Friday, May 20, 2016

Wanna Flick? One Night With My Bitch

The week has been bursting with activity on the movie side, with amazing hotness delivered by established names, and some that personally surprised me! For instance, yesterday saw the release of ...

I was not familiar with the work of Camron Jade, aka David Toto, but this Algerian filmaker has put himself behind and in front of a camera already (at least) nine times. Judging from a quick chat with him, he certainly sounds motivated and open to new experiences to put on film. And judging by this movie, he certainly can handle the situation...

What happens in this movie? Well, it's all in the title, isn't it? It's not about singing lullabies or anything boring: daddy means business! Also, judging from the usage of a certain rubber accessory, he does not want to be an actual daddy.

Camron carries the action for the 20 minutes of runtime using a very energetic camera style (keep your Benadryl handy just in case) showing off the virginal looking Candy, and of course his own prowess. The heterochromatic beauty is put to the test all over the cozy looking house, in a nicely varied shagging session to the beat of popular tunes.

I am sure many of you will enjoy what happens behind closed doors throughout the brightly lit night, and it's good to see new faces (and various bodyparts) on the scene. Speaking of faces and other bodyparts, there's some seriously enhanced ones here in the movie that came just before 'Daddy', and that is...

The cgi introductions to Camron's movies are very well done, great to see someone not just going for filmed SL sex, but also trying to putting together a quality product. Attention to proper credits and presentation give out the right 'vibe', no matter if the actual filming can be rough around the edges.

In this case looks 'make' the movie, in particular the big buxomed HoniDrops, whose physical 'gifts' bring a special flavour.
The action is fast paced here as well, and the choice of angles is sometimes daring and quite interesting. If you are a fan of the 'doll' look, this will be your bread and butter.

Such a pleasure to see more movies come out! Do check out this director, because he certainly seems willing to collaborate with the female talents to come up with new exciting scenarios!

Enjoy the 2 movies after the jump, check out the rest, too, on his Xvideos page! Hey they have a blog too, apparently!

And please let me know if you'd like your work to be covered in here!!

One Night With My Daddy .

Bitch Dancer 


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