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The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ February 29

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The Sexiest Photos of the Day

Exhibitionists: Lil' Frenchie elo

Today is the closing day of the exhibit of one fine artist whose work many of you follow on Flickr and that grace The Sexiest® flickr group often. Set up by the owner of Corruption, an exquisitely well put together hangout (members only, but access to the gallery is totally free), Elo à nu is a real experience, and a prime example of erotic art in a discreet and tasteful stage that makes the visual poetry stand out in all its detail.

Elo à Nu

There you have then, the words of the artist, 'lil frenchie' Elorac Paule.

- The most obvious question, forgive me if it's so common: how did you start taking pictures in SL? Initially, shots erotic and sensual in nature were sparse and in between, now seem more prevalent, is it just my impression?

" I came to photography because of a man, Truth has been my partner for almost two years. He taught me the bases of SL photography because on simple shots, he thought i had "an eye", i learned much from him.
And yes I started with portraits, but now, as i want more and more my pics to express what i feel, the face is not enough anymore, I need hands, I need a body, would love bodiES too sometimes, I need legs, well, I need all :)
 Doing all these pics is quite therapeutic for me. I will say with no shame and no fear in a pic what I would never say directly to someone. I think I'm not the only one working like this.

Elo à Nu - Inoubliable

- Your style too evolved a lot through the years as we can see from your Flickr stream. From a technical point of view, what do you think made your work progress the most? Can you think of one or (more than one) "defining point" in your photography?

" Hmm, it's hard to answer, I can't tell or think about a really "defining point". Time and practice are the two words for me. I've not a high quality pc, I even work on a laptop btw, I do not use graphic tablet, only mouse, but I use 3 programs at the same time often. Photoshop, photoscape and photofiltre."

Elo à Nu - Hurt Me Like You Do

- On average, how long does it take for you to take a picture and post it? Is most of your work done in-world through the light that is so special and characterizing your latest production, how much work is your post-production?

" There's no rule, sometime I can take a pic in five minutes, sometime it can take me more than an hour, it's the same with the post-production. What I can say is that I like the light to be special already on the raw shot, but it happened the raw shot was insignificant but went to something beautiful after post processing, really I have no rules. "

Above: 'Before' and 'after' of 'So still - I don't wanna move' by Elo

- So, what motivated you into doing finally an exhibit, and is there a theme, a fil rouge if you will, in the pictures?

Gabriel, the owner of Corruption, offered me to do this exhibit, and as we are good friends, I thought it would not be stressful but fun, i knew he would help me in many ways, and he did, and it has been a success, I'm not sure it would have been one with someone else. It has been a real team work and I thank him for that.
About the "fil rouge", of course there's one, my forever fil rouge is love, but here I think the bdsm side makes it even more powerfull, a complete "don de soi" to the one you love. I know its not everybody's feeling about BDSM, but this is mine :) "


- Finally, is there something as an artist or just as a person in SL that you would like to do but haven't gotten around doing yet? I don't need you to be philosopical here, could be just to work with someone you admire but haven't done anything with yet :-)

[Smiles] "My wish is that I could express the same things I did for the exhibit but on couple pics, but I  think it will be hard to get my "ghost" lover to pose with me, lol !

Pixelated Truth

To conclude, I thank you very much Katina, to give me the opportunity to express myself here, and I thank also all the peoples who supported me all along this years, I would be nothing without them !"

Huge thanks again to Elo for patience answering, and for putting together so many memorable photos. And to Gabriel4botto, owner of Corruption, for his support and for the great work supporting a remarkable artist. Follow Elo on Flickr if you don't already, and if you wish, follow also the flickr group for Corruption, and perhaps pay a visit!

Still life

Exhibit photo courtesy of the gallery owner Gabriel4botto

And you readers, thanks for perusing the blog and if you too are involved in SL porn and want to add something to the blog coverage, drop me a line, please!