Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ May 31

 I'm steering Sunday night into 'Couples Night' here on the Sexiest Photos of the Day post.  Looking for the best couples photos: tender, cozy, romantic, coy, daring, torrid, lustful, lascivious, blatantly explicit or just plain hot!  Images must display interacting couples of any gender or cross-gender combos, and must be single shot images.  (Sorry if your thing is creating multi-photo images, but they appear too small on the blog to post.)  With that said, tonight's gallery features sixteen couple-icious shots to 'prime the pump'..

 And here they are..  The Sexiest Photos of the Day!

Wanna Flick? Late late May edition!

Another weekend, another weekend movie post. I have been posting all week bit and samples from the great work of prolific directors on the scene who already dished out a bunch of other productions. It's almost as demanding as making those daily gallery posts! Speaking of which...

It's time for one of Travis' famed 60 Seconds! This time with, in his words, "at last, the legendary Ali" !

As you clever reader surely have guessed it's not an Arabian Nights short video, but one of Travis' super-stylish clips, featuring a super-hot model in the blog gallery curator Ali Lancrae, here displayed in her beautiful self as she first strikes poses like a true pro on the car, then shows us that she indeed packs some junk in her trunk.

No, literally.

Travis' great work needs no introduction, and I invite you of course to check out his Vimeo page, where you will find the other installments of the series so far and also his work-in-progress, including the sci-fi project that looks so spectacularly promising.

Moving on to other productions from the group members, I figured to bring some different type of music video: Pornstars Dancing!

You might have recognized from the unusual aspect ratio that it's one of the projects from IvyLynnTaurus' Babygurl Productions. Obviously not as technically sound as the professional work at the top of the post, this movie follows a simple formula: porn starlettes who dance on a pole and then...switch to straddling another type of pole.

I am sure the video was a lot of fun to make, and I look forward to see more from the team. The cast is composes of so many pornstars!



And again like in "Leave your hat on" you can find the production photos on Ivy's Flickr!

And to close the post with something else even naughtier...

Yes, her ! It's a debut video for one of the most active and enthusiastic people on Flickr, Jenny Starveling!

Sounds quite simple, making a 'solo' video, but Jenny produces it very nicely and in a practically flawless manner. Sharp image, nice framerate, a firm hand on the camera and grasp of the directing style: from the opening POV sequence through the clip, you will appreciate I am sure how well put together the video package is.

And if you are familiar with her photos, I am sure you will find quite a bit of her style in this too. She knows how to place the camera in the right spot and make us oogle her sexy girl-next-door self.

 And compared to her photos, her orgasms show on screen in all their explosive glory! Woah!

Now, the movies are after the jump! Click them up and enjoy! And remember to write me about your movies and productions anytime ! I love to cover them.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ May 30

Feast your eyes on these feisty, frolicking, fresh and fancy females. I got warm putting this selection together and I think you might, too, when you see..  In the days to come I'll be looking to feature more couples on this gallery so post 'em if ya got 'em!  Any combo of any gender or cross gender is what I seek - but couples is the key.  In the meantime have a good look at today's..

Sexiest Photos of the Day!