Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : Nov 30

A little piece of heaven

A little piece of heaven. By LovelessDoll Claven. Super sexiness! As if heaven needed any more good PR! Congrats you're The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day : Nov 30

Senza titolo
Shuougun, Bewitched Difference, Crow,  and Rachel Swallows,.
Always great to feature a group of Pornstars on this feature, and we have great value today! No less than four top stars in this great photo from 'Be'. Congrats all you're The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day!

The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Nov 30

Saturday Afternoon

A not so relaxing Sunday Gallery, because it's just way too hot for that, intense sexiness from the word go! What a way to bring things to a climax for November!

Thanks to Katina Cazalet, for sourcing, compiling, and producing today's Gallery. x

We start our "Saturday afternoon" with Babygirl Luv. Then we have Seren (Serenitydreams Destiny) in a pic taken by her and edited by Woozer, followed by Zuby Gloom, Stolen Sword with Charleeza, Babydoll Candy Dubrovna shooting River Oryl, then herself and G-mo. Shuougun with Heaven Leigh Snowpaw and Ravnous (by Shuougun), blonde model with funny hat (by Owen Gotham), Murderdolls by Carla Draesia, Shannon Portal (by Texas Rob McRae), HunterRose Xenno (by Leannan Lockjaw-Tempest), Jewell Shinja, and happily ending with Eva Brunswick.

Locked up.. (OEM.elite)
On the roof
Back to love

river oryl

shh take it

Suck it up!!




HunterRose - Studs of Porn Teasers

Tossing in the laundry

Hunting Trip

New Porn Movie : Raelin's 'Night Shift'

Night Shift - Coming Soon

A new movie from Raelin is always worth a look. She's without doubt one of the most talented directors on our scene. Add to that all the sexy shots and wonderful looking content, there is a whole lot to get excited about here!

A first responder passes long lonely nights of being on call in the fire house with internet porn and a vivid imagination.

A Rabid Jestyr Production. Starring Raelin Rage-Stillwater & Tokyo "Infamous" Stillwater

Night Shift - Coming Soon

Night Shift - Coming Soon

Watch the movie after the Jump!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day : Nov 29


Mariann Beres. By TexasRobMcRae. Loved this picture. Capturing the model, super sexy Mariann so well. Proving you don't always have to get naked to be The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day!

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day : Nov 29


Honey by Jinx Jiersen. Love the angle, the colours, and the vivid details on show on this top quality erotic shot. Congrats you're The Sexiest® Of The Day!

Pornstars XXX Factor : Girls Contest 1.00pm SLT @ Club Erotique

Pornstars XXX Factor

'Double Header' Pornstars Party Event!

Come along to the Official Pornstars party today at 1.00pm SLT For The Pornstars XXX Factor, and get an extra special treat! It's the Girls half of the contest ( Boys it's your turn Sunday, keep it here for info. ). It's all happening at our regular Friday Official Pornstars party, with DJ Yana.

The rules are simple....

**Dress up in your hottest, finest Porn Star looks, enter our contest board ( Wearing your Pornstars Group tag ), and try and impress the crowd. Have fun at the party! It's as easy as that.

**The winning girl will be cast by Erotique Porn in two movies, plus photo shoots. 

So please come along and enter the contest and join in the fun. We also have plenty of opportunities for contestants to shine with our orgy bed and naughty pool table. So boys you may be drafted in to help make the girls star quality shine brighter and help them out before your chance comes along on Sunday at 1.00pm SLT!

This Is Also A 'Double Header' Event. With The Second Official Pornstars Party happening Right After Club Erotique, 
At Hard Alley! What A Way To Start Your Weekend!!!

Pornstars XXX Factor - Louise

Pornstars XXX Factor : Katina

The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Nov 29

alisha 8

Friday once again! Black Friday to be exact, and we've got some very hot bargains on the gallery today, because as usual you're free to browse and check out the hottest and latest Pornstars Pics!

Thanks to Katina Cazalet, for sourcing, compiling, and producing today's Gallery. x

On today's Gallery, in order of appearance : Alisha Cedarbridge (by Sweet Melons), Carla Draesia and The DOC-TORR (by Carla), Yana Grau and Zoey Winsmore (by Yana), Trysten shoots Alexandra Nortan, Domino Dupre can be spotted behind Ruff Brocco (picture by Domino), Colleen Criss, Fahye, Maarja Avora and one unnamed butterfly (by David Dowd), Bernard Broono with Kwaibebe Kaventipovic, more Bernard as he shoots Lexi Ceryos, James Wolfgang by Heaven Leigh Snowpaw, Elroy Click (by Leannan Lockjaw-Tempest), more Sweet Melons (by more Leannan Lockjaw-Tempest).


With Zoey at the beach #2


Jail Cell Rocked 6


Kajira Eyes

A Little More Lexi

James 3P Solo 4

Elroy Click - Studs of Porn Teaser

SweetMelon - Studs of Porn Teasers

Hello! Pornstars! : Official Erotique Party : Nov 22 #2

Thanks to Jewell Shinja and Angel, very much in Pornstars® Paparazzi mode and taking these great party picture on Friday 22nd of Nov. With DJ Yana.

It was quite a significant event for me and those at Erotique, as it was the last event at least in the near future, in our familiar 'Aqua' Club. A place we really love and which has hosted so many great Pornstars Parties. However the building is being swapped out for new, firstly to host the 'Pornstars XXX Factor' this coming weekend! ( Stay tuned for details all this week! ) Then a special Christmas themed build to follow.