Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Pornstars Rack: Fabulous Magazines!

Magazines ! Yes we love them. And this time we cover ...

The Living End

The Living End

It's a blast from the past! But it's brand new, too! It makes sense, trust me.
Just have a look...

The Living End

Megzi proves there was no such thing as a "bad hair day" in the 50s. Unacceptable!

As you surely have heard by now,  one of the most historic adult sims in SL, Hard Alley, didn't just rest on the laurels of its award winning ways, but undertook a complete restyling that truly makes it unique in the adult entertainment scene. It is now Retroville, from a time when people were certainly deep inside as kinky and sexual as today... but expressing it in different ways. Mostly, if not necessarily, behind closed doors.

Margarita Blanco from the 50s. She had her Tardis parked outside the studio.

The possibilities in SL to play up with looks reminiscent of those glorious days of pin-up bombshells and those dark, sensuous and sometimes disingenuous Bettie Page photoshoots, are bound by little more than the imagination, and if you pay attention to the blog fashion feeds, not to mention the flickr streams of your favourite photographers, I am sure you'll see how popular of a theme it is. It is just such an iconic era for erotica.
You can get an idea about it by visiting Retroville itself, actually, since it's not in its entirety a RP area, and there are a lot of options for some quality vintage shopping - just be careful if you are a Gacha addict...

The Living End

Warning: Objects in the mirror may appear naughtier than they are.

Oh dear, I did it again. I took more time introducing the magazine than telling you what's actually in it!
Well, that's easily fixed: photos, sexy vintage photos of very real and present-time models playing with their look and shot by Spirit in a way true to the era. Check out the magazine by yourselves, and if you want to be in it...

Message Spirit Eleonara for details on how to be featured, and be sure to pick up your copy today! Click the issue no.1 cover picture at the landing zone in Retroville, or click the sign outside Studio Haute Demure.  

 Good idea! Go there, and have fun!

  Please feel free if you are featured in a SL Magazine (or produce one!) to tell me about it, so I can feature it here!Any project you are involved with is very welcome. Enjoy your SL, the way you want it! 


  1. Thanks so much Kat! Wonderful article! My shutterbug finger is itching for sure! I am sooooo looking forward to the next issue, some awesome models coming our way!

  2. Thanks Kat! I'd love to see many more SL Pornstars slip into a vintage look for one of Spirit's photoshoots! It's a great chance for them to try something new, have some incredible pics made, and have some fun doing it!