miss Priscila Balogh's hot mixture of SL Adult films & Brazilian hotness:

Some Non-Holiday Fare

Two new movies from our friend, the very talented, AmyKitten Parx. The first is HoneyAnne Diavolo & Bootsy Breumann in HONEY 2 THE B

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

The next is a sexy BSDM movie with Anakin Zeplin and Lacy Handrick called, BOUND TO BE PUNISHED

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Saturday, December 19, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME: I'm the Cover Girl of SexyLife Magazine!!!

Thanks to Priscila Balogh for giving me the happy news. And ReyRey Cabanero for taking the wonderful cover photo.


I really enjoyed Roberto Highfield's XXXmas film, I GOT A GIRL. And I enjoyed my small cameo in the film :)

It's basically Roberto thanking all the women he's been with this year (or maybe just the last few months.)
Here are a few of my observations:

1. Roberto is having a GREAT Second Life

2. Roberto needs some dance animations badly :)
(We will go to Sine Wave soon. I owe you, my friend!)

3. The credits list of all the women in the film lasts OVER A MINUTE.
There are 29 DIFFERENT women thanked and shown in this film.

4. See number 1.

Here without further ado, is the hopefully very tired, Roberto Highfield's film :

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PS I invite everyone to ridicule Roberto's dancing in the comments below :)

PS PS We love you Roberto!

Kathrein Henhouse's HUGE Film Series!!!

I am very excited to present this film series by KH AVATAR ADULT MOVIE PRODUCTIONS, titled BEACH FLIRT PART II. I was in the first BEACH FLIRT series and I thought that was Kathrein's masterpiece.

But I believe she may have topped herself here. Here are all four parts of the series:




Amy's XXXmas Video!

From AmyKitten Parx, founder of PinkKitten Productions:
this is my little xmas thank u video to everyone thats supported me and my team since i started making films.thank u all and a have a great xmas :) xxx

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NEW PKP Film: Rammin' Camarin'

From AmyKitten Parx: Really pleased to offer Camarin Mistwalker here to everyone. She's become a good friend of mine and was a real thrill to make a film with her. Michael Seda also co-stars: 

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Friday, December 18, 2009


The blog had its 20,000th view this week. So to thank everyone I made a special pic of me and my friend Angelina Jolie together. Aren't we a cute couple!!

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog.
Thanks to everyone who tells others about it.
And thanks especially to everyone who signed up to follow it!!
I love all 30 of you the most!!!

COMING SOON: Epic Roberto Highfield Movie

Roberto has been working on something very special. It will be coming out in the next day or two.
It's called I GOT A GIRL. And I am going to be in it!

"The Yacht Club" Selected As NM FEATURED VIDEO!!!!

Very proud to have my film, THE YACHT CLUB selected as a featured video on NAUGHTY MACHINIMA. It's a real honor because the film is RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE WEBSITE near the top.

You can CLICK HERE to see it listed on the website. Or just watch the video again here:

New PKP Film Debuts!

Another debut for AmyKitten and her PKP bunch. This one is called BOARDROOM MEAT-ING.
Here is Amy's description:

Charmaine Hedges makes her her debut for PKP with Bouncer Criss, seizing the chance to have fun on the big boardroom table at work. And boy did they have fun :)
Couldn't have said it better myself. And now the film:

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Speaking of Miss Balogh...

...Here is her sexy Holiday Video.

2nd Party Verification: "JENNNNNA JAMESON IS GREAT"

I love Miss Priscila Bologh (even though she is destroying me in the SLUT OF THE YEAR voting).

She is sexy and kind and sweet and mostly because she put the nicest article ever about me in her blog...and announces some pretty cool news!

The article is called JENNNNNA JAMESON IS GREAT (click here to read it).

I love her description of me:

She is great.
She is so inteligent.
She is so bitch.

Who am I to disagree!!

(Thank you Miss Priscila!!!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ho Ho Ho! What a "ho" I am.

Here is a little Holiday Card I made for you to get you in the mood...A very sexxy mood.

Have  a wonderful holidays.


PS Thanks to Tiffany Neox for the candy cane. I hope you think I put it to good use :)


Tis' the season to make Christmas porn!

Or so it seems. There's a lot of holiday flavored SL adult films out there right now.

Maybe my favorite is Katherine Avon's SANTA'S CHRISTMAS DREAM. The footage is so interesting the way it is shot. And the chimney isn't the only thing hung this year! No wonder they all are lining up to sit in on the big man's lap!

Another movie is BAD BAD SANTA by Pasquale.

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Lastly there's another Holiday movie you will all love. But it's coming up on one of the next blogs.
It's my XXXmas card to all of you!!!

SLUT OF THE YEAR: Vote Daily!!!

The awesome Priscila Balogh has a big lead for first place for SLUT OF THE YEAR
. But I'd love to be runner-up at least.

The voting is every day.

So pleeeeeeeeaaaase take literally two seconds and vote for me HERE.

Just Click It!

300 Views In Half A Day!!

I thought i made a special pic to celebrate 20,000 views on Flickr. But I didn't know just how special!!

Apparently people really like it because over 300 of you viewed it in only half a day. That's faster than any pic i've ever put up. And more than most pics ever get.

Zac and I thank you again for the support :)

Wow, Now That's Traffic!

Record setting days for the blog this week. Thursday was our biggest day ever for people visiting. The record beat the previous high by almost 20 percent. And YESTERDAY we had more views than ever before.

Thanks to everyone who has been so wonderful reading my blog and giving enthusiasm.

Roberto Highfield's KILLING ME SOFTLY

Here is the unstoppable Rob getting what he wants for the Holidays!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My 20,000th Flickr View!!!

Thank you everyone for paying attention to this silly site. Kisses and lixxxx. So I made a special pic of me and my old boyfriend for you.

Zac and I both thank you :)

Didn't We Just Blog Him? :)

We just blogged him yesterday. And already he's come out with a new film. Here is Elijah's latest film: LESBIAN LOVE TURNS INTO A THREESOME

Leslie81 Clarrington Debuts for PinkKitten Productions

PinkKitten productions has proudly announced their first video with the incredibly sexy Leslie81 Clarrington. She stars with Brandon Riano in PERFECTION ARRIVES AT PKP. According to AmyKitten Parx, founder of PinkKitten Productions:
its taken a while but i finally managed to get leslie clarrington on film.posessing one of the finest female avs ive ever seen its a real treat to serve her up to u all here alongside brandon in a very hot film :)
And here is that hot film:

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

The Great Roberto Highfield Film

My hero Roberto Highfield takes to the dance floor and discovers about a half dozen women are getting sexxxed up around him.

Find more videos like this on The Inferno


Find more videos like this on The Inferno

COMING SOON: The Jennnnna XXXmas Card


Many kisses to Roberto Highfield. Even though he plays the bad boy on film...he was very sweet to me. My Flickr problems are solved.

Thank you my Energizer Bunny!!

FLICKR WOES: Your opinion please

You might be wondering why I haven't put up as many new pics on Flickr.
Well, I am pretty much out of room on my Flickr. :(

I can't afford a PRO upgrade and that leaves me with a couple options:

1) Start a new Flickr page. But I am approaching 20,000 views and I know not everyone will follow the new page.

2) Delete a lot of great pictures and keep going on the current site.

I would love your comments on this down below. Or maybe a solution I haven't thought of.
Darn that PRO upgrade!!!

In the meantime, here are some pics I haven't been able to post:

Monday, December 14, 2009


Eddi Haskell's RL mom recently had surgery. Apparently the surgery went fine. But I know Eddi is close to her, and we want to wish her a speedy recovery.

Eddi's been an angel for this blog and saved it from hackers several times. So we needed to give Mom a nice shout out :)


Although he's not a new talent technically (he's got 12 films on Naughty Machinima), I'm sure you will agree that  Elijah Pyrithea (who goes by just Elijah on film) is a filmmaker who shows a great eye, imagination and sexiness in his work.

He has two new movies out now. The first is UNEXPECTED RELIEF starry PrettyPrincess and Valentine Moana.

I'm not one to pass judgment. But I almost didn't watch this next movie because of the name. In fact, I'm going to skip the name because I like the way this movie looks and i want you to watch it. 


And now for Mr. Prolific, Roberto Highfield. His latest is FUNKY BANGIN' BABE. And I love the bubble machine :)


Well there is no stopping Amy. Two more by Miss Prolific Of SL Adult Films :)
Great new star Brandy Maesar and Douglas Bentley star in SUNSET CAR SEX.

Leslie Laville and Gabryel Darkstone star in DARK AND DELIGHTFUL.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sometimes with an all-star cast, a few All Stars don't get the credit they deserve. My apologies to Hunter and Andre for me totally spacing on the credit list. I was actually using Hunter's name to set the type. And Andreius definitely makes his presence felt.

Please enjoy the movie once credit where it is due:

PS This film looks great on full screen!



A very nice article in the Zindra Times featuring our Energizer Bunny of Porn...Roberto Highfield :)

Dos Nuevo AmyKitten Videos

Two new videos from AmyKitten Parx. The first is SO BOOT-IFUL starring Tiffany Carfield and Anakin Zeplin

Next up is LITTLE LACY starring Lacy Hendrick and Douglas Brentley.

THREE'S COMPANY!!! 3 New Films by Roberto Highfield

Roberto is the Energizer Bunny of SL porn. He just keeps going and going. He's already done two more films! Oh wait...make that three. He just published a new one while i was writing this.

Here is LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON starring Vene Bere.

Next up is THREE IS COMPANY with Camarin Mistwalker and everyone's new favorite actress Brandy Maesar.

And last but not least is FRESH OFF THE BOAT. Like almost every Rob movie, there's a new star. And in this one it is Bianca Cumley.

New Slut Magazine On Newsstands Now!!!

Ok it's not actually on newstands. But u can read it by clicking HERE.

And while you are at it, please give me a quick vote for SLUT OF THE YEAR!

Friday, December 11, 2009


This is the 4th video of mine to appear on this site. I like seeing our sexy SL stars mingling with the RL ones. :)

SLUT OF THE YEAR: Please vote for me@

Just another reminder to get over and vote for me for SLUT OF THE YEAR. I mean, who else deserves it more :)


Roberto Highfield just mad an all (topless) dancing film called...JUST DANCING.
Some nice film techniques in this one that we can't wait to see Roberto use later!

Find more videos like this on The Inferno



A very nice article in the ZINDRA TIMES about the best directors in SL Adult cinema.
Part I features AmyKitten Parx and her PinkKitten Productions.

Pasquale Uses the Casting Couch Again!

Paquale Foden has got his casting couch out again for the film CASTING COUCH #3 (MAW) starring the sexy Maw and some hot males who have fun with her.

Another sexy effort from Pasquale, one of the most talented new directors in SL

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

New AmyKitten Movie With Amazing Stars: GISELLE GETS BRANDED

Amy has made another sexy new movie. And the two co-stars are so amazing. Brandon Rhiano is a really sexy newcomer to adult films. He's got star written all over him. And Giselle Wellington is just the right combination of elegance and sexiness and willingness to be a huge star.

Congrats to all three of you on an amazing job :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well, I've teased you with it long enough. Here it is, my latest movie, THE YACHT CLUB. An all star cast takes to the seas in this Second Life adventure aboard Ruff Brocco's yacht. Eventually they head below and the well hung crew initiates the sexy female passengers into the "The Yacht Club" by shooting their loads after blow jobs, threesomes, anal and interracial sex.

This movie was quite an adventure to make. It started as an all star shoot for Ruff Brocco on his fantastic yacht. But when he crashed, it seemed like a waste not to film all that talent. So even though I directed it, in my mind, this is as much Ruff's shoot as mine.

I've spent a lot of time trying to color each shot. So I hope you like the look of it. I also hate when SL moves hair and arms into bodies. Tried to limit that and crop it where I could, but a few shots were too good not to do that.

The shoot was a marathon session of dancing and sex. It lasted for over 3 hours and the whole cast was wonderfully patient and sexy. They all stayed and enjoyed themselves as long as they could. And i think they enjoyed the experience.

The cast is filled with some of the biggest names in SL adult films and also includes some great newcomers. I'm grateful to the great AmyKitten Parx for letting us film her. She was such a good sport and so great to work with for such a big star in her own right.

The cast also includes stars like the very lovely Aliyah Piers, Bliss Silvansky, Brandy Maesar, Gillian Gemini, Jacqueline Kenin and myself. It also has sexy male stars which include the very hot Phillip Nadir, the always sexy Hunter Cyr, Keith12222 Dean, Kinslayer Nightfire, who has worked with Amy, and Dream Lagan.

I'm also proud to introduce the very lovely and amazingly sexy Chicca Karu and Ste Serpente. Both are so beautiful and sensual. They are really the stars of the movie along with Amy. And I think you will want to see them in many other features.

Here is the video from THE INFERNO. If you can I suggest you watch it full screen to really see the color and effects (it's the button on the right):

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

AMY MOVIE: When Kins Met Lins

WHEN KINS MET LINS stars Linda Beningborough and the sexy Kinslayer Nightfire. Congrats on another fine movie Amy and the Pinkitten crew!

December Issue of VR Style

December Issue of VR Style

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slut Of The Year Voting: Still 3rd Place!! (Please vote for me)

Hi, it's me. Your favorite girl. Asking you to take just 2 secs. Please click here and vote for me!!
I am a very distant 3rd and I need about 200 more votes to catch up.

You can vote once a day! So vote often. Pretty please.

Don't you think I am SLUTWORTHY?

New Ruff Brocco/Priscilla Balough Movie!

Here is HOLLA HOLLA! It's Ruff Brocco's newest movie with SL's Brazilian superstar Miss Priscila Balogh. You can see why she is so famous!

Photo Trick: How to get three dimensional lighting effects

Photo Trick: How to get three dimensional lighting effects

Three very easy, VERY SMART, VERY FAST ways to get better pics in SL.

Please click on it and read it. Your pictures and movies will thank you!!!

Roberto is Unstoppable!

Here is Roberto Highfield's latest opus, COITUS INTERRUPTUS starring Yaela Fairlady. I don't speak Latin but you have to hate interruptions of any sort when things look this hot.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Are Welcome Amy!!

Saw this in world from AmyKitten, who had 10,000 hits on Naughty Machinima for PinkKitten's movies:

"...extra superbig thanx to jennnnna jameson for her never ending support on her blog promoting PKP ty ty ty xxx"

I just wanted to say you are very welcome. And go check out Amy's work!

BONDAGE: New Roberto Highfield Movie

Roberto and Amy seem to be neck in neck to see who is the most prolific adult director in SL.
And in this race, Roberto has added yet another movie! It's called BONDAGE and it stars Rob, Valentine Moana and the great Tiffany Neox.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Had a few finishing touches to fix. I think it should be on the blog very soon.

A huge all star cast. Great locations. Sexy newcomers.

You will love it :)

The Corruption of Sister Tiffany

Here is Tiffany Neox's new movie with Roberto. I know she is very proud of it.

4 New Videos From AmyKitten!!

Congrats to AmyKitten. She gave the blog a lovely thank you today in her group, as she reached her 10,000th view on NAUGHTY MACHINIMA. Nobody works harder Amy and we love your videos.

In fact, here are THREE MORE from the most prolific director in SL. The first is the BRITS ARE COMING with CarrieAnn Abbot and Anakin Zeplin.

The next is HORNY HONEY with HoneyAnn Diavalo and the always sexy Jud Adored:

The next is GOOD CLEAN FUN which is very sexy and stars a wonderful newcomer, who looks amazing in this film, Bianca Maskelyne along with Clint Worbridge.

Then finally, there is BRANDY GETS BOUNCED, with hot star Brandy Maesar, who is in every film it seems these days, and Bouncer Criss. As Amy says, Brandy is no longer a shy newcomer!!


I find Pasquale's movies to be really well made for someone just starting out. And so far HOLIDAY IN IBIZA might be his best. It has a very good plot, he uses type really well and his scenes are well framed. And his movie stars the very lovely, up and coming star, Brandy Maesar. Plus Pasquale himself has never looked sexier.

Wonderful work!!!


A new Roberto movie, as usual, introducing a sexxy new star, Zena Onix.

A new Roberto movie, as usual, introducing a sexxy new star, Zena Onix.
The next is called IN THE SACK WITH JOSIE, starring newcomer, Josephine Sack.

VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Sexy Historical Film!

A very interesting film by Bucanero Sparrow. It feels like a period piece movie. The music is even opera. I found it very lovely and liking opera more than usual :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Here it is....My most popular pic on Flickr...."Jennnnna Lapdances For President Obama in Second Life."

It was named by a website as one of the top Obama pics on the internet.

And I think it is just fun :)

To see the rest of my sexxxy pics...just click HERE.

Friday, December 4, 2009



Number 1 Pic Coming Soon

i will be revealing my Number One Flickr Pic very soon. But here's a little preview of the top pic...

Can you guess which one it is?


SLUT OF THE YEAR voting is still going on. I am currently a very distant THIRD PLACE.
Please take exactly three seconds and CLICK HERE and just click on my name on the poll to the right.

Pretty Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssse!!!


Congratulations to Brandy Maesar on her first adult movie!!! I've gotten to meet her and talked to her on set of an upcoming movie. She's a sweet girl who loves her work. And in her first film, GIVE ME A BRANDY, the great AmyKitten Parx wanted to give her a special movie. In fact, Amy writes, "I'm very very proud of this because after getting to know brandy a little i wanted to make sure her first video would be rather splendid...and it certainly is :)"

I'm glad your first film was as special as you wanted Brandy. I know everyone will want to see you in many more.

Two New AmyKitten Videos

The superenergetic AmyKitten Parx has been keeping PinKitten Studios going day and night putting out movies. Here are two new ones:

CAGE-D starring Tanya Korpov and Cage Teardrop have a go in a cage apparatus. And cage music!

Tiffany Carfield and Michael Seda have some quick fun in QUICK AND HARD. Too bad Tiffany didn't have more time to enjoy!

Roberto Highfield Gets Smooth On The Beach

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Roberto's new movie is called KIMMIE ON THE BEACH. It's got a great old song called DOWN ON THE BEACH that gives the film a cool, smooth vibe. Nice work again Rob!


Find more videos like this on The Inferno

One of our new favorite directors, Pasquale Foden, just put out a new video. It's called NIVEA LOVES BIG BLACK COCKS. You will love the sexy Nivea's voice!