Friday, October 30, 2009


I've just directed my newest film. A lot of people told me they wished there were more ALL GIRL videos out there. So I created AND I LIKED IT, starring myself and Tiffany Neox.

It's the story of two schoolgirls who are studying in their room, listening to Katy Perry's I KISSED A GIRL, when they decide to experiment.

I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did making it!



A new sexxxy movie by Katerine Avon entitled, OILY SEX. Just click above and get ready to lather up!


Blog is fixed. It's totally safe. You won't get that annoying pop up any more. It's perfectly okay to link to us.

The issue was with Blogger's widgets and a very indirect link.

Apparently Blogger doesn't accept hotlinks from Sensual Writer blogs on their MY FAVORITE BLOG WIDGET. And even if you don't have any links to Sensual Writer directly...Even if you are linking to someone with one link from there, 20 times removed, the annoying warning comes up on you blog.

To fix the problem, I had to take down the MY FAVORITE BLOGS section. But I will slowly start putting it back up later.

Thanks to Eddi Haskell for helping me figure all this out. He is my hero!!!

Now back to blogging about your movies!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two New Bang St. Movies: Lots of new Talent

Two new movies by Ruff Brocco from his Bang Street Studios with stars like Ruff, Thorno87 Minotaur, and Sleazy Sierra.

But check out all the new stars!
Layla Viper, Kayla Udein, Adrianna Coba & my sexxxy friend shown above...Suzy Forcella.

Nice job Suzy and the rest of the porn "virgins". You all were hot!

10,000th VIEW ON MY SITE

Thanks to everyone for reading!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here is my second film ever! It's a promo piece for Patricia Wonder's new club THE PLEASURE LOUNGE.

It's not an X-Rated piece, so you can watch it on YOUTUBE. But Patricia still looks so sexy and great dancing to Kanye West's I WONDER (because she is Patricia WONDER.)

Not only does her sexiness make for a great promotion for her club, but it might be the best promotion ever for EMERALD VIEWER'S new breast enhancement feature.


Look Who's Writing for THE ZINDRA TIMES!!

Well, if you haven't noticed, I've been a busy girl!

Starting last week, I became a blogger for THE ZINDRA TIMES. This is my first article for them, entitled: FLURRY OF SL ADULT MOVIE ACTIVITY IN ZINDRA; 1st SL Porn Movie To Use Emerald Viewer

Hope you take a look at TZT and thank you to the remarkable Eddi Haskell for this opportunity. Muuuuuuuaaaaah!


Find more videos like this on The Inferno

The very talented and sexy Aphrodisiac Lisa has just finished her first film, AN APHRODISIAC.
While i think Lisa is super talented and hot and a smart new director, I hope she doesn't do a lot of films. Only because APHRODISIAC is so hard to spell!!

Just kidding, great job Lisa. Hope to see a lot more of you!

SHAGGING SEXY SURI by Roberto Highfield

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

The flurry of SL adult film activity continues with another film by Roberto Highfield, called SHAGGING SEXY SURI. Congratulations on another sexy movie Roberto!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Well I did it! I finally learned how to film inworld. And how to edit. (The sex part I already knew). And made my FIRST FILM in Second Life.

It's called JENNNNNA LOVES BROCCO...starring me and Ruff Brocco. The title is a joke on a RL Jenna movie one of you recommended. Also it's got a little of the EMERALD VIEWER jiggling breasts we all so love!

Anyway I am just starting with all this filming stuff, so please be gentle with me!!! (When have you ever heard me say THAT!:)

Just click on the arrow to watch it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

NEW JENNNNNA MOVIE: "The Private Tutor"

Thank you to director Roberto Highfield for his newest effort THE PRIVATE TUTOR. In it, Roberto tries to tutor two sexy young stars (Jennnnna Jameson & Leslie Clarrington) to help them get A+'s. Lets just say Roberto grades on the curve. And thank you to Roberto for calling me "incomparable" in the end credits.

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

VIRGIN ALERT: Leslie Clarrington

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Director Roberto Highfield has made his second outing, entitled CUMMING WITH LESLIE. And in it he has discovered a hot new SL adult star, Leslie Clarrington. She's one to watch!

Where the SL Porn Stars Hang Out!

Our friend and supersexy pornstar, Patricia Wonder has opened a new club and escort place called the PLEASURE LOUNGE. So come meet us and many of the other hot stars you see on this blog there. It will be fun.

The SLURL is:

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ruff Brocco liked my boobs so much in the new Emerald, he made a film of just me dancing and jiggling. It's called...wait for it...JENNNNNA DANCES.

Watch it here:

VIRGIN ALERT!!! 3 Talented New Stars

What a great day.  The great Ruff Brocco just brought out two movies starring three very sexy ladies who have never done a SL adult film before. First up is Alexis of ALEXIS UNLEASHED.

As you can see that girl has a promising career ahead of her. Next up is the movie, TWO CHICKS AND ONE DICK, with Narmora Paine and AllieGirl Moonites.

Welcome to life of a SL pornstar Alexis, Narmora and AllieGirl!!

My 100th Post!!

This is the 100th post on my blog.

When i started, I never thought anyone would read my stuff. And now, my nonsense averages hundreds of views a day.

So thank you to everyone who has been following my silliness.
Thanks especially to everyone who signed up to follow it.
Thank you to everyone who has told their friends about it.

I've had a lot of fun.
(As you all can tell from my previous 99 posts :)



Friday, October 23, 2009

NEW THIS FRIDAY: Ruff Brocco & Katrine Avon Movies

Two new movies today for all you Jennnnna blog watchers. The first is by one of our favorites, Ruff Brocco, starring the sexxxy Pussi Blaylock. It's called, appropriately, PUSSI GIRL.

Next up is a movie by the very pretty Katerine Avon, called KATERINE AVONS GANG BANG:

Enjoy this Friday Second Life Adult Double Feature.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So pleased to star in another one of Ruff's productions. This one is called BOSS BITCHES. And in it i get to dance a bit and show off my new EMERALD VIEWER jiggling breasts. And then I get to be in a hot threesome with Ruff and Pussi Blaylock.

I love my SL!

New Ruff Brocco Movie: NASTY BOY

Wow. After a bit of a lull, the SL adult movies are coming fast and furious! Here is a new one with Ruff Brocco and a new Latina porn star named Alena. A very sexxxy debut Alena!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Movie With Jennnnna, Patricia Wonder and Many More!!!


I am not in this one too much. But it's always fun to be a part of Ruff Brocco's sexy productions. This one has a lot of the top talent in the SL adult business:

Ruff Brocco
Patricia Wonder
Pussi Blalock
Crystalicious Oh
Thorno87 Minotaur
and me...
Jennnnna Jameson

Patricia has an especially good part with Ruff as you will see!

Thanks to all for a fun time.

New Sleazy Sierra Movie by Ruff Brocco

Do you like big breasts? Like super humongous breasts? Then Sleazy and Ruff have the movie for you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

NEW DIRECTOR: Roberto Highfield!!!

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Congratulations to our sexy friend Roberto Highfield who just directed his first SL adult film, "ROBERTO, DEVINA & TIGER." Wonderful job, Rob. I can't wait to star in your next effort!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Get Bouncing Breasts In Second Life with EMERALD VIEWER

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

Here's a great video demonstrating the new bouncing breasts on EMERALD VIEWER.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can download EMERALD VIEWER HERE.


Then go to PAGE 2


There you will see BREAST EFFECTS. This video has settings they suggest. Someone else suggested setting the first 4 to 100. Here are my suggestions though:


Play with it. And enjoy the jiggle :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Jennnnna Jameson 70's Retro Porn Movie; Watch now!!!

Wow a second movie in as many days. It's so good to be back on screen. And I think you will love this movie!

It's a bit of a retro/throwback porn movie by Kathrein Henhouse. Kathrein has me playing a sexy female plumber. Needless to say I immediately find a pipe to work on. Love the 70s porn look and soundtrack. Its fun and very sexy!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I may have to go to plumbing school!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Second Life's hottest Brazilian beauty, Priscila Balogh, just finished her hottest movie yet for Ruff Brocco. Entitled BRAZILIAN BOOTY CALL FREAK, sexy Priscila lives up to the movies name.
And then some!

CRYSTAL SHORT IS BACK: New Ruff Brocco Movie!

One of my sexiest co-stars, Crystal Short is back, in a very very hot and sexy new movie by Ruff Brocco called, THE BITCH IS BACK.

Welcome back sexxxy girl!

A New Jennnnna Video: PORNSTARS!

Here is a fun and sexy video by the very cute new director, Designer Zeplin, that I star in along with some other awesome Pornstars: Tiffany Neox, Deborah Stine, and the sexy woman who arranged it all: Priscilla Balogh.

It's not the naughtiest thing I've ever done but it's very fun. It's a video for SEXYLIFE Brasil. Eventually being slutty pornstars we are, we took off our clothes, even though they told us we didn't need to.

After dancing naked and some making out, we decided to steal a boat on the dock and ride around the sim naked.

Too crazy!


Saw this on NAUGHTY MACHINIMA. Had to include it on the blog right away. It's simply called KATERINE AVON SEX. Very steamy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Jennnnna upcoming movie, originally uploaded by Jennnnna Jameson.

From my new upcoming movie by director Kathrein Henhouse. I play a sexy construction worker who manages to find a way to be naughty.

It was great fun to shoot. Thank you Kathrein. Can't wait to see it.

Friday, October 9, 2009


HONOR AND THE HYDRA is a very imaginative and different effort from the great SL director, Kathrein Henhouse. Part monster movie, part adult movie, it is DEFINITELY not the usual porn movie. Thanks Kathrein for sharing your considerable SL imagination with us! We love you for it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Latest Kathrein Henhouse Film

We're so lucky to have not one but TWO great films come out today. This one is the latest by the great SL director, Kathrein Henhouse. As always, her work is sexy and imaginative. It's called THE HOT SECRETARY. And it makes me want to go apply!

New SL Film!!! Flame is Smoldering Hot!


A very sexy movie with Flame Broek and the wonderful and highly underrated male star, Cassius Gothly. Enjoy. They are very, very sexy

Welcome Back Ruff Brocco!

One of our favorite directors, and a very sexy man, Ruff Brocco, just had some minor surgery in RL. So glad it all went well and we are so glad to have you back, baby :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Zindra sexGames Winners!

The Zindra Times: Zindra sexGames 2009 Results from October 3

Although I couldn't compete or get down to see it, all reports say, the seXgames 2009 at Zindra Escorts were alot of fun, and proved to be a huge sucess. Here are the results. Congratulations to all the winners!

seXgames 2009 Results:
EVENT Performer(s) Artistic Tech TOTAL RANK

Male Pole talon1953 Belgar 21 22 43.00 Bronze
Male Pole JaxonMichael Blaisdale 23 24 47.00 Silver
Male Pole Jeffert Luckless 24 26 50.00 Gold

Female Pole Isobel Ohmai 20 26 46.00 Bronze
Female Pole Nuala MacMoragh 23 28 51.00 Silver
Female Pole Fawn Morigi 29 26 54.00 Gold

Male Lapdance Randino Demina 21 24 45.00 Silver
Male Lapdance JaxonMichael Blaisdale 24 27 51.00 Gold

Female Lapdance Fawn Morigi 22 26 48.00 Bronze
Female Lapdance Jenny Undersleight 26 28 54.00 Silver
Female Lapdance Isobel Ohmai 27 27 54.10 Gold

FF Sex Scene Isobel Ohmai-
Charys Vestel 26 29 55.00 Gold

MF Sex Scene Fawn Morigi 30 30 60.00 Silver
MF Sex Scene Isobel Ohmai 30 30 60.10 Gold

Best Patron Charys Vestel

BRONZE CHAMP JaxonMichael Blaisdale
GOLD CHAMP Isobel Ohmai

M Pole Dance JUDGES
Mirri Rosca
Luna Lafleur
Janice Mabellon

F Pole Dance JUDGES
Mirri Rosca
HKM Bookmite
Stroker Serpentine

M Lap Dance JUDGES
Mirri Rosca
Kelli Patrick
Kris Citron

F Lap Dance JUDGES
Voodoo Fox
Clovis Luik
Janice Mabellon

Janice Mabellon
Darwin Tomsen
JaxonMichael Blaisdale

Janice Mabellon
Darwin Tomsen
JaxonMichael Blaisdale

Remember, when it comes to sex...we're all winners!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Celebrating 15,000 Flickr views - Jennnnna Meets Megan Fox!

Thank you to everyone who has checked out my Flickr site. The support means so much.

So to celebrate here is Megan Fox, the sexiest woman in RL, with me, the sexiest in SL. Enjoy the mash up! And enjoy more of me on Flickr to come!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Zindra Times: Zindra Sex Games to Open Tomorrow

The Zindra Times: Zindra Sex Games to Open Tomorrow

I can see a whole lot of my readers enjoying this one!

THREE SUPERFUN SUPERSEXY CLUBS: Koncept, Passion's Pussy Cat, Pussy de Luxe

Where do the SL porn stars hang out when they aren't making movies? Right here at three of the hottest clubs in SL!

Our friend and SL adult actress jamela Jaxxon has opened a great new club, called PUSSY DELUXE. Seriously, the talent among the staff is crazy hot. jamela has pretty much hired the hottest women in SL to work here. Come see for yourself. (it's on a gallery roof. just fly up 125 meters from the landing point)
Here is the SLURL:

There's always dancing at Shock Tolsen's PASSION'S PUSSY CAT. Along with having some of the sexiest dancers in SL, he has male dancers too at the "Cockpit." Mmmmm...lets hope Shock puts himself on display there too!
Here is the SLURL:

The last place is absolutely one of my favorites. It's sexy but there are no dancers. Just the hottest men and especially women dancing at the great club, KONCEPT. Every day my friend and genius, Midori Rotaru, (along with her partner CHY) creates a theme for the club. It also has some of the best Trance music in SL. I strongly recommend this place when you aren't looking for erotic dancers and just want to have a great time with the sexiest people in SL! You need to be there!
Here is the SLURL:

PLEASE NOTE: Koncept events happen all over their sim, where Midori makes new builds and sets. It's best to join the group to know where their next event will be held.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Flame is a very sexy and imaginative director in SL. She's also the creator of THE INFERNO, a great community site (a "sinful second life community" as she calls it.) And she hosts lots of videos there (like the one above).

You'll find a link to 20 of her videos here on our site.

I've never gotten to work with the sexy and sensual Flame. Hopefully she'll film another imaginative masterpiece soon.