Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion News !!

Shop Chic, Shop Free*Style.
On a budget? This is the place to go!
Shop Free*Style isn't merely a freebies store, it's a gifties store, with items ranging from $0L on up to $50L.

Belleza Best Buys – March
If you missed the details of this new monthly event here is what you need to know:
BBB is every first weekend of the month
Skins are exclusive to our main store
Discounted price of L$400 each
BBB lasts *3* days only!
For this month’s round they have the 3 men’s skins and 3 women’s skins:
The women’s makeups will be sold in 4 skin tones and then men’s in 3.
Belleza Best Buys begins today and runs through the 3rd.

Fabulously Free in SL 
Designers: Contact Renee Lowenhart (group OWNER) if you would like a designer tag to send out notices.

Dirty Little Girls Fashion
Deka Teardrop aka Moonie and Dominique blog naughty girl fashion. If you need it naughty and hot this is a blog to watch.
They will be blogging the coming Whore Couture Fair

Whore Couture Fair 2
This is big one girls , don't miss it! It begins March 1st to 31st, 2013 ALSO Serenity and Emmanuelle posted some excellent tips on getting LOW ARC and low lag for the Pornstar Awards, I highly suggest you take that seriously for these fair events as well as most are now not letting anyone scripted even into the sims at all.

Monthly event for the prim endowed. Quality breast applier clothing from several top notch designers in one convenient location. Just an FYI, supporting these designers is also supporting fellow pornstar group members. Many of these designers are people you know from right here.

Free decent cum layers and prims for girls! Erika Thorkveld did the leg work on this! Awesome find for those on a budget. Pop over to her blog spot and have a look at the details for this one.

Whore Couture Monthly Edition (WCME)

Held on the American Bazaar sim and dedicated exclusively to designers already accepted into the Whore Couture Fair 2, The Whore Couture Monthly Edition (WCME) will start April 5th, 2013 and will be held every 5th of the month.

Regrouping 28 top quality designers for each round, this new monthly event will promote the Whore theme all year round : very sexy, provocative, hot ... and whorish fashion!

Don't forget Sufferingfrom Lockjaw, she makes great poses and is willing to do customs as well. Pop over to her store on the Cleavage Sim! IM her to request custom work.  Erotipose @ Cleavage.

Going Bust @ Cleavage Sim. Every 2 weeks participating designers will make an Exclusive item, for at least 100L and place it out for the Going Bust event.

Hunt Groups for Men and Women, the Mensstuff and Womansstuff ! Plus awesome group gifts. I've done this one and all of the stuff is excellent quality items.

{The Boobies Planet}

The March 1 starts a new round the planet boobies.
With a host of new features, including new designers, new things and of course new group gift!

Skin Fair 2013 is almost here and its sure to be an exciting event with over 80 different skin brands. The event will consist of 2 sims with an amazing layout that pretty much makes it so that every store is close to the landing spot! An official group in world will open to the public closer to the event start date. An official blog is not up at the moment but when we have that information, it will be post right away.
Group Join for Skin Fair.


... Just skin ...

Just skin ... by Angeli Optera. Another new photographer on the blog, which is great to see more of just lately. Congrats Angelia, you're THE SEXIEST® OF THE DAY!

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You : Suff's Motel Hook Up!

We feature some very nice, or i guess i should say very naughty photo sets here on the Blog. We love the story board, or picture stories and sequences we see produced and uploaded to The Sexiest Group.

Joining the likes of Raelin producing these, is Suff Lockjaw. Looking fantastic here, and very hot, together with George Tweak. Like all good stories, it has a very happy ending!

This one was made to be accompanied by this music track :

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I was browsing at Naughty Machinima today, and stumbled upon this video. It's a simple concept, of a guy coming home from work to a very warm welcome from his partner.

It stands out, because it's shot and framed very nicely, the avatars look just just great. The setting is also lovely. With stylish use of depth of field.

It's short and to the point, and i look forward to future projects from them. I hope they can find a great vehicle for a shoot of this standard to sit inside. This one shows flashes of a very promising future for its producers and cast.

At the moment aside from the "Massive Media" studio text in the video intro we have no idea who the cast is, or a in world Directors name. The video ends abruptly, with no end credits. The video is directed by a screen name "SOrmr" at Naughty Machinima.

Watch the movie after the Jump!


Goodbye To Innocence

Goodbye To Innocence. By Kirsty Oherlihy above, and Jordie Blondie by Jordana Baily below. Are our SEXIEST® OF THE DAY! For yesterday, and today!

New profile_JordieBlondie

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Pink Productions Casting: MadMax Upshaw

Ayara has been grabbing some new guys on the scene. getting them along to a casting call. Along with Moonie's casting couch in full swing right now, guys better watch out!

Ayara : "MadMax Upshaw reacted to my Casting Call, so i invited him over to my work room to see what he's got."

Pink Productions Casting: MadMax Upshaw

Pink Productions Casting: MadMax Upshaw

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The Getaway... Part 1 preview

Been a little bit busy, but as you can see above the Gallery is back with a bang! With Hoobs and Meg Corral starting things off.

Also starring on the gallery in order of appearance : Envy Watts, Colleen Criss, Viviane Rosa, Serenity Juneberry, and more Colleen after the jump!

I'm a very good girl....

CC Final

Abandoned House!!

Serenity In The Desert ( Not Dessert. )

More Colleen after the jump!!!


Featuring pictures from Hard Rust, Jeanne Sahara, and Serenity Juneberry.

As you all know we had a lovely night out ( in Europe any way. ) on Sunday the 24th of February, at the Sexiest Film Awards Dress Rehearsal! You all looked stunning, and quite amazing too. Cannot wait to see you all again.

Serenity and Louise.
I don't get out so much to such glamorous surroundings, so i loved my time at the beautiful Awards venue, and seeing friends. Finding out which people are really lovely via IM's, Facebook, and Twitter. Hearing from supportive, helpful, and truly great friends. Events really underlined what's important to me, and who.

Emmanuelle Jameson
Emmanuelle Jameson. By Jeanne Sahara.
Thanks to LL servers taking out several sims on Sunday night and some other people. Things ran far from smoothly. But those like Emmanuelle and Mids involved in organising and building the show, never got to build a wonderful venue, or built the biggest SL Porn Group, or the biggest SL Porn Blog without knowing a thing or two! Ensuring when the Awards Night proper is announced it will be better, and more sensational than ever!

Emmanuelle, Jinx, Serenity.

I'm also very grateful for more opportunities to dress up in my little French Maids outfit again ( so are my Mistresses Arwen and Louise for that matter. ), and polish all those Awards Statues some more while i look after them for all the Nominee's and Winners!

The downside was, i got upset because i was looking forward to seeing some happy deserving people up on stage with their statues, which Mirko worked so hard on to produce ( omg did i just say "hard on"? ).  That'll happen, just as soon as we use the info gained to produce the best show ever! So, it's all on ice, for a week or two, or maybe a little more to ensure everybody can free their calendars. But you know we're all way too hot to be on ice too long.

So it won't be too long a wait. More good news is we've had more contributions to the Nominee's gift bags during this unscheduled break, with a store card from Aurora, and Erotic Poses from Suff Lockjaw, joining the Warm Animations Gifts, Mirko's Lingerie sets, and mens swim sets inside the bags.

Really, a huge, huge thank you for every bodies patience, kind messages, and support.

Spirit Eleonara, Hard Rust, and Naiya Valeska.


Public Disgrace 3 - The Tresspasser

 Laura Demonista's "Public Disgrace" Series, put together here on the Blog. Laura's B&W is always full of depth, detail, Drama, and often, a lot of fun. I thought you'd enjoy this collection, gathered together from THE SEXIEST® Group.

Public Disgrace 4 - Public Sale

public disgrace 5 - Nightshift

public disgrace 7 - Another Park N Play

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Monday, February 25, 2013


We had to postpone THE SEXIEST® AWARDS after a bit of Second Life bad luck.

First there was a server crash and then a griefer attack.

Serenity and I want to thank everyone for their patients yesterday and good humor.

We're already getting this stuff fixed and are already planning to make the show even better.

It won't be right away, so we can give everyone time to clear their real life schedules and be here again.

We may have had to postpone but believe me, the show WILL go on.



Inititate. By Laura Demonista. We're always treated to amazing pics from Laura, for a variety of reasons. Fun, creative, imaginative, and just plain sexy. Congrats, you're THE SEXIEST® OF THE DAY!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sexiest Awards Postponed.

 Emmanuelle Jameson: Hi all,

We had some bad luck. Between a server and griefers, we couldn't hold the Sexiest Awards show today.

But we will make it even better, fine tune things, tighten security and have a new show in just a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience. You were all wonderful and supportive today.

Editors note : I feel really sorry that a lot of great work done by many people never got an end result today. I'm very disappointed nominee's and winners never got their rewards just yet, and hope there won't be too much of a delay before it happens. it's sad too for everybody, organisers, performers, and all involved. Thanks to everybody who supported us.


The last big Party was for the Million Blog Views and Million Movie. At Club Erotique. Lets make this one even bigger and better at the Sexiest Awards Venue!
The SEXIEST® Film Awards "After Party" will be promoted in the Pornstars group, and SLURL's posted in chat, and on notices later today. Party Planner DJ Moonie has made it this weeks official Pornstar party, moving it for one week only to today from its usual Saturday slot. All group members are invited.

It will take place at the Awards Venue, a beautiful purpose built site for this years show. The start time is estimated to be around 1.45pm - 2.00pm SL Time. If you're around, and have Group Chat open, you won't miss it.

Party Reporter, and SEXIEST® Awards photographer Keeley Snowfall will be there, and we hope to get some hot shots for the Pornstars Blog featuring you!

Join us and have a great time! xox

IMPORTANT: 25 Script Limit For All SEXIEST® AWARDS Attendees!


The biggest thing that causes lag is SCRIPTS.

So to make sure everyone can enjoy the show today, we've got a strict


AO's, scripts in shoes, hair, collars, emoters, Xcite parts and especially Lola Tangos breasts all will add to that total.

So what can you do to keep your SCRIPT LAG down as you're preparing for The Sexiest® Awards Show?

It's easy!


Saturday, February 23, 2013



Tasty. By Tess Falworth. Here i was, all content with the Cup Cakes, Coffee, and Wi Fi at my local coffee shop! Now it all seems a bit mediocre. Congrats Tess, you're THE SEXIEST® OF THE DAY!