Friday, May 20, 2016

Serial Clickers - Dog Star Pictorials

There are individuals who make a real impact on the porn scene as a whole, not just through their productivity, but also through the way they focus that sort of drive. This would have been a true statement for Isabelle Cheviot last year already with the astonishing number of movies she shot, giving their debut to countless actors. Her personal efforts alone, the way she structured her filmaking to give a chance to so many, would have been enough to put the name 'Dog Star Productions' down as real changer in the landscape of adult entertainment.

Isabelle Cheviot, by Rachel Avro for Aroused! . Check out Isa's great interview on Attention Magazine !

But this year has established Dog Star as more than just 'Isa'. While keeping an enviable and so far unchallenged amount of movie releases, Isa put together a collective of photographers who do what she has been doing for movies: give the spotlight to many personalities on the scene. I already mentioned the interview to Emmanuelle Jameson, and there are many more, with an upcoming one to one of my favourite artists, and another real 'doer' who is making the porn scene truly a better place.

Take a look at some of what Dog Star has been up to in the past month and remember, this is merely a hint!
The Pictorials and the Interviews are listed on the appropriate pages.

 Yana Grau by Sunday Whitewood
' We all know Yana from her fantastic parties but her presence on this blog is frankly long overdue.  I am so grateful to her and Sunday for this pictorial.  I know you'll enjoy it as much as I do!'

Stacia Reinoir Winsmore by Sunday Whitewood
' "The great thing about SL in general is that it is a way to try things that you might not normally be have the bravery for, and that you can do in a safe way."  So says the stunningly gorgeous Stacia Reinoir-Winsmore.  And she's right on the money.  But really, I'm not sure how much bravery it takes when one looks as good as she does. All I know is....we're grateful.  :) '

Dreamz4You by Rachel Avro
'Dreamy has been in 2 Dog Star films already and she's still sexy as hell!  In this pictorial by Rachel Avro, this sexiness shines brightly. '

Jennifer Marie by Scotty
'Jennifer Marie (aka bwillie625) is an aspiring model looking to get deeper into SL porn.  Ahem - with looks like these, I'm sure getting deeper won't be an issue. '

Candy Golightly by Chris C.
'Candy has actually been in 3 Dog Star films already, one of which is yet to be released.  She's gorgeous, a hard worker, and very bright - I'm proud to feature her here in a pictorial by Chris C. Enjoy!'

With many more featured performers! CrisaV, Nerk Nexen by Sunday,  Faith Pottzen and Zuby Gloom by Scotty just in the past 30 days. And as a little sample of the past months' pictorials...

Candy Kane by Rachel Avro (January)

"A nother set of pictures from one of Second Life adult film's shining stars, Candy Kane!  Thanks again to Rachel Avro for a great spread....and her pictures are pretty good too!  ;)"

Lisa Languish by Rachel Avro (February)
'I asked Lisa why she enjoyed being involved with SL Pornography:  "I love doing porn because I love sex, I love sensuality, and I love beautiful bodies. Eroticism is a passion of mine. I'm a kinky fucker and I get a thrill from both watching others and showing myself off."

The thrill is all ours, Lisa!'

Ryann Hendrassen  by Sunday Whitewood (March)

"There are 2 types of guys that want to work in SL pornography.  The first are the ones who just want to get laid and who are happy with a fuck'n'suck and don't really care about the finished product.  The second are the ones who take care of their appearance, develop their reputation, and understand that details matter in film.  It is my sincere hope that Ryann Hendrassen is the latter because he certainly has the look and the

See for yourself in this pictorial by Sunday Whitewood."

interview with Marika Blaisdale  (April)

Marika and Emmanuelle's pictures by Rachel Avro, and every pic in this post courtesy of Isabelle Cheviot and the Dog Star Productions blog! Subscribe to it or at least check it out regularly, and I sincerely hope if you have interest in the world of adult entertainment in SL, that you'll end up being in there!

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