Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Earlier this week, the legendary Roberto Highfield removed all his films from Naughty Machinima.
Which means there is a new person who now has the most films on NM.

Before I reveal who that is, a few words on why I keep track of this.

Some people have brought up a good point. That "Most films" encourages people to just put anything out on Naughty Machinima or the Naughty Bitch. That it's not good for the bandwidth of the site. Or for SL art.

Valid points.

But the reason I include it, is because people want to act in films. And this was a good way to show who was actually making films. There are other ways to encourage quality (a big announcement on that later), but this is about encouraging people to get out there and do what our group loves to do: Make sexy movies.

And now find out which person who has made the most films by clicking READ MORE below.


Hard Rust has done a series of "Incorigible" posters. The latest is done by Aspen Huntress and Hard is...well..."excited" about her work :)

Here's what he says:

I have loved Aspen's art and she did not dissappoint!  She actually produced two outstanding posters and it was a very difficult choice, but I am sure you will agree, it is top-notch quality!  Thank you, Aspen!

Can't wait to see the next one!!! And you can see the link to the other one she did after the break

HOT NEW CLUB: The Spice Rack

Spice Rack owner Sleepy Umia
I do hope everyone is enjoying the SPICE RACK, the club exclusively built for our group, THE PORNSTARS.  It's a beautiful place to dance and party. And Sleepy Umia and Alyssa, thanks for making it!

Here's a link for the club, just CLICK HERE. There's also a film of the club and some beautiful members of our THE PORNSTARS group in a film by Pelon Beaton. It's right after the jump


Originally uploaded by Shakira Skirr
This is called "Intimate" by the great photographer and model Shakira Skirr. It's our final THE SEXIEST of the month of November!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Kathrein Henhouse's "LOST IN SPACE"

Kathrein Henhouse is one of my mentors. She was the first woman that I knew of who did Adult SL cinema. The first female actress and the first female director. Her films always remind me what a craftsman she is and how lacking my own are.

Her latest film is called LOST IN SPACE. Kat claims:

"...the clip is not really a sexclip, I tried some new light settings and shadow effects with the Phoenix viewer. Have fun and enjoy the show...."

She couldn't be more wrong. It's super sexy. Her avi is very hot and the animations are fantastic. And the lighting and sets are beautiful.

Take a look. I know I've learned a lot from Kathrein. I'm sure watching her movie, you will too!

(click READ HERE to see it)



This is a great new pic by the amazing amazing Jane Victoria. Look at the way it tells a story just by looking at it. All the detail is outstanding. It's THE SEXIEST!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Emanuelle on Wikipedia!!!

Ok...I gotta say, this one shocked me.

I was Googling my name, trying to find a pic for the blog, when I learned that someone did a WIKIPEDIA entry for me!!!!

Whoever did that, I'm touched you think I'm worth putting in an enciclopedia. But you are very mistaken :)

Have a look. The link is right after the jump. Honestly, it makes me giggle every time I see it.

Emanuelle Jameson's Wikipedia entry!!


We've had a lot of fun recently with comedy making the rounds in our SL Adult world. But this week two very dramatic police movies came out. Both are excellent. Both are ambitious and moving.

The first is the latest installment of the popular LOCK UP series by the great Alyssa Drechsler. Usually in police stories, it's got as much plot as a stripper in a police uniform. But this time Alyssa really gets emotional with some of the things that have happened to her character Natalie. It's all very well done and acted. And I understand that Alyssa actually makes HER OWN SETS. So bravo to her!! Doing a story of this size is so hard to do in SL. It's a LOT of story and she keeps telling it very well.

The next movie is by Rayven Baily and it's called WHO KNEW. It's a very sad and very touching look at a couple. I won't give away the surprise ending but i got very choked up watching it. Rayven seems to have been through a lot in RL and it shows in what she is bringing to the screen.

Both of these are really interesting and different. If you are looking for something to get you off, maybe try one of the movies below. But if you like watching people take SL adult films in an artistic direction than you will find these interesting.

You can watch them both by clicking READ MORE.


I had the honor this weekend of posing for the great photographer Ryan Tuni, who Eddi Haskell introduced me to. I was part of his JUNGLE LOVERS theme along with Ryan and Ryce Skytower. :)

Ryan is a real gentleman, a great photographer and a very handsome man!!! If anyone needs some pics done, you should call him. Enjoy a small sample of his work!

You can click on the pics to see them full sized. And there are more pics after the break!!


With the Thanksgiving holiday almost over, this is usually the last day for leftovers. So I wanted to end this Holiday weekend with some of films made with some of the hottest sex we've seen the last few weeks.

There's FARMER'S DAUGHTER by the great Alyssa Drechsler. It's very hot sex with Quinn Ying.

And RAGS TO RICHES, a femboy version of PRETTY WOMAN by CeCe Luminos

CHATEAU DE ROISSY by Pelon Beaton is my favorite Pelon movie so far. It has a great pastel color to it and everything about it makes me think of France.

All the movies and their descriptions by clicking READ MORE


Sun and Moon
Originally uploaded by Connie Arida
This is "Sun and Moon" by the great Connie Arida. It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Why am i dressed as a bunny? Because I have been hopping around NM and NB checking out everyone's movies.

A lot of directors have put out a lot of films the last few days. Here's a great sampler of six films done posted in the last few days starring Scooby Mode, Tyler Rage, Cybercat Bekkers, Quinn Ying, Candi Mendle and many more!!!

You can watch them by clicking READ MORE, just below here.


Sammie is back! And he's got two new movies. My fav is MY BEST FRIENDS SISTER with that awesome poseball hopper, Krystall Pearl.

You can watch this and his other comeback film, by clicking READ MORE below.


In the last week there have been 4 new movies on NM by ADULT VIDEO COMPANY. One of them, SEXCRETARY doesn't seem to want to play for me. But the other three are strong work.  All there films have been very professional and has included great casts taken from our THE PORNSTARS group.

My fav of the bunch is ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT starring Drew McDunnough, Dee Plaid, Ivori Faith and the always amazing Gesabelle Loon (we don't see enough of you!!)

To see ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and their other 2 movies, take a look after the jump!

New Pics on FLICKR

Emanuelle Back
Originally uploaded by Emanuelle Jameson


You can see these pics on my new Emanuelle Jameson site:


Two Anniversaries Today For Eddi

Today is the 2nd ANNIVERSARY of EDDI HASKELL'S BLOG. It's a great blog with a lot of insights to SL. I know I get a lot of news and links to it.

And he's also celebrating his 2nd Anniversary with his partner Jago. So again, our congrats on that.
Here's the info to his party. It promises to be a fun event.


Originally uploaded by Celtic Edenflower
This pic by the always amazing Celtic Edenflower is THE SEXIEST.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another 10000

Only a day after Ruff and Scooby join the 10000 Club, Aurora Bentham joins these accomplished filmmakers. Her masterpiece, THE DREAM, just passed 10000 views on Naughty Machinima.

According to Aurora:

One night Aurora has vivid intense dreams about a hot sexual encounter. Only to be woken shortly afterwards. She goes on about her daily life. A customer comes in her work and she begins to have flashbacks. Only to shortly realize this is the man and her dream is about to come true.... I am doing something different here and I am using my real voice in the scenes . I really ended up getting into it. I hope you enjoy as much as I did 

Congrats! And enjoy an encore performance after the jump.

THE SEXIEST- November 26th


Always love Jane Victoria's work. I think she might be the best out there. And today hers is THE SEXIEST

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I thought this was a great Thanksgiving photo for the blog. And then I saw ANOTHER one that blew me away.

Take a look after the break. Just click READ MORE to see THE HOTTEST THANKSGIVING PICTURE EVER.


For her 40th movie, Aurora did a very cool thing. She put together clips of all her movies into a greatest hits sort of thing.

It's fun and very sexy. And you can see by watching it why she's a great star in SL. Also she was very gracious at the end and thanked a lot of people. It was fun to see some names from the past i haven't thought of in a while.

And that's just one more reason it's our DON'T MISS MOVIE on this Thanksgiving Day.

Aurora's 40th, coming up after the break.


Here's a beautiful pic of my oldest friend in SL...Natalie Shuffle.

Someone i am very thankful to have met and THE SEXIEST.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ruff Brocco and Scooby Mod each just a had film pass the 10000 views mark on Naughty Machinima. It's very hard to do that. Congrats to both of these directors and their cast on entertaining so many.

The films after the jump!! Just click READ HERE below in this article.


PrinceJD Galicia has just started making movies. But he shows a really sure hand for it. This is a pretty straightforward sex film in some ways. But JD has a romantic side that I think women like me respond to in adult films. This is a pretty film with two of the most beautiful avis in SL. PrinceJD may be the most gorgeous man in SL. And everyone knows how beautiful Krystall Pearl is. She's everyone's favorite Poseball Hopper!!!!

It's a nicely made film. And I appreciate the touch at the beginning with the snow angels in the title. It shows me that as JD develops, he's going to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

The movie after the break!

THE SEXIEST - November 24th


Always good to have a hot RL photo. This is PARTY by Ricksami. It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We love ya!

DON'T MISS MOVIE: The Greatest Movie Ever!

I am not sure I can hype Scooby's newest enough. You really have to see it to appreciate it.

It's a work of art and brought joyful tears to my eyes.

It's like THE MATRIX (that's why you see all the numbers) but wayyyy sexier!

Congrats to Eddi and Jago

They will have been together 2 yrs this Sunday. Happy Anniversary SEXIES!!

THE SEXIEST - November 23nd

Caroline b&w portrait, originally uploaded by 10 MIX.
This is "Caroline b&w portrait" by 10 MIX. And it's THE SEXIEST today.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Thank you to everyone who came to our awesome THE PORNSTARS group party. There was a ton of dancing, jokes, nudity and sex. So I'm calling it a huge success!!!!

Special thanks to Madame Aprille Shepherd, for letting us enjoy her lag free Arabian sim!!! And especially to Candi THE BODY Mendle for changing her schedule and DJing the whole thing for free.

To see more party pics, just click READ MORE below.


The latest DON'T MISS movie is by the great Deelite Zenvoka. She's a huge talent and always pieces her work together in a sexy and provocative way.

In this film, Dee masturbates with basically every appliance in the house to a song called CALL ME.
And then she does things with a cellphone that I promise you Verizon does not have in their call plan!!!

It's called CALL ME and click READ MORE to watch it!!!

NEW DIRECTOR SHOWCASE: Frostbite Productions

Jordin has been making films for only 17 days but he's already filmed five productions. His films are straight ahead sex movies but the action is usually very good. I think he's going to get more artful and his films will only get hotter over time.

Give them a look. I think he's a director to watch in the coming days.

Below is a sample of some of his films after the jump.

THE SEXIEST - November 22nd

The Message
Originally uploaded by Connie Arida

This is THE MESSAGE by Connie Arida. And it's THE SEXIEST today!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DON'T MISS MOVIE: Gone Fishing by Rayven Baily

I love Rayven Baily's films. She's an original who has great stories and always tries to make something GREAT each time out. Rayven hasn't been making films a long time but she's already built up a fantastic body of work and is one of my favorite directors.

Her latest is GONE FISHING. And it's really funny. What she does is take the bad sex puns you hear in a lot of porn movie, and she made her whole dialogue that.

I was turned on and in tears laughing all at the same time. Here's a few samples.

I love it! So funny. And Chip and Rayven make a great couple, because well, along with being funny, Rayven is hot. (Speaking of hot, is it just me or would Rayven and the Queen of Porn, Krystall Pearl, be really sexy in a movie together. Hmmmmmm...I think I might have to direct that!!!)

Anyway, it's a great film. Give it a look after the break!!


I really appreciate how Scooby Mode started his latest movie, THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER 2 with a very experimental opening, so it felt like a dream. The film also has a great sex scene with the queen of SL adult films, Krystall Pearl. So hot!

The whole movie after the jump!

THE SEXIEST - November 21st

This is callled "Intimate with Ivori 9" by the lovely and respected Aurora Bentham, featuring the lovely and respected Ivori Faith. It's THE SEXIEST of the day.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A FAVOR TO ME: Please read

I don't like to comment on arguments people have usually.
But there's been a lot of sniping, criticism and hurt feelings in the group.

And I have a few things to get off my "Size 88 on EDIT APPEARANCE" chest. :)


Like my uncle always says (and he really does say this), "If you can't say something nice about someone, shut the fuck up."

Respect that someone made something. Good or bad, they made it.
We're all amateurs. It's cool that they even tried.

There's a way to criticize someone without tearing them down. Learn to do it.

If you can make someone better and build them up at the same time, you've made a friend for life.

No one likes criticism. But if you do get criticized or satirized, take it this way:

You were important enough for someone to notice.

You created something worthy of another person responding to it, positive or negative.
And that's kind of cool.

Try to take all comments, with a grain of salt, whether they are positive or negative.
If someone doesn't like what you did, that's their problem

Just do what's in your heart and what makes you happy.

Love to you all,



EmeeLee has been one of the top actresses in SL for a while. But now she's taken to directing. And boy has she ever taken to it. Her first feature UP HIGH! is sharp and sexy and has a real talent for camera position and editing. And Ivori is a great costar for her.

It rocks and so does EmeeLee. Take a look at this excellent film after the jump.

THE SEXIEST - November 20th

Originally uploaded by Auroras_R

This is by Auroras R. It's called "Tree Hugging - Stockings and Black Dress"

And it's THE SEXIEST today!

Friday, November 19, 2010

CeCe's Latest

CeCe Luminos latest outing is her best yet.

According to CeCe:
Porn Stars CeCe Luminos, Quinn Ying, and Key Llo come together in the first "Pretty woman Remake.. well lets say Femboy Remake, lol.. Femboy CeCe Luminos gets an offer she can't refuse from one of her tricks. Trailer Trash Beautician Quinn Ying is interrupted by CeCe as she goes over to get her hair done at the beauty salon and tells her story to Quinn.. /nSex, Fame, and Rock n Roll.. You're Sure to enjoy this one. 

THE SEXIEST - November 19th

Originally uploaded by Mr Bremer
This is by Mr. Bremer and it's THE SEXIEST of the day!

Aurora Returns

Our friend Aurora just got back to SL and she's already come up with a new film, THE LOAN OFFICER. It features the great Scooby Mode, Quinn Ying, Drew McDunnough, and of course Aurora!

Watch the movie after the jump....