Sunday, October 31, 2010

New EVEN SCARIER Halloween Film by Emanuelle

I just finished another Halloween film. Sort of companion piece to the one below (please watch that one first, if you haven't already). But I did think this film needed a warning:

WARNING: This film has a terrifying surprise. It should not be watched by pregnant women or those with pacemakers or medical conditions.

You have been warned!!! Just click below to watch.


Just a sexy little Halloween film for you all. Look very closely and see if you can read my special Halloween tattoo on my butt :)


Not sure who the actors are but it's Halloween and you deserve something special! I think we'll all be screaming "Haunt me! Haunt meeeeee!" after this one!

RL PORN SPECIAL: Another Sex With A Ghost Movie!!

Seems to be a popular theme in RL!!!! Who wants to be slimed!!!

This one has a surprise ending!!

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Halloween Edition!!!

Today's DON'T MISS MOVIE is "THE CONTRACT" by the great Alyssa Drechsler. I've been waiting to tell you about this one for days!!!! Just so I could show it to you on Halloween!!

It's a movie about a girl who makes a deal with the devil. And amazing superstar, Krystall Pearl, plays the girl. So you know it will be hot. Alyssa plays a girl who's mean to Krystall before the deal. I love her story too!! And Ray Lonergan is very good and sexy as well.

It's a fun, hot film for today's spooky day!! Enjoy!! Just click on READ MORE below to see it.


This picture of a sexy vampire by PELON BEATON is THE SEXIEST for this Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well no baby could ask for nicer parents than Quinn and Scooby.

So little Aurora should count herself blessed. Read all about Quinn and Scoob's little bundle of joy below!!!

THE SEXIEST - October 29th

16, originally uploaded by ~KiAra ~.
This photo by KiAra is amazing in its detail.It's THE SEXIEST today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Miss Priscilla Balogh just did a TOP TEN list of her favorite blogs. And guess who was at the top of it!!!

  1. Emanuelle Jameson. She's the greatest pornstar in SL
  2. - Hard Rust . Hard is fantastic, he can see naughty things in all.
  3. - Pasquale Foden. One of the best director that I worked.
  4. - Aleus Minotaur. One of the best porn actors.
  5. - Quinn Ying. My sister, amazing person. She is one of the photographer that I know.
  6. - Serenity Kristan. She is cute and naughty. She works is fantastic.
  7. - Rayven Bally. Yes, She is the Fucking Princess.
  8. - Pelon Beaton. He is great. All girls love him. He is a great person and very naughty director.
  9. - Lupus Foden. He is the best brazilian director. He is our brazilian "beutiful mind" porn director. 
  10. - Candace Flossberg. Hard Rust's wife, she is a great actress. Come deep inside her.
Thanks to Priscilla for her kind words. I learn so much from her and her style. It's an honor.

SL RUMORS: Microsoft taking over SL???

Our friend Eddi Haskell has an interesting take on the latest SL rumors of Microsoft buying or bought Second Life, following the surprise announcement that PHIL LINDEN is stepping down.

Who knows if it's true. Really, it's all just rumors. But I try to pass the juicy ones on!

Here's a link to his article.

Why would Microsoft want to buy Second Life? Is their truth behind the rumors?

Or read the entire article after the break

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Feelin' On Yo Booty

Ruff Brocco is just a great director. No one moves a camera like him in SL. Take a look at his latest movie just after the break!

THE SEXIEST - October 26th

Boogie Nights, originally uploaded by scoobymode.
This is BOOGIE NIGHTS by Scooby Mode. And it's THE SEXIEST :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

THE SEXIEST - October 25th

Northern Exposure (Toy 10231008)
Originally uploaded by LincG
This pic is called "Northern Exposure (Toy 10231008) by LincG." It's THE SEXIEST today!

Some notes from Linc after the break!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DON'T MISS MOVIE: A Night WIth Candi

Ruff Brocco is an amazing director. And to team him with Candi "The Bod" Mendle is almost unfair. This is one of the sexier and well shot films you will see.

Here is the summary:
Feeling a bit wild and reckless and looking for some fun, Candi decides to visit a local erotic club. What happens next is a surprise not even she could have predicted.. 

Oh, and guess who makes a cameo in this picture. That's right!! Me!!!!! Here i am showing off my best ASSets :)

We've got the movie after the break. Just click READ MORE

THE SEXIEST - October 24th

Originally uploaded by azaharx
This is NOSOTROS by azaharx. I just love the color!!! That's why it's THE SEXIEST

Saturday, October 23, 2010

THE SEXIEST - October 23rd

Ivori Faith 4, originally uploaded by Quinn Ying.
Here is a great shot by the lovely Quinn Ying of Ivori Faith...from the waist up :)

It's THE SEXIEST of the day!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I thought I wanted Candi!! But apparently all of you did too.

I WANT CANDI!!!  is now the fastest movie of mine to get to over 10000 views. But then Candi Mendle is so sexxxy in this, how could it not be a hit!!

Here's an encore version!!

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Sinderella

Check out Raven Baily's sexy new film SINDERELLA (love her titles!!!). I like how the filming gets better as she transforms. And it is sexy and hot!!

Watch the movie. Press READ MORE.

THE SEXIEST - October 22nd

Provocateur, originally uploaded by Connie Arida.
The great Connie Arida took this shot called PROVOCATEUR. It's THE SEXIEST today.

Credits after the jump.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


LA CAGNA RICCA, starring Madame Aprille Shepherd and myself,  just got over 6000 views in its first week on NAUGHTY MACHINIMA. Thank you so much for the suppport!!!

Also it got a huge amount of comments. And for that I am really really grateful!!!! Thanks!!

Here's an encore presentation!!!




A whole bunch of us from THE PORNSTARS group were dancing at Candi Mendle's club.
Then we all got naked. Because it was a Tuesday night.

That's what we do :)


Tour Eiffel 6, originally uploaded by Quinn Ying.
And I want to know who the Dad is!!!!

Just kidding...Congrats Quinn!!! We can't wait to see your new little pornstar!

Below is a sweet but sexy video for our lil Preggy Quinn by Pelon Beaton


Alexus Minotaur came up with this very cool poster for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. It stars the always fabulous Miss Priscilla Balogh.

If you wish to donate to this cause, here are two links!!



More about this cause and Alexus's thoughts on it after the break!

NEW BLOG: Chip Myers

Chip Meyers has a great eye. And a great new blog. And to top it off, his first model is the supersexy Candi Mendle!!!

Check it out here!!

NEW FEATURED MOVIE: "Dommaidatrix"

Rayven Baily's wonderful new film, DOMMAIDATRIX, (what a great title), just became a FEATURED MOVIE on Naughty Machinima. Earlier this week I named it my DON'T MISS MOVIE!!!

Remember you read it here first!!!

Here's an encore presentation after the break. Just click READ MORE.

THE SEXIEST - October 20th

BeStyle Dadina July, originally uploaded by Cala Rossini.

Here is Cala Rossini taking a picture of Dadina Dosei. Credits for THE SEXIEST after the break.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I don't get it. :)

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Sere & Arwen Unseen

Here's a story with no plot. But Serenity Kristan and Arwen Juneberry still light up the screen in this very steamy film. The avis and the poses are just very hot and the shooting is done well. I think you will love it.

Film and the credits after the break below. Just click on it!


Here's a little preview I snapped off while doing a photoshoot with Alexus Minotaur. Can't wait to see the result when he gets through with it!

THE SEXIEST - October 19th


A wonderful and fun pic by the always interesting Phil Sidek. It's THE SEXIEST.

Monday, October 18, 2010

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Cowboys Delight

Okay, I don't know how I missed this one. But y'all need to rustle on down and watch Alyssa Dreschler's great, GREAT, GREEEEEEAT movie, COWBOYS DELIGHT.

I love how she kept everything like an old timey cowboy movie from a long time ago. It looks amazing. And it's still supersexy. Plus it has an all star cast with Krystall Pearl and Shane Tenenbaum getting things hot as they "ride the plains." You'll also see great cameos with Rayven Baily and Ivori Faith and the gorgeous director, Alyssssssssaaaaa!!!

The movie is after the break. PLEASE watch it. It's really good and sexy.

THE SEXIEST - October 18th

This is a really great panel of photos called FIRST TIME ON FILM. It's by the wonderful Aurora Bentham and its THE SEXIEST.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Emanuelle Jameson. Photo by Ivori Faith

Here all three parts of my interview with the great Ivori Faith. 

I included all her questions and photos, which are amazing.

If you ever wanted to know more about me (I don't know why :) this will answer just about everything!!

Read it all  See us get naughty...just click READ MORE.


Today's "Don't Miss Movie" is COCKY II by Linda Corpov. Linda is one of the funniest directors in SL adult films. And this parody of ROCKY is hilarious. It stars the always sexy VanHelsing Svoboda and Kareen Jagernov.

A description and the movie after the jump!!

THE SEXIEST - October 17th

Eva, originally uploaded by Aida Ewing.
This is EVA by Aida Ewing. It might just be an ad for Eva skins...but today it's THE SEXIEST

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I loved this wonderful movie by Raven Baily. It features the supersexy Rayven and one of my all time favorite brunettes Serenity Kristen, with a great cameo from Drew McDunnough.

Here's the story:

Rayven is a bratty socialite who always seems to get her way. Daughter of billionare Donald Hump and Ivanna Hump, she lives in the Hump mansion with her mother who is CEO in the corporate world. Serenity is the faithful servant who has been with the Hump family for years and has watched Rayven grow up to be one big bitch and a thorn in her side. Rayven takes the opportunity to once again push Serenity's buttons, but today Serenity has something else in mind.

Watch the movie and credits after the break!!!

THE SEXIEST - October 16th

Sang, originally uploaded by sandrofratica.

This wonderful pic is called SANG by the always amazing Sandro Fratica.


Friday, October 15, 2010


HOW TO BE A SECOND LIFE PORNSTAR just passed over 10000 views on Naughty Machinima!!! This is a big deal. Thanks to everyone who was in this fun film!

Here's an encore version of the movie.



We are having A LOT of fun in ***THE PORNSTARS group in Second Life. You can find us on SL search. It's FREE to join and you don't need an invite.

The group is almost at 500 people, so recently we made two small changes to it:

***********GROUP FLUFFERS!!!!!***********
We now have a few moderators who can kick abusive people out. We don't want to turn into Porn Nazis. The group chats 24/7, so I just wanted a few other people to be able to kick any real douchebags out. 

What's D-bagginess? People intentionally spamming over and over, so no one can talk. Or harassing or annoying people to drive everyone out. Please continue being be cheeky, sexy, and even a little obnoxious. It's a free country :)

A few people have complained we're getting a little SPAMMY with our NOTICES. So let me throw out a few guidelines (again, no rules...we're pornstars :)

1. If you directed a movie, please share the link. We love that!
2. If you are putting out a CASTING CALL, ABSOLUTELY send out a notice.
3. On blogs, please try NOT to send out a notice for EVERY SINGLE new article. Maybe send something out when you have 4 or 5 stories.


Naughty Machinima has two new FEATURED MOVIES. Congrats to everyone in Elijah's NATURE'S WAY movie and Breeding Room Films BACKSTREET WHORE.

Watch both films after the break!

THE SEXIEST - October 15th

Kai 10141011, originally uploaded by LincG.
This is Kai by LincG. And omg is Kai hot. In fact, this pic of her is THE SEXIEST.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"La cagna ricca" on Naughty Machinima

Well after 4 weeks of waiting for uploading and several tries, LA CAGNA RICCA finally was loaded onto NM. Thanks to Madame Aprille and Ace!!

TECH NOTE: I wasn't able to download it directly onto Naughty Machinima without the sync being off by several seconds. And considering how important the  voice is, that just wouldn't do. So this version was embedded from another site. Still, I think it looks really clean and clear and the sound is great.



Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Emanuelle Jameson by Quinn Ying is just Quinn Ying spotlight day overall. Lets start off with a few of Quinn Ying's fantastic photos. Above is a picture of me!!! One of my favorites ever.

She is so talented and humble. But still great at the same time!!! We love you Quinn!!!
Amita Bellic by Quinn Ying (look at the awesome reflections)

Jinx Jiersen by Quinn Ying (what great shadows and coloring!!)

THE SEXIEST - Special Quinn Ying Edition!!!

Aurora Bentham 6, originally uploaded by Quinn Ying.
Here is one of Quinn's best photos. It's of the lovely Aurora Bentham.

See the way she uses the SL shadows. SO AMAZING. And THE SEXIEST of the day!


There is no one...NO ONE...nicer in SL adult movies than Quinn Ying. She has a kind word for everyone. She's very talented. She is very considerate. She is very thoughtful. But above all, she is SMART.

Quinn has given me some of the best advice ever whenever I've had an important SL decision. And she looks out for our THE PORNSTARS group and everyone in it. I think she is a great photographer already. And she is on her way to becoming a great director.

We love you girl!!

Here is her blog address:

Watch all of Quinn's movies after the jump!!


Alexus fucking Emanuelle Jameson by Alexus Minotaur
Here is ALEXUS MINOTAUR'S great article for anyone trying to break into SL adult films...

Getting good contacts in porn

by Alexus Minotaur

Everytime that someone ask me how to start and have a sucessful career in SL porn, i recommend them 3 basic points:

1. Have a good attitude toward sex (this is not a boring office job, if you don't feel excited for the idea to fuck different people, then this is not for you).
2. Get a hot and customized avatar. Try to be original, people doesn't like clones.
3. Create a good network of contacts (hot pornstars, talented directors, etc).

If you don't fulfill any of the 3 points, it will be hard that you will go too far in this "business".

Maybe the hardest point is the third one, because the first is a matter of attitude (you have it or not), and for the second you need a few lindens and a good dose of creativity.

So what if you already are hotter than Megan Fox and want to fuck the whole SL population, but you just know a few people who make crappy work?

Well, you can join one the current adult SL networks:

1. Naughty Machinima
Open to all kind of adult machinima (not just SL). This website is administrated by some guy named Muze. Actually this is the most popular place to upload and share adult SL machinima. Try to check the videos and decide which director is your favorite. This website had some techinical problems recently, but it looks like finally it's fixed.

2. Naughty Bitch MachinimaThis is a new website, very similar like Naughty Machinima but just focused in SL material. It appeared when the original Naughty Machinima was having technical problems and was offline (several weeks). It's a new community so you will find less videos if you compare it with NM.

3. The Inferno
Inferno is an open adult community with more social tools than the previous websites. Created by the infernal Flame Broek, you can post pics, videos, posts, create groups, etc. The main difference with Inferno is that it's open not just for directors. It's a community of photographers, pornstars or just sex lovers who are looking to meet people with the same interests. Actually they have 409 members (the old one had more than 900), so the chances to pick up someone hot are high (i can ensure this, because i've already fucked most of Inferno's female population).

Alexus playing pool with Flame Broek, the founder of Inferno network

4. SL inworld Groups
Actually almost every director has it own group in Second Life (including me, check for Minotaur Productions in SL). Beside your personal preference for any particular director, i think that you can consider ***The Pornstars*** like a good option to keep updated about what's going on in the SL porn world. This group was created by Emanuelle Jameson (formerly know as Jennnnna Jameson) and it has 480 members actually.

Ema is the biggest promoter of SL porn, so i can't say that her group is just to promote her own work, it's open to promote new releases of new directors, and to coordinate sex parties or free orgies. Like somebody said: a big advantage of sex over masturbation, is that with sex you meet people.

I hope those recommendations are enough to start to build your own network of contacts, and give you the chance to participate in nice projects...or at least have a lot of sex with hot people (sex is healthy).