Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wanna Flick? Beachin' Around

Movie time! Yes, that's my intro. Moving on...

Ahh, I hadn't covered in a while the whimsical adventures of the cutest couple in SL adult movies, and today I am focusing on the latest from Dillon and its prequel (more than 'prequel', I should say 'the part of the saga I did not make a post about before').

Both taking place as you can see in a lens-flare scorched Surfers' Bay, The Beach 2 and 3 are delightful Production D porn videos that after the suave first episode take the familiar direction of pure divertissment to the sound of all time pop hits. Those hits that just won't leave you alone after a single listening.

As usual, Dillon envisions his movies with himself and his arm candy Carly Mode as protagonists, but ups the porn ante by featuring at least one other pair of warm bodies. It's the case of Carla Draesia and Damien Godard in The Beach 2, and Rachel Avro and Rachel Swallows in The Beach 3.

While the point of attraction of both movies is certainly within Dillon and Carly's actions and extended sex scenes, it's always good to see the effort Dillon puts to involve different actors and enrich with moar sechs and locations the movie. Carly looks always superb in her outfits, as Dillon (but don't tell him).

As I already said, both movies are fun, unique and so full of fun like the earworm tracks they are built upon. With The Beach 2, Dillon jacquestati-es his way through a beach, past uninhibited bathers, ending up with his peen in the mouth of a mermaid, in the second whackiest use of Cher's Shoop Shoop Song I can think of...

And in The Beach 3, they rollick to the tunes of 'My oh My' by Aqua, in a video with much better acting, production value and asses than the original. Ok that is not saying much, I know.

Lil Wayne from The Beach 3
The Left Shark from The Beach 2
Katina Cazalet from The Beach 2

Both movies also make good use of animal co-stars, two out of three uncredited, all of them unharmed (the fireworks were added in post production).  We on the Pornstars blog find only fair to give such gentle innocent creatures due mention.

Besides the choices of fun themes and lighthearted tone, Dillon has perfected a directing style that works wonders with the score. Every actor involved in a Dillon movie is going to have a good time on set, and end up looking good in the actual product, so, by all means, mission accomplished!

There would be a lot more to say about the two movies, from my personal experience on the set, about details like the very creative (and awww so sweet) credits in Beach 2 and the tie-in with the work from the wonderful Carly, but all this post wants to do is to tell you to watch them, give some feedback to Dillon, and hopefully have fun watching at least half much as fun as it was for everyone involved to make them!

So there's the movies, after the jump!

Let me know if you would like a post about your movie, magazine, photoset, whatever! Because you know I love to cover that sort of stuff

The Beach 3 

The Beach 2 

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