Monday, March 31, 2014

New Porn Comic Book : Alexus Presents 'Be's Test'

It's always a pleasure to feature this genre of Second Life Porn. it's very easy to under estimate the effort and creativity that goes into these projects, but just count up the amount of actual photo's you run through while reading, add in the plot/story, and all the planning and set building and you start to appreciate this is a genre that is an equal to movie making, and surpasses it on some levels.

I hope you enjoy the latest Porn comic book from Alexus Minotaur featuring himself and bewitched Difference. read the whole story below!

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 31

Honey in the Bedroom (Elysion)

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Official Pornstars® Gallery, and as always, it's a Happy Ass Monday edition! Showing off the curves of gorgeous avis through the wonders of engineering with mesh phatt/azz/ghetto/perfect/whatnot, mad liquifying skillz, plain and simple excellent photography, or all of the above. The opener is the fine work of Jinx Jiersen, showcasing the delicious figure of Honey.

But it's merely the beginning. Next we have 3 pics by Laura Demonista, as usual mixing wit and pure sensuality. Next, Lunatamai Resident and her 'blurred out poetry', 2 views of Chloe Nicole's rear end by and featuring David Dowd. We're not done with David yet, but first, the ever underutilized model Karina Taurog, photographed by Robert Stein, whose work i always follow with interest. Now, back to the beautiful beach pin-ups by David, featuring Kirsten Smith, followed by a one-two by Moon, first solo, then in hot action with Gwen. Next, we have Babygirl, we have a fantastic capture by Stolen Sword featuring Ace Nokkers, we have Jadelyn McAuley, Lark Diabolito, the obligatory Bewitched Difference back view, Nichola Catteneo, and i close with again Honey by Jinx. See you tomorrow!

Stool Pigeons unique Seeing Red blurred out poetry.. Chance meeting Chance meeting Photo - March 28, 2014 at 10:01AM Kirsten I The cushion How i take care of my baby [the chamber] - The Study say it again, Love Mainframe-2.0 Snapshot_080 The 

wall.. Creampie Honey in the Bedroom

The Sexiest® Photo and Pornstar Of The Day : March 31

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

Wake me up...By Tatiana Easterwood. Off the scale on sexiness and on quality! This is just about perfect. Check it out directly on Flickr right HERE. Congrats you're our Sexiest® Of The Day!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day

I was lucky enough to see these outfits first hand at the party yesterday! Captured so well in Erika Thorkveld's pic here. So i can truly vouch for their Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day status! Congrats!

From Erika : Club Erotique Party: Kat and I dancing

Kat's outfit was hot, I had things looking like what she was wearing so I started to change clothes to look like her, but I didn't have a matching top… But we found a solution. *winks*

A Sexiest® Group Shoot : Annie Cetos 'Nude'.

Annie Cetos is Nude, and a lot of our readers are very thankful for it! It's a good old fashioned sexy glamour set. With all the focus on the model, right where it should be, with perfect lighting and some sizzling poses.

Thanks to Annie for sharing these lovely images. I hope you all Enjoy.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Obsession Studios 'Into the Wild'

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_52

As I mentioned in yesterday's Gallery, I had on my 'to do' list more material on the Obsession Studios rain forest location. There has been some funny stuff going on in there!
You don't believe me? Then you have not looked at the two 'Into the Wild' sets by mr. Dawes! The first back in February featured Raelin Rage-Stillwater, the more recent one sees Harmony Whitfield in action. With mr. Dawes himself, of course.

I must say having visited the location, that it really is a little gem in the premises of their professionally built Studios lot. Feel free to IM Dominic Dawes or his personal assistant Willo Barbosa (Willoden Portland) to ask for a tour, and perhaps permission to use the location. I really appreciated their avalaibility.

Visit the above links to the Obsessions Studios website for the erotic stories (and the full credits for both sets, including some little behind the scene insight), also flickr for the full sets, and enjoy!

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_073

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_077

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_099

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_104

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_108

Raeli'N_Into the Wild_120

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_018

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_021

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_023

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_026

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_032

Harmony_Whit_Into the Wild_035

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Mar 30

DJ Yana

Welcome to Sunday's Official Pornstars® Gallery! It's my pleasure to open the gallery with a great picture by our resident dj Yana Grau, always spinning the tunes on multiple parties for the SL porn community. You'll catch more than a glimpse of her today too, I am sure!

Now we continue with two highly erotic shots by Stolen Sword featuring Laura Spain Neox, a retro one by Chandi, Clair de Loon with a willng and obviously eager model in Andre, Vixeee once more looking sultry, two bits in Bud Solo's work with Marika Blaisdale, two from the sleazy yet classy portfolio by Anna Angela, and guess what? two as well from another italian, the many with 'u's to spare, Shuougun! Featuring poisioness.
We have the sensuality of Evy Blackheart, Ayara Illios, Gipsy Be and then Jessy Xuisse and Chloe Nicole, both (yes, another duet!) by David Dowd, mixing up newcomers and established stars. Last but not least, i give you one from Laura Demonista, cos she does always pretty cool stuff and i could nearly do a gallery post just with her output.

Thank you Laura, thanks to everyone who contributes to the gallery through The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group and the in-world mail, and everyone reading this and watching aaaaall that below. Bye bye for now!

Laura Spain Neox Laura Spain Neox retro Andre snapshot CallingMarika03 CallingMarika04 81 Big Boy 09 Meeting Poisoness.. Meeting Poisoness.. I'm still here. (Sometimes) coffee Gipsygirl.. Jessy I Chloe I Filling