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For the most updated news on the schedule of the party scene, you can make use of the Google Calendar set up by the party planner Moonie (Deka Teardrop) and her assistant TourDiddy, who are also the people to contact in case you feel you can contribute to the community hosting a party at your place. 

In world versions are also available at your request for your venue. 

Our members in world constantly look for chances to hang out and get busy, and the group always kept a policy of not forbidding pornstars from providing information about hangouts, gatherings and all sort of events related to the life of the community. However, Official Pornstar Parties are the only parties authorized to be announced in group through notices. If you are holding an event that would clash with a scheduled Sexiest Pornstars party (please, always check - it is your responsability to), we ask you to please limit yourself to promotion through other channels (flickr,  other groups, your friend list!). 

If you've never been to one of our groups parties then you really should! Especially if you're looking to get started on the scene. There is no better way to introduce yourself, begin making making friends, or networking your way into some hot porn projects, than at a Pornstars event.

See you at one soon! x


(picture by Stacey Lucciano )

The Minx Den

1-3 pm 

DJ Ayara aka Pinky 
Host Zuby 


( picture by Tourdiddy)

The Attic 

6-8 pm 

DJ Trini Fehr 
Host Vixxen Clowes 


Tuesday : 

Watch group notices For Random Venues/Parties.


(picture by Miss Emily) 

Porn*Stars Nightclub Humpday Party

1-3 pm SLT : 

DJ: Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie
Host: Emily



(picture by Ayara )

The Minx Den

1-3 pm SLT : 

DJ: Nakuru
Host: Ayara



(picture by Yana) 

Club Yana

1-3 pm SLT : 

DJ: Yana Grau


(picture by Larry Vinaver)

Gemini Studios

8-10 pm SLT : 

DJ: Zuby Gloom - HaileyMarie Redrose



(picture by Miss Emily) 

Porn*Stars Beach Party

1-3 pm SLT : 

DJ: Zoey Winsmore

Host: Emily


Also, this day is open for parties happening at gallery / art venues showcasing the work of pornstars, on monthly rotation. Contact Tourdiddy or Moonie to be involved! Currently part of the rotations are :

Forbidden Fruit Gallery 
1st Saturday of the month 4-7 pm SLT 
Gemini Gallery 
2nd Saturday of the month 8-10 pm SLT


(picture by Tammy Jones) 

Beach Party @ Club Yana

1-3 pm SLT : 

DJ: Yana Grau


(picture by Moonie)

Hoobs Hotties party 

5-7 pm SLT : 

DJ: DJ Moonie @ Erotic Events Beach, DJ Tru @ Hotties Love Shack


Again, if you desire to host an Official party yourself, contact Moonie or Tour. A heads up from Moonie herself before you ask:

" Anyone wanting to host a party at their place, I only have two rules

#1 Must be on a ADULT SIM or at least let us have the freedom to BE PORNSTARS

#2 NO HOMESTEADS it's not fair for people to have to fight for their right to party no matter what the song says lol and with your staff very few of us would get the chance to come."

Hope to see you soon at as many parties as possible!

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