Tuesday, May 31, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: Nkki Rhodes...Redheads are fucking nuts.

Let's face it - it is a universally understood fact of nature that red heads - especially hot ones - are bonkers.  They will steal your car, crash it into a train, kill your plants, drink all your booze and then, somehow, convince you it's all your fault.  Their fiery insanity makes even the most mundane experiences - a trip to the library, grocery shopping, renewing your license at the DMV - an exercise in the depths of human psychosis.  But we love them!  We love them because they are just so goddamn hot, their crazy redhead energy blows right through us and the next thing we know we're going down on them in an elevator full of Japanese business men at the local Hilton.  (Or is that just me?  Hmm.)

Anyway.  Nikki Rhodes is soo much fun to watch - and her intro to this scene sums up exactly everything that is so amazingly, ridiculously batshit-crazy-but-oh-so-fucking-hot about redheads.  Click through the jump to enjoy!!



fuck, look at that ass

Very sexy pic by Mr. Lexenstar called "Fuck, Look at that Ass."
Giggles. We agree. That's why its THE SEXIEST® today.


Natalie Xenga's "Bali" Brings us a RL Tropical Paradise.

Congratulations to director's Natalie Xenga, Bert Jedburgh, and Scooby Mode. They are all included in the latest wave of featured movies at Naughty Machinima. Some big names are cast by all three director's too. Krystal Pearl, EmeeLee (Ember) Rage, and Jinx Jierson to name just a few.

Bert Jedburgh's sexy and cinematic "Meow"

Featured projects are a great source of inspiration to newcomers on the SL Porn Scene. A true yardstick of quality. They are often the flag ship movies of the scene too, in many cases peoples first experience of SL Porn.

This latest crop stand out for many reasons, Natalie Xenga's faultless technical skills placing her cast into a tropical paradise with green screen and the knack for just chilling you out and turning you on at the same time. Bert Jedburghs wonderful use of shadows, photography, cinematic cityscape's, and Scooby Modes stunning backdrops and locations. All demonstrate how you can be successful with creative projects of a large scope, and genuinely well thought out concepts.

Sci Fi, babes, and stunning locations in Scooby Mode's post apocalyptic Tomb Raider 

It's vital for our community to have this kind of high quality representation out there.

Keep up the great work! I hope they are all proud of themselves.

Serenity Juneberry. xx

See The Featured Movies After The Jump.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Our apologies to Teflon. We didn't realize he was the star of Ruff's last movie (gotta put up those credits people!!)

Somehow, someone took this to mean he and BO$$ DADDY are alts. They aren't the same guy.
It was me being lame and tagging a pic wrong.

Kisses and lixxx to both of them if i caused u any problems.



This pic is by JobblerJ and its called GLORIA. Love her avi and the light coming thru. Its THE SEXIEST® today!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: Wet and Messy with Sasha Grey!

That's right - she needs no introduction - the indisputable Queen of Filth, the inimitable Sasha Grey!  Sasha is like the atom bomb of modern porn.  She's done everything (and I mean everything!) - and done it with class, style and an intensity that can only be described as nuclear.  Her blow jobs and anal scenes are legendary - can you say "no gag reflex"?  Gives me shivers just watching!  Lately she's crossed over into multiple mainstream media productions - but I'll always remember her as the hottest deep throat I've ever seen.

Jumpy jumpy boys and girls!  Click to view today's clip!


Even though I direct movies, I love starring in them even more. So I was thrilled when Lee Horngold asked me to be in one of his movies. Its called FUCKFEST and its out now on Naughty Machinima.

I loved the result. Its a very sexxxy movie with me and Alanah Jewell dancing and playing with each other on a pole.

Alanah is so gorgeous and sexy and hot. It was so much fun starring with her.

And as naughty and hot the action was with Alanah and me...

....it got even hotter when VanHelsing Svoboda and Lee decide to join us.

Its a fun and sexxxy film. And I loved being "back in the action."

Watch the "FUCKFEST" after the break by clicking READ MORE below.


The Second Life Pornstars are on Facebook! We're bringing all the naughtiness and sexxxiness of our inworld group out of world.

Anyone is welcome to join us. Just CLICK HERE

Pretty please...Mmmmmmmm...because we love it when u watch us!!


.Dreaming OF U

A lovely, lovely photo called DREAMING OF U by L a r a | U b e r t. This is an amazing photo with a great water effect. And its THE SEXIEST® today.


.Dreaming OF U

A lovely, lovely photo called DREAMING OF U by L a r a | U b e r t. This is an amazing photo with a great water effect. And its THE SEXIEST® today.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: Kayden Kross Likes it Slow and Sloppy!

Kayden Kross is definitely in the running for one of my favorite RL porn goddesses - she's hot as hell (duh), has an AMAZING body, and when I watch her scenes I feel like she really wants the viewer to connect to the scene and feel what she's feeling.  She's especially amazing at giving head - I love just about everything about blowjobs, admittedly.  But Kayden has this incredible slow, sloppy style - lots of sucking, licking, slow strokes with her tongue - it makes we wobbly-kneed just writing about it!  Don't get me wrong - I like the rough, fast, messy stuff too but when Kayden's at her best, I wanna just reach into the screen to help out!


By Aurora Bentham

Hair - Magika
Skin - Filthy (where is ...Hunt Gift)
Outfit - Regina's - Wild Pant Set - New


By Blaise Sparrowtree

Didya miss me, Pornstars? I'm so sorry about the absence yesterday. Sometimes RL just takes us by the naughty bits and demands our attention. *Grins* Even though Emanuelle posted a replacement pic for me to make up for yesterday (Muah! Thank you, babes!) I'm going to give you a double dose of sexiness. Consider this my sincerest apologies for missing... that, and I just couldn't choose!

Pick #1:

Therin 05271102

Omfg can you say, "Damn, sexy water?!" I've always loved water shots for their artistic quality, and I envy those that have a good enough computer to be able to run gorgeous sims like the one featured in this picture on ultra graphics and not crash. Something about the water and the calm, serene, natural setting makes this shot by LincG DAMN sexy and one of The Sexiest® pictures for today!

Pick #2:


I think I could just eat this one up... what ISN'T sexy about this picture?! Seriously... It appeals to my artistic side, the use of colors (or lack thereof) and shadows is spot-on, and the tattoos on the gorgeous model just heighten the sexual tension that positively GUSHES from this photo. I'm sure you can see why this shot by freddy.krimmer is ALSO one of The Sexiest® pictures of the day!


I've been wanting to review the great RUFF BROCCO's new film for a while now. I love it.

It's incredibly sexxxy and their are some hot but still artistic scenes to it.

Ruff and Taisha Corleone have a great chemistry...

...Which starts with a hot phone conversation at the beginning.

And ends with Ruff doing what he does best.

And Taisha loving it!!

Watch this hot sexxxy movie by BO$$ DADDY after the break. Just click READ MORE



Ok technically I'm going to say its still Friday because i just got home! (giggles)

Todays pic is by BigD Elcano. And its THE SEXIEST® of the day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: I Like 'Em Big Too!

Just so no one gets the wrong idea, I'd like to use today's post to show off the undeniably curvy, the super sexy, the crazy cute Jayden James!  She's such a great performer, I could watch her switch between cowgirl and reverse cowgirl all day - there's always something soft, hot and jiggly going on!  Plus, her pornstar name is the same as one of Britney Spears' kids - so that's a big bonus in my book!

Hope you enjoy watching Jayden's talent as much as I do!  You know what to do - follow the jump!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

HOT NEW BLOG: "Babewatch XXX Pics"

Here's a hot new blog. It is for XXXcb and his production company.

You will want to go there to check out his very erotic BABEWATCH series of photos!!

You can check out his blog HERE. He's also linked on the right side of this blog.

Get the URL for the website and see more BABEWATCH pics after the break:


by Blaise Sparrowtree

Mmm... g'morning my dirty dirty porn lovers. Boy do I have another picture for you today...


Maybe I'm just in a really romantic mood today (it wouldn't be the first time) or maybe it's the artsy side of me coming out once more in the way that the light/lack of light is used in this one (or, say it with me, maybe it's just the fact that I STILL haven't been laid in awhile...) but this one definitely caught my eye today.

The shadows are gorgeous, and so is the setting... oh, and the models aren't half bad either. *Winks* The look on her face like she's just nonchalantly riding his cock... like a morning ritual. God, it really gets the fires going, to be honest. :-)

That being said, this wonderful shot by Jeanne Sahara is definitely The Sexiest® today!

Director Spotlight - Deelite Zenovka and Rysan Fall

Deelite and Rysan are widely acknowledged as being at the very top of our scene. Views, ratings, and glowing comments accompanying every film release underline this fact too. Being part of another couple involved in the SL porn scene myself i can guess how much fun they have on their projects, and how much they become a artistic labour of love. I think this shows through increasingly in Deelite and Rysan's movies now. You do not get this great sense of style, artistic flare, and carefully crafted Machinima by cranking out several movies a week, or just going through the motions to keep yourself out there. These two love being around each other, and love creating together. It shows through and adds that extra sparkle.

Rysan and Deelite i believe subscribe to the school of thought which says if you don't have a great idea you can run with and have fun with, or be inspired by enough to make it something quite special, then don't make it at all. Wait until you do, and deliver it in style.

Rysan is a true artist of all Machinima, not just porn. i urge anybody to check out his catalogue of truly great projects. When you throw this art into porn, and team him up with one of the sexiest girls on the SL porn scene, who has always herself been a director who delivers the most amazingly sexy innovative imagery. The combination is unbelievable. I believe they are in a small group of producers who truly "Direct" a movie to the point it becomes a work of art.

Rysan and Deelite may not have been the first to use voice, by they have certainly blazed a trail to become the undisputed top voice acting production team. Ironically, i think by doing this so well, and pioneering this genre as well as they have, rather than start a trend, they have most likely given others second thoughts and given them cold feet!

Rysan's voice is just damn sexy. Deelite too delivers amazingly sexy voice performances. They both have true acting skills. So good it adds another tier of professionalism to what would already be a polished movie.

What can you expect from this team? When you see their "Effects Tests" more finely crafted than 90% of other full productions, you can get a sense of the level of quality on show. It helps also that they both look as good as they sound. You'd expect a couple who deliver such great visuals to look hot of course, and they do! Their movies hit you with stunning imagery, hot sexy scenes, shots designed from the ground up to look amazing through the "In Camera" effects achieved within Second Life, such as windlight settings, and animations. Combined with skillful post production in programs like Adobe After Effects. Anybody taking the path of planning their scenes so well in world, and having a true "Post Production" phase is on the right path. Effort and creative thinking always show through, but in the hands of two skilled artists like Deelite and Rysan it becomes something very special.

If you just want to have fun in Second Life Porn, don't let anybody stop you. You can be a porn star, have fun and make a lot of movies, meet a lot of people and have a blast. However, If you want to reach the top, wow the audience, set standards, and step back from your work and be probably the proudest people in Second Life. Then watch ( and watch again, there are so many details to see. ) , learn, and be inspired by Rysan Falls and Deelite Zenovka.

By Serenity Juneberry.

More after the Jump...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

REAL LIFE PORN: Meet Victoria Sin!

By Daphne Schorr

Ah, the lovely Victoria Sin...  What can I say, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched me in my videos or seen any of my photo shoots - I have a special affinity for the small-busted ladies of porn.  Make no mistake, though - Victoria's not just a sexy, delicious example of good things in little packages* - her luscious dark hair, dreamy eyes and most all, the raw, sheer enthusiasm she displays in her scenes give them all that so, so hot extra tingle that makes good porn ... amazing!

So without further ado!  Follow the jump for the today's RL porn video pick!

* I believe that Ms. Sinn has since got herself some lovely implants - which, by the way, I have absolutely no problem with whatsoever!  They look great!

REAL LIFE PORN: Meet Victoria Sin!

REAL LIFE PORN: Victoria Sin!

Ahh, Victoria... If you've watched any of my own photos or videos, it probably comes as no surprise that I feel a special bond with the A and B-cup gals in the porn biz... (I believe that since this video was shot, she has got herself some lovely implants - which, by the way, I have _no_ problem with!)

Victoria Sin has been a long-time favorite of mine, but not only because I think she's got a hot, lean and mean body - her thick, dark hair, dark eyes and lusty enthusiasm for her "work" give all her videos that extra hot tingle. Without further ado! Follow the jump for the video!


Hello, my dirty Porn lovelies! Blaisey here again. A little bit later than yesterday's, but I have another sexy pick for you again today.... Are you ready?


Sexy-ass girl straddling someone's lap aside, look at the face on the one being straddled. She looks so damned... happy? Content? Either way, the look is definitely a good one for her... as well as the people behind her. Everyone looks extremely happy to be there, and even though you can't see the face of the dancer... I think that's half the eroticism of it... the anonymity. *Grins*

This wonderful picture by trannyconcubines is definitely The Sexiest® for today!


Sexy, sassy, cheeky & loud, Aurora has recently made her fiftieth movie & has been in around seventy five all told. If there is a taboo to be broken, or a boundry to be pushed, then Rora is most likely to be found at the forefront of the charge. Love her or hate her, never make the mistake of thinking that this girl is one dimensional.

1. What is your favorite position?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: Cowgirl. So I can control the depth and speed, and also get my breasts and clit stimulated at the same time.

2. What is your least favorite position?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: None. I like all positions. I'm an adventurous girl.

3. What turns you on?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: Intelligence. Brains is my biggest turn on. Someone that can hold an amazing conversation with me and click on different levels. That will win me over above anything.

4. What turns you off?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: People that don't take pride in their appearance. Slobs, drama seekers, men that only care about sex.

5. What sound do you love?
 Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: I'm a country girl. So the sounds of a quiet evening , crickets, birds, wolves howling, a small stream running. Just that quietness that you get right at dusk before nighttime.

6. What sound do you hate?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: My hubby when he snores.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: ohh, this is a good one. Now many girls get offended by this but I love the word 'Cunt.' I used to think it was bad myself. But it just sounds so dirty and nasty so theres something about it that I love. I like it better then pussy.

8. What was your favourite role?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: Oh theres so many movies that I have been in and with so many people its so hard to choose. But I'd have to say when I played myself in 'Life With DeeDee - Sneaking Out' It was fun to be able to get into a voice dialogue role. And Rysan and Deelite are so much fun. And we have so many giggles when filming.

9. What is your favourite movie?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: Okay so I would say anything by Pixie Rain. But my favorite is Personal Jesus done by her. I find her style so different, creative and unique compared to a lot of others. And she is like me, she doesn't mind pushing the envelope when making a film.

10. How did you get started in the Adult Movie Industry?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: I used to Rp at BPN a year ago. And met Vanhelsing there. And he showed me a video done by Dee. So I did a photoshoot with him. And after that I ended up getting friended on flickr by Emanuelle and Dee and bunch of others. And then met them one night at Emanuelle's party before she got the name change.

11. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Aurora (Bentham) Kahanamoku: Holy Fuck. Its Aurora Bentham !


My old friend, the great AmyKitten Parx has come back to the Naughty Side!!

Amy's now a very successful property developer. But she still loves to have "sexploits!"

So while she's not producing movies again (a shame because she used to hold the record for most SL adult films directed), SHE IS showing hot new pics of her sexy adventures on her website.

You can check them out by CLICKING HERE.

So welcome back to naughtiness Amy!! We missed you!!
More sexxxy pics of "The Kitten" after the jump!!