Thursday, May 19, 2016

Don't let it PASS you by - again!

Another week goes by in the world of photography, and the adult entertainment scene is bursting with activity as usual. Amongst the various groups, again the Porn Actresses Support System, aka P.A.S.S. distinguished itself for a new initiative, one more picture contest with a sweet theme. After the remarkable results of 'Deadly in Red', it was the turn of 'Pretty in Pink'

Missy Lovesu Pretty In Pink 051816
'Missy Lovesu Pretty In Pink'

This week's designated winner was Melissa / Missylovesu, with her appropriately named photo. To quote the group founder and contest maecenas Brea Brianna:
" It was the one that really encompassed the theme the most. I just think we should be looking at more than the photo and encouraging average talents to get better. Her entry was pretty, the others were seductive. "

Pretty in Pink

Previous winner and uncharacterstically cutie patootie in her 'Pretty in Pink' entry, Woiven

As mentioned in our previous post, " the purpose of this Group is to allow aspiring Models and Actresses to succeed using experiences and combined knowledge and opinion to aid and guide them in the amazing SL Porn community." And certainly aims at giving its member challenges. Enjoy some of the other very pink piccies that were submitted to the group!

Garden Pink

"Garden Pink" by  Pwincess Buttacwup

Pretty in Pink - for P.A.S.S.

Erinyes Celestalis's entry (well, Jagger is the one performing the entry...) for "Pretty in Pink"

Thinking of You

The very seductive NP Milneaux is "Thinking of you" . Just saying.

Morgan In Pink

Morgan St. Cyr is "Morgan in Pink"  (of course, who else?)


"Inspiration" by Lara Dieterle

Snookered by Pink

Monique leFry is "Snookered by Pink"

PASS in Pink

PJ Thornton and her "PASS in Pink", accessorizing with Keeley Snowfall

Huge props to all the entrants for the talent and creativity shown in their endeavours.

The next theme from P.A.S.S. , for next Wednesday, is 'VIVACIOUS'.

Open to your interpretation!

PASS join my group !!

I am also using this space to remind you that, besides the ongoing running themes for (Happy ass!) Monday and (Topless!) Tuesday, whose popularity preceeds the time they graced this blog for the first time but that reached their peak thanks also to the work of Ali Lancrae (read her important note about the blogging criteria, btw), there are always new initiatives, from contests to simply 'memes' that some members try to get started.
Feel free to promote them through flickr groups, in-world groups, notices in the Sexiest pornstars group, of course, and if you gather enough entries just contact me. We will work on a post about it.

One fun contest promoted by Playmates Magazine!

There are always ongoing contests from magazines and such. We already mentioned Playhouse's contest for Fan Photos (warning, there's a 100 L$ entry fee), we will mention Core Nider's SL Unplugged 4th of July photos (entries possible up to the 15th of June), and you can get all the infos you need on Playmate Magazine's blog (and their in-world HQ) about the Surprise! contest.

(Little) Red Riding Hood

Last week's stunning winning photo, by Woiven.

Would you be interested in a permanent blog page with the latest contests and photo opportunities?
It is something that would require your collaboration as well, to share with the community your 'finds'.
Leave a comment if you like, and thank you!

Like for anything else blogged here, we just love to feature your work!

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