Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wanna Flick? Early May Release

No, Yoda is not involved in this (altho he may be the one who gave me the insider scoop midway through the post).
I gave ample coverage to 3 hot movies in the weekend, but meanwhile the scene bursts with activity, and new videos are made almost daily! I'd like to have a look back at some really funny and significant ones from the past months, but I gotta try and deal first with some of the new. Starting with..

...a debut!

PandoraKitty announced this movie in group as her debut as director and actress, and I am glad I got a hold of the link, because it surely deserves exposure.

It's always exciting to me to see in action the amateur roots of the Pornstars group, and this movie has the true feel of homemade porn...just with two really really hot avis. Pandora's co-star F R O S T aka FrostSS is quite nicely built as you can see!

The sound is also quite pleasant, featuring a very intense performance from the female talent and the quite convincing sucking effects. I would say it's a movie you could watch with your eyes closed and it'd be just as exciting, but that would sound like a backhanded compliment and I don't mean it that way at all. I really appreciated this debut and I look forward to see more from (and of) the two!

Moving on to more debuts,here's a movie with a scandalous story linked to it.

"New Video Leave Your Hat On Starring Suki, Jagger, Ivy, Graham. it turned out almost as well as i had planned! its not the best but some day it will be so till then why dont you leave your hat on? *giggles an runs off sleepily* Here is the Xvideos llink NM was being a ass an wouldnt let me upload. Have a great day an enjoy the naughty show! "

Something is totally fishy about all this, because Graham Collinson is announced as being part of the cast, but more than one indipendent source tipped us in about the hypertrichotic actor in this production being retired pornstar Luigi Trappatoni! (They were in that shoot too)

You have to be the judge about that one. Pornstache and butt hair aside, this Babygurl Productions presentations has of course the iconic music by Joe Cocker, and one of the most restless camerawork and peculiar framing I have seen so far.

With a lot happening on screen and incredibly sexy actors such as the stunning Suki and director IvyLynnTaurus, this is one to check out for sure.

Jagger Classito not only stars in this, but provided the movie stills also at the credits. Nice!

And to close this post up, a casting couch movie! CC Anton is at it again, and this is what happens.

"Kelley goes to what she thinks is a swim wear modeling interview. However, after arriving, she finds it to be something totally different."

That is not what happens indeed! Altho as you can see, she is not exactly gonna sue for false advertising or anything like that.

Yeah well, spoiler alert: she's one kinky piece of work and they fuck. That is what happens.

Like any other Anton Productions exploits, this one will keep you entertained, with the girl looking hot and being deliciously kinky, and captions, sometimes longer,

Some other times more to the point, keep the action flowing.

Well, these are just some of the movies that came out this week! Expect more later on, with updates about Travis Wagner's work, Dillon turning to commercials, the whimsical exploits of Morph, a special look at a really cool director for the first time on this blog, and much much more!

Click below to see the videos
And if you made some, why don't you let me know about those?

The Hottest Mansion

Leave your hat on

Casting Couch With Kelley And Ken

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