Friday, February 28, 2014


The biggest thing that causes lag is SCRIPTS.

So to make sure everyone can enjoy the show today, we've got a strict


AO's, scripts in shoes, hair, collars, emoters, Xcite parts and especially Lola Tangos breasts all will add to that total.

So what can you do to keep your SCRIPT LAG down as you're preparing for The Sexiest® Awards Show?

It's easy!


Tips and Advice from Pornstars

I started a new idea at Porn Info Center in second life

when it comes to working with the new people.. We now have a small studio set up to the right of the center... the info photo on front.. click it and you will get a notecard/interview. Send it back to me
( Eva Brunswick) with your NAME on it please. I will get a photo dressed and undressed or partial
of you and this will be your introduction the the New person gallery blog posts. Be sure to check out the info center there is alot of notecard givers with info for men and women starting in porn, lists of directors and photographers and lists of blogs to check out. ALSO if your not on those lists and want to be .. hit me up in world with your info id be happy to add you! 

Not much to pass on this month for tips and advice i apologize its been crazy in months topic tho is for you men.. and seeing its for the men i need a few men to interview and photos... its about ..what is your fav male attachement to wear.. brand and why Areos or excite  or whatever is out there.. i have no clue and when i get a new guys asking me i know brands but .. as far as i can go .. so if youd like to sit down and chat with me about your pole...or showme what you got... *grins* then hit me up inworld.

                      Eva B and Elroy Click

that's all i have... short and sweet.. good luck to all this sunday in the awards.. and to give a little smile on all the .... excitement.... (i just try to remember  everyone has their own creative styles and way we portray it and do our work... what might look great  to one person might not to another..).
and its morning i need my coffee so take that as you will and here is a funny  pic of my sl brother
Finn Millar and I..

The Sexiest Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : Feb 28

The Sexiest Photo Of The Day


Take. By Trysten M. He's simply one of the very best at high quality Porn Photography. Trysten is awesome to work with too, and all the while the model knows they have something special to see when the pics are finally realeased. With Trysten getting together with another top Pornstars Photographer and Model, Kei Frequency, it was always going to produce something great, and it's our Sexiest Photo Of The Day!

The Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day


Seddy. By Elroy Click. it's great to give a debut appearance on this feature. Today we have 'Seddy' (Sedated Constantine) captured so well by Elroy. awesome lingerie, and a awesomely sexy look! Congrats you're The Sexiest Pornstar Of The Day!


The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 28

Less Than Three

Welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery. Less than three. Less than three days to the big awards thing, but also, oh how conveniently, the title of this sexy picture by Jadelyn McAuley, featuring Ryann Hendrassen and Megzi Babii. And look below! I am keen on featuring more Jadelyn, this time with Spirit Eleonara having a yummy time. Or a sticky and sweet time, in Spirit's interpretation of the scene on the following picture.

Now if you are more into salty, i can suggest you the Tatiana Easterwood diet, just don't go overboard like she does, as shown in her picture with Dominic Dawes. On with the rest of the gallery now please!
With Willow Onskan, Shuougun with JayJay Moyet and City in a pic, then in the other with Sweet Mels and ....OMG is it Laura Demonista? Seriously, why is it that you guys don't feature her more in your pictures? Now i am going to blog more of her awesome work as photographer too, of course.
Following Shu,there's 2 recent pics from Laura. I am sure by now she has already made a dozen. Staying in B/W mood, i give you Eva Brunswick with Thorgal McGillivary, CC, Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko. Back in colour mode with Verity Vandex getting down and dirty with MeyMey, Cassandra Hastings, Beth MacBain, Echo Bergman featuring Jason Livewired, Stolen Sword portraying Mistyk Shinn, and we close with a pic about 'Censorship' by Merryl Panthar, you can read the story behind it in the pic description. Have a great day!

Yummy Sticky and Sweet Addiction ! willow soft blue light Morning sharing.... Double.... R&R Siren being a Good Girl... Cock Study in B&W "*PS*Studio" Stuffed by Mey Mey With Big Uncle Words fail me... for once Afterglow end of catwomen's fight CENSOR (please read description)

The Sexiest® Sexiest Awards Spotlight : Sexiest® Best Director

We thought we'd take a better look at the nominations for The Sexiest Awards. featuring the individual category, with a mini gallery to introduce the nominee's.

Here are the five hopeful's going for this award.

The Sexiest® Best Director

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.

Kidnapped - Barbiedoll Resident.
Succubus- Miss Emily.
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.
Toys in the Attic - Thorgal McGillivary.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Sexiest Awards Spotlight : Best Female Model

We thought we'd take a better look at the nominations for The Sexiest Awards. featuring the individual category, with a mini gallery to introduce the nominees.

Here are the five hopefuls going for this award.

The Sexiest Female Model ( Photography. )

Bewitched Difference.
Fleur Coco.
Jeanne Sahara.
Laura Demonista.
Zaria Velde.


Canned Beauty

Dream a Little Dream

Art Nouveau


The Sexiest® Photo And Pornstar Of The Day : Feb 27

The Sexiest® Photo Of The Day

~Light day~

Light Day. By Luaflor Moo. Spring is almost here, long days at the seaside, in the sun, naked, with a small bird for company are just around the corner. As seen in this quite beautiful, and stunning picture. it had to be our Sexiest® Photo Of The Day!

The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day

Maria (2.26.14.b)

Maria Amor. By Kei Frequency. From the February issue of Busted Magazine. Top Pornstars Photography from Kei. The captures and editing work is really top of the line here, showing off Maria at her very best, and making her an irresistible choice for The Sexiest® Pornstar Of The Day! Congrats.

Maria (2.26.14.a)

Maria (2.26.14)

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 27


Welcome to today's Official Pornstars® Gallery. Oh i miss the motivational posters. Don't you? We have a funny one by filmmaker (and storyteller) extraordinaire Thorgal McGillivary, here photographing fellow Dutch pornstar Ayara Illios. They say "don't drink and drive", but i don't that applies to Thor driving into her. But let's move on now!

We have Charlottexoxoxo well presented by James Wolfgang (two pics from one amazin set), Zuby Gloom always being at the top of her creative game, Marika Blaisdale, Babygirl, Erika Thorkveld, Mystik Shinn featuring Carla Draesia, two pics by Meg Corral, Carmen Luscious. Then, as you may notice, Sandra Palletier is back from her short break! We have two pics from her too. Then one from Maria featuring Scooby Mode, Woozer featuring Ari, then we are back with Ayara, here with Rachel Swallows in a set by Bud Solo. Do check out his blog so you don't miss out the story! Now we are done with Ayara for today and to check out more of her you'll have to get to the party in-world. But first...two more pictures, one by Lou Moonlight featuring Mirko Panacek, the other by Daimaju Clowes. And it's with a heavy heart that i leave you for today, but i'll be here again soon. See ya!

Charllotte - Its a Kind of Magic Photo A Charllotte - New Girls of 2014 Photo C Black and White The Sexual Revolution Of The Steam Robots The Sexual Revolution Of The Steam Robots When the music is not over But Daddy...! Personally, I'm more into boots… 14 You Wish Grind Expecting Suck me. A crop session Pounding  Hard....... Could be anywhere in the world, but we right here.. SunningSurprise6 SunningSurprise7 SunningSurprise10 New Paddle Pool by Batteries Not Included It's yours....