Thursday, May 26, 2016

Moonlight P.A.S.S.ion - a week of challenges!

A new week of contests, challenges, themes in the porn world, to challenge each other's creativity. I love to hear about them, so please let me know about what is happening around and you would like to promote using the group and the blog.

"Moonlight" by Keeley 

Long time group member and resident fitted mesh guru Keeley Snowfall proposed to give the Thursdays a running theme, exactly for that purpose. Her idea was "Moonlight", and here you can see how that theme inspired some of the group members.

Zyn: Basking in the Moonlight
Zyn: Basking in the Moonlight by Nakuru Bergamasco

Moonlight sonata
Moonlight Sonata by Zuby Gloom

The moon and the stars
"The moon and the stars", by Tony Rose

And the theme for the next week is a very interesting one, and a very feasible one too! In Keeley's words...

"Time for me to let you know what the theme is for next Thursday's, Themed Thursday. It will be "Anyone New and Not You" So find anyone you have not taken a picture of before, can have more than one person in it. Your alts, and the alts of the people you have already taken a picture of, also can't be used in the picture."

The idea offers so many possibilities. Speaking of which...

P.A.S.S. - Vivacious!

PASS join my group !!

The deserving winner of this round of P.A.S.S. themed challenges is Erinyes Celestalis with her very Vivacious photo above, featuring herself and Scotty! The girls in the group, born as you'll remember to help and support, have showcased as usual  impressive artwork all this time, and you can check out some fine examples below.

Like Cotton Candy
Woiven Like Cotton Candy

A Sinful Arienne Evangeline

Calli Aries hanging in there!

Next week's theme is another intriguing one, and an easy one to do as well!
The theme is HATS, and it's one theme with so many possible applications. Hopefully everyone can have fun with it. And like Erin this week, there will also be a winning photo, with the winner rewarded personally by the group owner and founder Brea Brianna in a little girl time at the shops!

And finally for this post, another really cool initiative, this time proposed by one of the most enthusiastic wanderers of the sexy side of SL, Jenny Starveling!

Jenny launched one no-holds-barred really special Scavenger Hunt!

SL Scavenger Hunt XXX: Item #013 - Someone wearing polka dots

Complete this scavenger hunt by taking a photo of each item on the list. There are 100 items, plus a final self-portrait (#101). You must submit a separate photo for each item. Your Self -portrait must be your final photo. The rest, however, you can take in an order you wish.
And naturally since I'm a naughty girl, I'm not going to limit the content of the pictures. Even sexual intimacy is encouraged, as long as the scavenger hunt item is in the pic with you and whoever you are with :)

This is meant to be fun & challenging. I foresee an approximately one year time-table for completion, because some items are seasonal. Take your time and build a collection you can be proud of. Creative thinking is encouraged, but no substitutions. Part of the idea here is to try new things, so branch out and try to use different photography styles -- take a picture you normally wouldn't.

Join the group and find the list HERE ===>

Scavenger Hunt 101 - Nº 41

Baron Pixel completing n°41 - Someone you love

SL Scavenger Hunt XXX: Item #015 A Toy

SL Scavenger Hunt XXX: Item #015 A Toy
Jenny working on #15 and #16, a toy, and a cat!

These contests give different tasks, but have the common goal to provide inspiration for those 'what am I gonna to shoot today?' moments and put imaginations on a dare when it comes to display your talent. But most importantly, they all are meant to be an entertaining vehicle to express your artistic side and potentially aggregate further the member of the community. Pooling resources for themed photos can be quite important, and to be frank, every experience like this is so much more fun when shared!

Would you be interested in a permanent blog page with the latest contests and photo opportunities? It is something that would require your collaboration as well, to share with the community your 'finds'. Leave a comment if you like, and thank you!

Like for anything else blogged here, we just love to feature your work!

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  1. A central page that we can reference for current or upcoming photo contests or themed shoots would be really useful I think.

    As someone that remembers archaic movie quotes but not what was for dinner three nights ago, a reference page would be useful.