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'Erin's Interoffice Cummunications' by Erinyes Celestalis

For this weekend, something set on a Saturday. Who likes to have to work in on a Saturday morning? Oh dear. Well, wait before you answer...

...just wait!

Erinyes Celestalis is getting serious about movies! Mind you, I am a firm believer in the importance of simple, straight-to-the-point videos for the adult entertainment scene as a whole, but you also know I am such a sucker for movies more involved and with ambition. Erin is well known for her imagination in photosets that feature often plenty people, and this movie was just waiting to happen. Let's hear about it from her!

- First and foremost, this is your longest movie so far. Did you have fun with your smaller projects and what made you decide to 'go bigger' this time?

Erin smiles thoughtfully... " I most absolutely had fun doing the smaller projects! How could I not getting to spend time with some of the sexiest men in SL porn! I decided to 'go bigger' first and foremost to challenge myself and see if I could 'take it'! Secondly, to get cummed on by as many gorgeous cocks and shecocks I could that day!" *grins saucily*

- When you first got the idea for this movie, I know (my insider sources tell me!) it was a little different in your mind. Tell us how the idea evolved, and in general share how such a big and complex project became reality.

" Oh for sure! I had visions of how it would go, had it storyboarded and everything! I had always wanted to "pull a train" and a project I was doing for someone else, the movie poster project, seemed to lead me right into attempting to make it a real movie. However, that morning things did not go as planned.

At first there was panic and I had thoughts to cancel the shoot and postpone it, but I took a deep breath pulled up the proverbial panties and decided to go for it! Originally i had planned to shoot over a few days, but in the end it all got shot on the one day. We shot for more than six hours, everyone was so very patient with me and stuck it out for as long as they each could.

The final changes, most of the changes, happened in editing. There even had to be a name change to reflect the different movie I had. I did have to do a few re-shoots, some close ups and things I didn't think of at the time. And a lot of film did get cut, but I believe I kept all of everyone's best bits! "

- Do you consider this movie a learning experience? Any advice you'd give to a newcomer director, or to yourself in the past even, to do things differently?

*smiles reflectively*..... " It was most definitely a true learning experience for my next attempt! My best advice would be to be flexible and ready for anything. Take your time, don't rush it and maybe work with less people at a time to get the scenes more intimate."

- What is your favourite part of the movie, and what as a director you find the easiest or most pleasant thing in a shoot?

" I love ALL my sex scenes, of course! *quivers visibly at the memories* I love watching the physics wiggling and jiggling things! I love getting close ups! But my favorite part of this movie is probably the soundtrack, it's my favorite one so far and it is burned into my brain from listening to it over and over!

 Probably the easiest and most pleasant thing about a shoot is making sure everyone is having fun, keeping the atmosphere light and sexy and adding no stress. The most pleasant thing about this particular shoot was everyone else's attitude and the patience they gave me when things went upside down and had to change."

- And what do you find most challenging part about directing?

" The most challenging part of directing is keeping everyone's attention focused, keeping things moving a long AND to not let the sex distract you too much! Which at times, during certain scenes can be difficult even for me, the director!"

- Does that change compared to what you do in a photo shoot?

*shakes her head*.... "No, even in a photo shoot I want to keep everyone focused and moving along and still have to try not to get too taken with the scene. The issues for me don't change between filming a video or shooting a still."

- Finally, what is next in the schedule for Erin's Meow ?

" First, a little break! Erin needs some play time! *giggles*
Then some photo shoots as usual...perhaps one with you, Miss Katina? ....and in between work on my next flick....El Paradisio! "

Thank you very much to Erinyes for the avalaibility and the celerity in the response. And of course for involving me in this, it was a pleasure! As I thank personally all the co-stars, credited here.

And let's not forget , it features also...

You can admire the movie (and Partee's ass) after the jump!

And please let me know if you'd like your work to be covered in here!!

Erin's Interoffice Cummunications 

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