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The Sexiest Photos of the Day

The Pornstars' Rack: On Fire!

It's a special pleasure for me to talk about this issue of...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 39

Hey, rather basic opening for the post, but it will be all about substance, much alike the magazine. Hopefully you are familiar with this magazine already! This is the second year of Marika Blaisdale's Aroused, and we are one issue away from 40. Quite a journey it has been!

Soon in a theater near you: 'Dance with Swallows'. Robin Rondini as the hot male lead, no Kevin Costner.

The issue was a little tough to find the balance of. I admit, I feel in retrospect that it's even a 'too' packed issue, with a great amount of talent in it and some of the finest work from those photographers. But I was getting impatient to release it, and after the next issue we are probably going to take a little holiday break for our RL schedules. So, keeping in the storage room some of these sets could lead to an even more crowded midsummer edition.

Yep, that is EXACTLY what happens for every issue. Revision is such  a tough job.

Melina Jameson has 2 photosets in this issue that will be very difficult to top in the next one. One is very special for me, all about Melina's faculty to set up fun scenes and do homages the way both Marika and I enjoy best: in a light hearted (and porny!) way. It was lovely to have models like Kei Frequency, Mellie Criss and Simoni Tigerfish for it !
Now for the second shoot, it's called Dreams come true, and it's all about Melina's artistic skills as an erotic photographer. The quality is stellar, the models Sandra Palletier and Ashlynn Jameson are icons of our porn world and meaningful ones for Melina, and it is the photoset that gave me the hardest time choosing, this issue or the next? Especially because...

Sandra would certainly be a great NSA airport inspector...

....well, because Sandra Palletier was set to be in this issue already, with a -wonderful- set of her own! You have seen in these years of Sandra pictures several encounters of hers with the delicious Delicence, but I think this set from the issue is as good as it can get. Sandra has always been one of the most enthusiastic and consistent contributors to Marika's magazine(s), and I am grateful for this opportunity to feature her once again.

Sandy in one of the many cover-worthy shots of the issue

I don't believe I ever featured Nicasio Ansar in three photosets in a single issue, but he had the most captivating models in the duo of Dora Lane and Ziekel and he made my day, week and month by shooting one of the most interesting and beautiful stars of our scene, the ever modish Sandy Miggins. And yeah well, he insisted on taking pics of me too, so whatever, Nica. You win.

No, not making a 'getting wet' joke right now. Later at the party I might, ok?

Now, in my blog posts I try always to give priority to personalities who identify themselves with the porn scene or Sexiest Group in general, so I won't mention a lot about the contribution to the magazine by the trio of friends Aloyssia Hema, Loly Hallison, Marika Djannovic, but their work for Aroused speaks volumes, and I am grateful for their punctuality, committment and helpfulness. Same goes for Erika Madazzhatter, that I am going to mention also for her recent quality work for another really cool mag!

Severina (Lanisonia) in a beautiful pin-up shot. Her pictorial by Rachel Avro opens the issue on a high note

I don't want to make an overlong post about the magazine of my partner, but it was so difficult to pick a cover, even more difficult to not single out every one here for their skillful performance. Rachel Swallows' set is creative magic, Woiven is one of the talents in group that I am enjoying featuring the most these days with her artistic talents and versatility, and Rachel Avro gave this magazine a photoset that can make the sultry model Severina truly proud. Makes ME proud for sure to have been able to feature that!

Woiven in a stylish b&w for her debut on Aroused (as photographer!)

Okay, somehow I made it to the end of this post, with so much more to say, but I'll settle for this! I need to remind you about to get this thing, right? Marketplace. Issuu. Kiosks.
Also... Aroused! magazine has a presence in world thanks to that Nicasio guy, who set up a gallery for us in his AMAZING, really and seriously amazing sim. Heck, maybe it's not even a good choice to have a gallery there, the sim is so cool it's distracting! Ok well, don't want to oversell it, but I'm trying to be cheeky here and say, that we are going to try and put really cool photos there so you are not tempted to look outside.

You know, PJ homages Aroused in this set with B.E.N. and Sasquatch...oh, can't see it? Take a look at the whole set!

We are starting the summer exhibits with the opening party for someone loaded with melanine (must be, to cover that large buttockal area of hers), the Partee girl herself Parthenea! Today at 7-9 PM SLT, with Dj Stacia Reinoir! Wait, what else should we say about it? Oh, well! there will be cool stuff! Ask me about it in-world!

Contact me anytime in-world about Aroused! or any publication , movie, idea for a blog post. You know I love to write these pointless things!