Friday, March 6, 2015

The Pornstars Rack: March

New month, new issue of ...

BUSTed Magazine

Busted March 2015

Yeah! ...although, this monthly appointment is scheduled to go on ice for a bit. One of the most influential magazines on the adult scene and in the fashion industry, due to its special attention to the very sizeable market of the non-skinny, Busted with this issue goes on a break, scheduled to last till the summer. Needless to say, best wishes to Rachel and the whole Busted team for a speedy return even earlier than anticipated. Enough with the bad news. This musical themed issue totally rocks (see what I did there?).

OMG WHAT?? NO BUSTED NEXT MONTH??? SAY IT AIN'T SO!! (  photo: Sillyjester Resident by Spirit )

You probably smell clichè when you start reading things like "Every single model on this issue is looking great, they show the model at their best, the artist is so creative", etc etc. But once you check the issue itself, I think you will agree with my words. Rachel and Be show once more their seemingly inexhaustible imagination, with 3 photoshoots each, and each one having a different feel and style from the previous.

Marika Blaisdale is the featured photographer of the month. Pianos don't last long with her and her nails.

And photographers Jadelyn Stratford, Zuby Gloom, Spirit Demure-Rust, need no introduction. From pornstar cover girl Dominique Robenet to VIE storyteller Lady Raven, you will have your chance to enjoy the sight of a variety of gorgeous models in professional and inspired photoshoots.

Congrats ! 

Well, we get to send Busted off for its little sabbatical with news of an award for them! As covered by fellow blogger Spirit, Busted was the recipient of one Adult Industry Award for its category ( "Straight SL Adult Magazine" ). Congrats to them, and one more reason to check the magazine out ! So for the last time in a few months, I tell you: go get Busted! You can easily get a copy of both from the notice history of the in-world group and the Pornstars group. Drop by their HQ, here if you wish, you'll always get ideas for your boob experience.

Please feel free to hit me with news about the porn community, events, magazine, exhibitions! I am always glad to cover your work. Enjoy!

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