Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards 2014 : Nominations

The Sexiest Awards - March 2nd

The scoring by head judge 'October Bettencourt's panel of Judges for round one of The Sexiest® Awards is complete, and has now arrived with us at the Blog. Round one scoring establishes all our Nominees. Judges now move on to Round 2 scoring which will decide the category winners.

The organisers of The Sexiest® Awards announce Nominations for...

The Sexiest® Newcomer.

Ashlynn Jameson.

Bewitched Difference.
Emma Starr Chant (emmamaystar). 
James Wolfgang.
Zuby Gloom.

The Sexiest® Movie Story.

Barbiedoll Resident -  Kidnapped.

Miss Emily - SUCCUBUS, The motion picture.
Nik Arlington- A Blank Canvas.
Raelin Jestyr - Night Shift.

The Sexiest® Male Model ( Photography. )

Bud Solo.
Copernico Ferraris.
Graham Collinson.
Hard Rust.
Virgil. ( Virgilius08 Resident ). 

The Sexiest® Female Model ( Photography. )

Bewitched Difference.

FleurCoco Resident.
Jeanne Sahara.
Laura Demonista.
Zaria Velde.

The Sexiest® Movie Actress.

Ayara -PĪИҚ- Sparta-Illios - Breaking In The New Bed.

Bacardi Lexenstar - The Abduction of Alicia Haze.
Evangeline Brunswick - Toys in the Attic.
Leannan Lockjaw ( Suff Lockjaw. ) - MILF and Cookies.
Miss Emily - SUCCUBUS, The motion picture.

The Sexiest® Movie Actor.

James Wolfgang - Farmers Daughter.
Jinx Jiersen - Vibrations In Time.
Meta Lord - Global Rez Noise: 'G.O.D.' [ #Galaxy #Orgasm #Dildonics].
SweetMelons - Urban Legend Busters.
Thorgal McGillivary - Creep.

The Sexiest® Photograph.

Copernico Ferraris - Waterlove.
Laura Demonista -Somewhere Else.
Raelin Jestyr - I want you.
Spirit Eleonara - Blue.
Sugar Vegas (babygirl Luv) - Tied Up.

The Sexiest® Best Director

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.

Kidnapped - Barbiedoll Resident.
Succubus- Miss Emily.
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.
Toys in the Attic - Thorgal McGillivary.

The Sexiest®  Best Film

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.

Breaking in the new bed - Ayara -PĪИҚ- Sparta-Illios.
Fuck you all the time - London Zane.
Night shift - Raelin Jestyr.
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.


  1. Thank you alot of great talent in there :)!!

  2. WOW for once I am lost for words - ty for the nomination and good luck to all <3

    Sugar Vegas

  3. OMFG...speechless here. Thank you very much for the nominations, and good luck to everyone!

  4. *grins*
    some very weird (and in my opinion simply wrong) nominations on there...
    but congrats to all nominees and good luck to all!

  5. Its not wrong. I am quite reasonably not bad!

  6. my 2 cents;