Thursday, March 5, 2015

An alternative to SLink feet

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As all of you surely know, mesh feet are just a requirement today for people wanting to do erotic or naughty photos: the feet of the normal SL avatar are just ugly, and anyone wanting to look a bit realistic have to get some. And when it comes to these, it's quickly obvious that there isn't a lot of choice: SLink feet are used by so many people, and there are now so many shoes that require them that it is clear they are the ones to get.
The problem is, at L$650 one set of feet in a single pose - flat, medium, or high -, it's not really for people on a budget. Not to mention that people often have other body enhancements to buy…
For quite some time, there was just no alternative. But these are fortunately starting to appear, and it's one of those I'd like to show you today: the SLink compatible multi-pose feet from… Similar!
I'm describing them further in this post, but a photo being worth a thousand words, let's first have a look at them. Here is the flat version:
Here is the medium high version:
Here is the high version:
And finally, here is the high version again, but this time wearing the 'SLink high feet only' Siren stilettos, in the Wicked Heels series from RSC… without the SLink high feet, but with the Similar ones:

As you can see, the shoes just fit perfectly! Uh? What do you mean everybody can see my… Oh. Oops. *chuckles*
So a few details about these mesh feet:
  • They come in 5 sizes, mostly - if not only - for the ankle. You can choose the size that fits you best in the provided HUD.
  • They come with their own texturing, and colour matching with your skin is done by tinting the texture. So there are no skin appliers, but the 'Fast match' in the HUD allows you to select your skin brand and name in a menu and get the correct colour in a few clicks. That might be an issue for special skins like those having freckles everywhere, but that also means you can match skins that aren't 'natively' supported. You'll just have to find the best colour yourself.
  • The package includes the 3 versions: flat, medium and high. No need to buy 3 different sets.
  • You can choose any colour for your nails too, but there aren't several textures. For example, the so-called 'french' nails are not available.
  • These feet are not compatible with SLink appliers for anything.
So these are not perfect for sure, and a few things are missing compared to the SLink ones. But they do have a big advantage: the price… The package with the 3 versions in all 5 sizes costs… L$300.
If you'd like to give it a try, that's easy: just go to the Similar mainstore and grab the free demo. If you already have invested in SLink feet, I guess you'll have no use for these. But if you haven't, I think these are really a nice alternative to them, and only at a fraction of the price.

(SLink & Similar are trademarks of their respective owners. I am not affiliated in any way to any of these brands, and they definitely aren't paying me to advertise their products - maybe they should, but they don't. *grins*)

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