Friday, March 13, 2015

'In Lust' by HBIC Productions

As usual, many interesting and funny videos posted in group! Today I feel like talking about ...

In Lust

Well, how could I not, with a poster like that!

It's the newest effort from Meg De'Leon, aka the well known porn veteran Meg Corral, and her HBIC production company. And it's a movie full of sexy stuff! And I loved it not just for the very cool work Meg did presenting it , but also for the fact than at its svelte lenght manages to tell a story with a fun little twist and pack it with hardcore action. Just look at the credits and how many people were involved!


The plot goes like this: "Gavin is at his bachelor party with his friends. What he thought would just be strippers who would dance for him turned in to so much more. He soon realized a few of the dancers are tgirls, he has always lusted for tgirls. "

"The strippers take the men to the back room to give a lap dance when things get heated."

"Gavin's bride to be, Suki, shows up at the bachelor party, walks in and catches Gavin and his bachelor party IN LUST. The party stops!"

And this is the point where (in case all the on screen fuckery failed to tip you off) you TRULY realize it's a porn movie, because it does not end up with a bloodbath,a lawsuit, a trip to Jerry Springer or all of the above, but...

"Gavin and Suki exchange words. Gavin pleads his case and convinces his soon to be bride to join in with the fun."

So yes, there is indeed a happy ending! Enjoy the movie after the jump, and after this brilliant montage of backstage photos from Meg's Flickr. And congrats to everyone involved!

In Lust

The video comes down here after the jump! If you are a filmaker, or an actor, producer, etc. etc , and would like your work to be featured, well, just hit me up with ideas! I love to give visibility to what you do!
Thanks, and now, enjoy

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