Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Go Away For A Couple Days...

...And everybody makes a film!!

Can't wait to see all your juicy goodness...and it will be blogged :)

THE SEXIEST- August 31st

14209, originally uploaded by superheroine_peril.

This superphoto by Superheroin Peril is the last of THE SEXIEST of the day for August.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


It seems like a lot of SECOND LIFE adult directors are relying on Naughty Machinima and Flickr. But recently I went back onto THE FLAME and loved what Flame Broek has done for the SL adult community.

It's a great place to display your pics and movies. I am uploading a bunch of both today.

See you all there!!!


NEW DIRECTORS: Cybercat Bekkers & Zero Soke

Two directors debuted yesterday and both seem like they want to go far in SL adult pictures. They've both set up production companies and are looking for actors and actresses for their projects (guys you are especially needed!)

(both movies after the break)

THE SEXIEST- August 28th

White Out
Originally uploaded by Corinne J. Helendale
WHITE OUT by Corrine J. Helendale is THE SEXIEST of the day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

5000 Views in One Week

Thanks to everyone for all the love you gave my newest movie, I WANT CANDI. Apparently, my co-star, the sexy DJ Candi Mendle has a lot of fans. Because so far this is a record for me for views in a week.

Above is an encore presentation. Enjoy!


The type of SL skin problem these programs can correct

As you know, I am a fan of Eddi Haskell's blog. He's a very good SL fashion photographer. Recently he had some great tips on using Google's free "Blemish" tool on PICASA to do some things you used to need Photoshop to do.

He's also got some tips for coloring and framing your pics on FLAUNTR.

Here is an article on fixing skin problems with PICASA.

Here is an article on fixing clothes problems with PICASA and coloring in FLAUNTR.

"Smooth out skin imperfections to make your photos look more realistic"

"Use Free Online Editors to Professionalize your images"

THE SEXIEST- August 27th

Wife-128, originally uploaded by rudgerh.

This is WIFE 128 by RUDGERH. It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

I wonder what his other 127 wives look like :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thanks to Alan Genezzia and XSandra for encouraging me to change my look a bit. Alan gave me some wonderful styling tips on my avi...and I took most of them (Ladies, he's available as a free shape consultant!) And Xsandra turned me on to a new skin i'm going to try for a bit. It's about 2 shades darker than i usually wear. But i LOVE the detail on it, the body especially. So i am going to wear it for the last week of summer. So just think Emanuelle got a tan at the beach :)

It's not forever...but what can i say....I'm a girl and like to change my look up!!


Great article about The Lindens meeting with Emerald Viewer yesterday. Emerald sounds sorry. Sounds like they are working hard towards reinstatement.

Which is great because i love that viewer. And word is that the new viewer they are developing is quite good.

Thank you to Ziggy Starsmith via Eddi Haskell for this wonderful update on the Lindens. i encourage u all to read EMERALD'S press notice here...plus a brilliant quick review of the other 3rd Party Viewers besides Emerald.


Who the heck is TYLER RUSH?

Big correction. It's Tyler RAGE not Tyler Rush.

Must have been in a "rush" when I blogged it.  Still...how can you be mad at this face :)

Sorry sweetie.

THE SEXIEST- August 26th

1, originally uploaded by Fox Harvard.

A great RL pic by an artist I recently saw on FLICKR. This is by FOX HARVARD and its THE SEXIEST today.

More info on FOX...


Copyright © 2010, Fox Harvard, All Rights Reserved

***Email me for info on my books!!!***


Uploaded by Fox Harvard on 6 Jul 10, 7.27PM PDT.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EMERALD PART II: See if your name is on the list of those hacked!!!!

More useful info from Eddi Haskell...

Here is the list of names that were hacked in the Emerald controversy. I saw one friends name on there. I will contact them. I hope yours is not on there:



IMPORTANT: New Emerald News From Eddi!

I really trust my friend Eddi Haskell when it comes to the technical side of SL and the politics of it all.
He suggested in his latest article that SL will not strictly enforce the rules with Emerald.

But seriously, read his stuff. I don't want to give anyone the wrong advice on technical matters.
I have other talents!!

Here's his link

Alert: Uptake on the Emerald Viewer

Also, the link yesterday was broken to Eddi's article. It is fixed now:




Tina McClure is well known within SL Adult circles. She's made over 50 films here. But her best known and best loved films are her THE DRESCHSLER FILES films. Part 3 is out now and it is great.
She takes an involved storyline feel natural and her star Alyssa is very very sexy. Congrats to Tina on all her success and we can't wait for PART 4!!!

THE SEXIEST- August 25th


An unbelievably talented pic by DEE DEE DEEPDENE called SHADOW ALLEY VII.

Love her work and it's THE SEXIEST today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Roberto says "you're welcome" with a film :)
Isn't Rob sweet!! I blogged him about setting the record for MOST SL ADULT FILMS OF ALL TIME
and he makes a YOUR WELCOME video.

Also, you do realize by making this film, you set a new record AGAIN. :)

Here is what he wrote:
My little thankyou to jennnnna for the wonderful blog feature http://jennnnnajameson.blogspot.com/2010/08/roberto-sets-record.html Love and sex Jennnn xxxx 
Awwww. TY Roberto. That was a fun event with a lot of friends. And i am so happy you caught me on 4 mins of film dancing topless with my bikini string attachment still on my back (what a noob i am!!)

All kidding aside, this was so sweet and unexpected. Congratulations RECORD HOLDER!!

Here is his 78th film :)


URGENT SL NEWS: Do Not Use Emerald!!!

WARNING: Emerald  Viewer has lost its status with Linden Labs

Please DO NOT use your Emerald Viewer right now. They are currently NOT CURRENTLY IN COMPLIANCE with Second Life.

And if the Lindens want to be jerks (and believe me, they can be) they can TOS you for using it!!!!!

I repeat....Jiggly breasts or not...Do not use Emerald Viewer. Yes, I love my Emerald. But the company is in a huge fight right now with SL. And all of it is Emerald's own fault from what I gather.

1) There are huge privacy issues with the server, thanks to a rogue employee.

2) They did hostile things to a critic's website

I love my Emerald. I hope they get all this sorted out. But in the meantime, don't risk it.

Here is a BRILLIANT article from the BRILLIANT Eddi Haskell, who understands it all a lot more than I do. Give it a read. He sums the problems up brilliantly.



In a very close vote, friend and co-star Ainsley Wirefly beat friend and co-star Natalie Shuffle for PLAYMATE OF THE MONTH for PLAYMATE MAGAZINE

Congrats to the beautiful and lovely Ainsley (and lets get out the vote for Natty next month!!)


I just met the lovely Emeelee Ember at a party a few days ago. She told me she wanted to start making SL adult movies. And now here she is starring in Tyler Rush's fun SEX STORIES OF THE HIGHWAY PATROL.

Congrats Tyler for getting a star on the rise. We expect to see a lot of Emeelee!! (MOVIE AFTER THE BREAK!)

THE SEXIEST- August 24th

Hot Steamed Buns

STEAMED BUNS by Dahlia Sweet. The Sexiest :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Run, do not walk, to see Deelite Zenvoka's new film DEATH OF A DEMON, featuring the song SIERRA LEONE by Mount Eden Dubstep. It's surreal and sexy and shows a filmmaker who really knows how to make a film.

It's not porn, it's more on the erotic side. But more importantly it's art. And Deelite shows us all where the bar is when it comes to making art.

Before she released this film, Dee told me she was nervous about showing it because it was so different.
I want to applaud her for taking a risk. And with almost 1000 views in just a weekend, her public loves her work too!!!

Congrats on a masterpiece Dee!


2000 Views in One Day!!


I WANT CANDI had been a huge hit on Naughty Machinima. It got over 2000 views in a day and is well on its way to 3000 views for the weekend. Thanks to the lovely Candi Mendle for starring in the film. And to everyone for watching.

Also I appreciate all the stars and wonderful comments on Naughty Machinima. It means so much!!!

Here's an encore presentation:


Here was a wonderful, loopy surprise from my friend EDDI HASKELL. He wanted to know why I didn't tell him I knew Taylor Lautner. I am thinking because Taylor does strange things to my hair and face :)

Thank you Eddi. You are too funny.

Record Setting 4 Days For The Blog!!

It's been a busy time for SL movies and a busy time for the blog. We've never had such a large steady stream of traffic on the blog. Each of the last 4 days was in the Top 10 and Friday's debut for I LOVE CANDI was incredible. It was the 3rd Most Views ever on the site.

Thanks to everyone for reading and for the support!!


There is a wonderful new movie out called ON THE WRONG SIDE OF TOWN. It was created by Louisered Faulds & Serenity Kristian for ClubErotique. I love the technique and the avis are both very sexy. This film was re-cut from a film they made before. And its a lesson for all of us on working a little harder to make our films GREAT.

The plot line is simple, a girl named Serenity is left on the wrong side of town without cab fare and has to find her way back home. What isn't so simple is how well crafted the movie is. All the scenes are made very well made and use great effects.

I absolutely loved it and can't wait for this team's next great outing!!



Happy Birthday to the Queen of SL Movies! Not only did you get a big ass party, you got your own birthday video (by Aurora Bentham) with the whole Adult SL industry naked for you.

How loved is Krystall!! Happy Birthday!


THE SEXIEST- August 23rd

Originally uploaded by Saphire - "bigger is better...!!!"

Another amazing one from the great Saphire Nishi. It's called WHAT TO WEAR and it's THE SEXIEST today!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

*****ROBERTO SETS THE RECORD!!!!***** (plus my Top 7 Roberto Pics of his career)

Roberto Highfield, has done more Adult SL films than any other director.

This week Second Life's own Roberto Highfield set the record for Most Films, with 77.

He put out a string of movies from his archives in the past few days and passed the lovely AmyKitten Parx's previous record of 66. He now has more films on Naughty Machinima than any other director.

Although Roberto has been on a tear since the beginning of the year, shooting several videos a week. Recently he's taken a hiatus from filming SL Adult Films.

But we can only hope he comes back and keeps adding to his already stellar career.

Congratulations Roberto. You're a great guy, a good friend, and the most prolific director in SL.
Today is your day!

Here are a few of the films from Roberto's career after the break!!

It's Roberto Highfield Day!!!

Rob_003, originally uploaded by Roberto Highfield.
As you can see, we are celebrating Roberto's accomplishment. Today the entire blog is dedicated to him.

We love you Roberto!

Roberto Photographs Me

Me by Roberto Highfield

Here is one of my favorite photos of me, by the one and only, Roberto Highfield.

Early Roberto!!!

Wow...here's a trip down memory lane. Remember when Roberto did movies without hair?
Here is one of his very first, as Roberto goes into his very own HOT TUB TIME MACHINE :)


THE SEXIEST- Roberto Highfield Day Edition!

Originally uploaded by Roberto Highfield
Iabsolutely love this picture. It's one of the most beautiful things Roberto Highfield has ever shot.


Friday, August 20, 2010


It was a long time in the making but here is my very long (almost 6 minutes) and sexy film, I WANT CANDI. It introduces a great new star, Candi Mendle...and believe me, she will be a HUGE STAR.

The movie is very simple, Young Emmanuelle is sucking on a lollipop, which makes her flashback to her time with Candi. The girl who took her over and over, in every way possible.

The movie is hot and sexy and I loved working with Candi. I think you will see the two of us in action quite often.

Now here is the debut of I WANT CANDI....(just click the triangle inside the screen to play)

1000 Views In 3 Days For Ruff!

The Bo$$ has quite a following still. Over 1000 views in just 3 days on Naughty Machinima for his new film, DARLING DESIRA. Here's an encore presentation.



My apologies to everyone who was waiting for the new film and the tribute to Roberto. I had a lot of trouble downloading the film to Naughty Machinima.

The film will be up momentarily and the tribute to Roberto will be moved to the weekend.
Thanks for understanding.

THE SEXIEST- August 20th

Aurora Bentham, originally uploaded by Xmike deed s photostream.

A great pic by XMike Deed of everyone's other favorite pornstar, Aurora Bentham. Overall, XMike's work on FLICKR is quite nice. I was impressed.

It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A scene from Aurora Bentham's brilliant premiere, "ULTIMATE SURRENDER"

I wasn't expecting two of my movies to come out the same day. This post will focus on my new AMAZING film directed by the talented Aurora Bentham. (Sammie's movie was already posted below)

Aurora's film is entitled ULTIMATE SURRENDER. It features the two of us together for the first time!!! And it's one of the best SL movies you can watch. It's different and funny and above all, sexy!!

Thank you Aurora for letting me be part of such a fun movie and what's maybe even a masterpiece. The movie is really simple. Here it is in Aurora's own words...
Watch as SL's biggest stars catfight it out on the mats. One ends up losing and pounding the others pussy into submission with a strapon. 
But what makes it so great is how Aurora shows our characters. Her sound edits of us are marvelous, as she plays the dominant Tough Girl, and I am the Girlie Bimbo. The fighting is sexy and the sex scenes together are really super hot. I know i was aroused just filming them!! 

I love everything about the movie. I love the wrestling idea. I love the music. I love the cameo by Scooby as the ref in the bare midriff. Even the "tags" for the movie on Naughty Machinima make me smile. They read..."Catfight, Bisexual, Strapon, Girl On Girl, Licking, Fingering."

That about says it all. And now the film...


My new film introducing Candi Mendle will premiere tomorrow. I wanted to give room in the blog to Sammie and Aurora's films today! For now, here's some exclusive preview pics!


Roberto has reached a very special milestone. But with so many people coming out with movies, I will be blogging it Friday to give him his own "day."


SL icons Hard Rust and Candace Flossberg have teamed up for a second EVEN HOTTER MOVIE!! This one is called THE NAUGHTY SECRETARY and its a GREAT TWIST on the usual office sex film. You will love it. (more after the break...including the movie!)

NEW DIRECTOR/NEW STAR: Dantonio & ToryLane!!

There's a new director named Dantonio Petrovic. He has a lot of passion for SL film and his newest movie stars SL Queen of Adult Cinema, Krystall Pearl and amazing newcomer I mentioned yesterday...ToryLane Wonder. (more story and the film after the jump)



The Sexiest pic of the day is by RICIMAGES. It's called CRAWL. I wonder wear those stairs go!!

NEW EMMANUELLE FILM DEBUT #1: Pornstar Wants Cock (Finale!)

I had the honor of starring in the final part of Sammie Portal's series PORNSTAR WANTS COCK.
(movie and more story after the break)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A pic from my "Emmanuelle & Scooby Go Hollywood"
It seems like every SL director is making a ton of movies this week. I've had a hard time keeping up with the blog. My apologies to an exciting new director, Hard Rust, Candace Flossenberg & the great Roberto Highfield, whose movies I will review tomorrow. (In Roberto's case, it is HISTORIC news.)

But if you want to keep up with the goings on in SL Adult Movies, I suggest you join my group THE PORNSTARS and follow this blog. There are links to over 600 adult SL films here. And you can also link to the work of over 25 adult SL directors.

Now lets go make some movies!

THE BO$$ IS BACK: We missed you Ruff!!

After going what seems like months without a RUFF BROCCO movie, now we have two!! Ruff told me he plans to build a new production studio. A brief preview was amazing. (more Ruff movies and news after the jump)

SAMMIE'S NEWEST: Russell Brand Alert??

Is that Russell Brand seated in the middle with his cock out?

Who knew Sammie Portal,'s latest film starred Russell Brand, the RL movie star? (see the movie and more after the break)


Lingerie, originally uploaded by toyguns0.

Here is THE SEXIEST of the day. It's by the wonderful TOYGUNS0.

To JOIN THE SEXIEST group, just go to...



Scooby Mode just gets better and better. His latest film is also his most romantic. It's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with Krystall Pearl. It's lovely and the two of them are beautiful and sensual together. Enjoy!



A new pic from my Flickr site

Lots of exciting Flickr pics on my photostream. Come see if you are in them :)
Just CLICK HERE to view.


A scene from MEMORIES by jjccc

I really loves jjccc's new movie MEMORIES OF THE WAY WE WERE AT OMEGA POINT. It uses a very strange and different effect.

The movie is not erotic, as jjccc's first movie, EVERYBODY LOVES ME also wasn't. But this is a filmmaker who creates unique technique. And i think it's definitely someone important to watch. If only we knew your SL name!!