Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - St. Patrick's Edition!

Keep those magazines coming! This time it's the turn of...

Pro*vocative Magazine

Once more with great timing, Rosalee Rhiadra's magazine helps us celebrate a festivity beloved from SL photographers. After Valentine's day, St. Patrick's. Before you go out and start getting hammered with suspiciously coloured beer, take your time to look at this issue

Proud pornstar celebrity Miss Emily is interviewed by Edvard  this month. 

As usual, Pro*vocative offers a poutpourri of intriguing views from the artistic side of SL. As we like to show in the daily galleries on the blog, you will find a much broader horizon of talents featured here than ones belonging to the 'porn' scene, but it will be for you a very pleasant discovery, if you are not familiar with their work already. I am especially pleased to see featured great talents such as Lincoln and Sidney Garnet, the beautiful Alana Roses and Lilly, the curator of that beautiful project I already mentioned a couple of magazine posts ago: the Obsession Exposed gallery.

Client work for Pria

Priapus Moeleneaux is one of the featured models in the spotlight

It's no coincidence that the aforementioned interviews were done by Rob McRae, Sammie Ansar and Spirit Demure-Rust, respectively. You will find a LOT of work put in this magazine by artists and personalities that we know and enjoy immensely for their presence in our xxx-rated community, but that are more than happy to put their talent in something not quite so salacious. The lineup is tremendously rich, and I leave you the pleasure of finding out which of your favourite Sexiest Pornstar has contributed to this issue and how. (well, ok, I tagged most in the post , but there will be surprises!).

The 'Classy yet sassy' Cherishsky, by fashion reporter Partee

So, now you are free to have a look at Pro*vocative! You will find a lot to read for sure, valuable tips of places to visit, great photos from Addy Summerwind and many others, interesting interviews, pornstars, artists, dancers, a former People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, a Mega Man villain! Ok well, forget about that last part if you are not a nerd like me. Just remember to look at the magazine online on ISSUU (you can log in with your facebook or google+ account), or get a copy in world from the group notices. Or ask Rosa, and while you are at it, give her some feedback about the magazine, I am sure she'll appreciate. See you next month!

Hit me up with news about the porn community, events, magazine, exhibitions! Always good to see what you guys are up to!

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