Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : June 30

one more round?♥

One more round? By -ღ-Coco-ღ-. A white and plain, but still interesting back drop throws all the focus onto the subject here. Which is great news when it's truly a Sexiest® subject! Wonderful attention to detail and a hot and sexy pic.

The Pornstars Gallery : June 30

A really hot, and varied selection for our Sunday Gallery. Starting off in the very hottest of styles by Anita Dark above. Along with a sneaky peek at the new "Hoobs Hotties" shoot just below, see that right HERE!

On todays Sunday Gallery, in order of appearance : Anita Dark, Hard Rust and Krystall Pearl ( By Hoobs. ),  Katina Cazalet ( By Aida Munro-Lundquist. ) Sveta Shevchenko,  Bud Solo ( By Finn Millar. ), Carla Draesia.

Black Widow Part #1

"All that i am lookin' for"

"*PS*something abstract"


The Sexiest® Pornstar's Of The Day : June 30

Nice meeting with Carla

Nice meeting with Carla by Boa. Two of our Sexiest® Pornstar's, Boa and Carla Dreasia in action here! Congrat's!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : June 29

Getting Lost

Getting Lost. By Pretty Parkin. We had a Sexiest® Pornstar asleep already on the Blog this week. Now we have a Sexiest® Of The Day managing to look quite beautiful and adopt a perfect pose while she gets lost in her dreams.

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day : June 29

The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat by Raelin Jestyr. A fun, sexy, and of course very hot pic. From one of the top Pornstars on our scene. Raelin is a high quality producer of Porn video and pictures. Taking part in our "Pornstars Blog : Million Movie" last year and directing the Finale. Congrat's you're The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day!

The Pornstars Gallery : June 29

bounce it_1

A gallery worthy of a Saturday! With Kain and Meg Corral opening. Then a picture that's really special to me, Louise Silverweb's lovely pic of myself just below. Joined by some super sexy Gallery content from our Pornstars.

On today's gallery, in order of appearance : Kain Flux and Meg Corral ( By Kain. ), Serenity Juneberry ( By Louise Silverweb. ), Katina Cazalet and Angel ( By Athena. ), Bud Solo and Moonie ( By Bud. ), Erika Thorkveld, Sveta Shevchenko, Carla Dreasia and  Ivori Faith ( By Carla. ), Maria Collinson.

Sere in Grass

Katina and Angel

*PS* Afternoon Treats

Oh yes, Lars, play that bass-drum double-pedal again!

"*PS* Music girl 4"


Friday, June 28, 2013

Caught On Tape !

Did you manage to make the Pornstar TGIF today? 

Opium Films Group was there! 

If you are new too, thinking about , getting involved in the porn scene, going to these parties is just a good idea !  You will get to put faces with names, companies with faces, have fun and be naughty AND maybe get caught doin it!


Until next time .

Party like a Pornstar !!

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : June 28

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future (Oscar Wilde)

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future (Oscar Wilde). By Illargi Dover. That's quite a view! Not sure i have to elaborate further, as to just why this is The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

The Sexiest® Pornstar's Of The Day : June 28


"Caution...The Floor Can Be Very Wet". Featuring the wonderful Eva Brunswick, Lou Moonlight and Katina Cazalet, and also of course Tatiana Easterwood. Who took this fantastically sexy, hot picture! You're all The Sexiest® Pornstar's Of The Day!

New Porn Movie : Nikolas Frederix : Baaaad Teacher

The first movie to be sent into me for our "Featured Movie" slot. From one of the best on our scene. Look out for notices with the submission form in the The Sexiest : Pornstars Group in SL, or request one in the comments section on any featured movie.

* Movie Name : The Baaaad Teacher

* Director/Producers Names : Nikolas Frederix

* Cast : Trinity Rodas, Nikolas Frederix

* Genre : Straight sex, MF, fetish, school fantasy

* Synopsis : Nick is pissed--had to leave work because his son Derek apparently did something inappropriate at school today, and he needs to see the teacher to talk about it. Only he didn't realize why his son got naughty in the first place.

See the movie after the jump!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : June 27


Kailani. By Jeanne Sahara. More killer curves on the Blog! This time in the form of a "Sneak Peek" from the upcoming "Busted Magazine". Another stunning picture from the great Jeanne Sahara. It has to be The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

New Pornstars Gallery

Every other week 'im hoping to post photos of new people to The Sexiest:Pornstar group. If your new to the
group and haven't been in anything or have been around and need a kickstart.... send me a notecard
with your name time  your in sl and a photo. Also if you have done some photos of someone new in the group let me know via notecard (send notecards to Evangeline Brunswick). I'd like to make the new
person gallery be posted more than every other week..

This week i have 2 new people to i want to show... we have seen them around at parties and in the group
chatting but here are a few photos i took of them... Jackson1973 (Jax) and Vierithra (Vie)  so take a look they are super nice.. easy to work with and look forward to working with you all!

The Pornstars Gallery : June 27

We're over the hump, and working our way toward the weekend. What better way to celebrate, than with another amazing line up of Pornstars!?

On today's Gallery : Two from Envy Watts to get us started, Erika Thorkveld,  Meg Corral and Kain ( By Meg. ), A laid back Alexandria Topaz, Kirsten Smith and Graham Collinson ( By Kirsten. )

While Woozer Sleeps....

Erika, Emmanuelle-style - 6



Graham and Me 2

Big Changes Filming Porn And Machinima? : Cover All The Angles!

I came across what seems to be a very innovative tool for machinima, and in turn Second Life Porn Production. A HUD called "Auto Cam" which allows you to film from 16 pre set camera angles. Which will even "cut" to a new camera when you go out of shot. The Youtube video below is NOT EDITED, it is one long filmed clip, demonstrating the capabilities of how the HUD switches between its various camera views.

These pics serve no purpose at all really.  Aside from pure titilation.

I'm not trying to sell this, I've never used it, and although the reviews so far look great, I'd like to learn some more, but if you love experimenting and you think the concept is pretty cool and interesting, and you have L$999 to spare it could well be worth checking out. HERE.

( Editors Note : I have now bought this HUD, and although I'm far from unlocking all it's potential, so far i have discovered that it is mostly only useful for shots where you would be walking, or exploring a sim ( As the Youtube Video shows. ). Which seems good for "breaking up" that standard way we all get filmed when we are walking ourselves in a shot. It works very well, as soon as you walk out of shot, a new camera angle kicks in, and you can custom select what angles those are. I can think of a few movies i have shot where I'd have liked to experiment with that.

Dancing in the club testing it, i found it has a lot of potential for setting up the camera views, and hitting keys/gestures ( 1-6 ) selecting camera angles, like you see in TV production, when a director states a camera choice to go to. So, at a busy event this could be a good way to quickly go between shots and camera views very fast and grab varied video constantly.

Atm, i can only see myself using this very rarely. But I'm glad i have it. Other people who shoot other types of movies, and have other ways of shooting would probably use it far more. I also think it would come into its own at busy events, as a way of exploring and filming letting the hud do the work. )

ACP is the new essential time saving tool designed to aid you in creating machinima, filming events in SL or just for adding a cinematic feel to your role play and exploration. It can automatically find unobstructed camera positions as you move through a scene, keeping your avatar in shot at all times.

As you move around in Second Life, the ACP HUD checks 16 camera positions surrounding your avatar, selecting those that have a clear, unobstructed view. As soon as your avatar moves out of one shot, it will select a new unobstructed view automatically. This will work even if you move inside a building. 

More un warranted titilation.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : June 26

MS & LO 002

A truly "Epic-sauce"  Sexiest® Photo Of The Day here! From Photographer "Micky S". Loving the drama, and the eroticism on show. A hot, wonderful pic!

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day : June 26

Erika feeling sexy

Erika Thorkveld captured wonderfully well here by superstar Pornstar Photographer Kirsten Smith. Combining Kirsten's skills, a lovely pic, and Erika's popular Pornstar appeal we have to be looking at The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day!

Hello! Pornstars! : Partying @ Club Erotique!

Shae and Zoey.

Just like celebs getting snapped for Hello Magazine in RL, our SLebrity Pornstars get blogged right here! Only our stars tend to be a bit naughtier, and top shelf stuff!

These party pics were grabbed by Katina Cazalet one of our new naughty Pornstar Paprazzi Photographers! Across two Pornstars parties last weekend. Katina captured things so well. Huge thanks to her for such a great job. Making the parties extra special, the pictures give us fun views of well known personalities, and introduce us to newcomers to the group alike.

Keeley and Andreas.
Ivori and Anita

 Erika , Yana,  LouSL , Carla, Cathari, Stefan ...and a tumbleweed

katina and iQLia

Sveta, Carla, Lou, and Eva.

Yana, LouSL, and Maria.

Erika ( left. )

More after the jump!!!