Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: June is Bustin’ Out All Over

June is just around the corner! So let's have a peek behind the corner already and take a good look at...

SL Connoisseur

The journey of Edvard Taurion's creation continues, and once more his exclusive team of committed photographers and writers puts together a lifestyle magazine that encompasses various aspects of SL entertainment.

A familiar name to the porn scene and to magazines, the feisty Rhiannon Skinstad!

To no surprise given the names involved and the history of the magazine, there is some quality erotica to be found here! With the first rate quality photography by the wonderful Cream Release, shooting the cover girl and centerfold babe Alexandria Topaz.

Set in its entirety and full quality on the mag! Photography, production writing by Laura, sex toys by Black&Decker!

And the written and portrayed sensuality by the critically acclaimed Laura Demonista, who I certainly don't need to introduce. But she appreciates when some introduction is performed, by hot studs that...well, ok you get what I mean. Hurr hurr hurr.

Rene provides again a fun report from a location, and gives me chance for some "big gaping holes" jokes.

This of course without forgetting the hard work performed by the technical editor Kristina Deschanel, who is responsible for the splashy and cheerful look of the magazine, and the essential contribution of the writers. Rene31 Aeon and the returning Beccha provide the stories of their travels in rather diverse places...

The pet of the Month pictorial, one of the most prominent contributions to the magazine by Onisa

...and what could be added about Onisa Lundquist, photographer, Oh! Seems that I CAN in fact add something! She'll spin the tunes this noon for the launch party of this issue, a fun event to attend for sure, and for the more practically inclined of you, there will be also a raffle giveaway!

High quality buildings again featured in the magazine , courtesy of their makers. 

Because of course, the influence in this magazine's life of its backbone Edvard Taurion and his business vision and contacts can never be overstated. Hey, I have to thank him for the shopping tips from last issue, I am a satisfied customer! But I digress.

Get a copy of the magazine on Marketplace or through the inworld kiosks, including but not just the Porn*Stars Club, and enjoy your free read!

I am happy to cover your work in every aspect, feel free to send me your material or ideas for a blog post!

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