Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Pornstars Rack: still March, still Magazines!

Look at what we have here! A magazine! And it's

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 22

Once more I am so proud to show you a little sample of what you get on the newest issue of Aroused Magazine, avalaible on its website, and in its in-world version for free on Marketplace, group notices and through auto-updating kiosks (feel free to IM Marika Blaisdale to get one wherever you wish).

Hey, isn't this how i close my posts, usually?

 Meryll seen here with Mack The III and Cameron as she tries to tempt me into making a chocolate canoli joke!

I do, and I am well tempted to not add anything else and simply let the quality of these little 'teasers' speak for themselves. Aroused! is an unapologetic porn mag, with incredibly hot sex shoots avalaible, thanks to Melina Jameson beautifully photographing naughty fellow artist Meryll Panthar, Sandra bringing us a rousing private scene featuring Crow and Rachel, and thanks to Graham Collinson putting Cassandra Hastings on display.

Tati and her tatas ! I know, you have seen that joke before... Tati naked too, but that never gets old!

But you know and see every day from our blog here, how having a taste for sex and explicitness doesn't prevent at all appreciation for the sensual and erotic of the non-copulatory kind! And here you have featured in fine nude pictorials Tatiana by Sasquatch Rhino, and from Marika 2 models you all know and recognize: Whimsical Aristocrat and Rachel Avro-Sharple.

Rachel as she wonders how Marika could get a pebble in her shoe with a 1 foot platform...

Since I dealt with the technicalities early, I have a little extra room at the bottom of the article to highlight something else, and that is, the new feature of the magazine that displays a great photographic location. I leave you the pleasure to find out about it on Aroused's pages! Enjoy.

You are still here? Well then, remember if you made or are featured in a SL Magazine (or any project in SL, for that matter!) to tell me about it, so I can talk about it here ! Thank you!

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