Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Pornstars Rack - Dang I am 65 years late for this...

From a time capsule (actually the group notices, but play along...) I received...

The Living End

The Living End Issue 2

Yes! Fresh from March 1950, a delightfully spicy publication, in mint condition! But I am not gonna go and sell it on Ebay just yet!

Spirit's presentation from Flickr says just about everything that needs to be told, so there you have it...after this ultra sexy pic of Jadelyn, tho:

Such a bootgasmic attire makes me helpless too...

"Available now! A magazine dedicated to vintage glam/fetish/cheesecake! Click on the board outside Studio Haute Demure in Retroville, or the sign in the bus station (the landing point) or in the Retroville Social Club....orrrr....IM me in world for your free copy! Issue 1 can still be received by clicking the poster on the wall inside the doors at Studio Haute Demure in Retroville."

The bodaceous Colleen Criss is featured on this issue. Her upper limbs struggle to contain all of her smexiness!

"In this Issue:

Jojo Esharham, Toni Rose, Jewell Infinity, Colleen Criss, Jadelyn McAuley, Kei Frequency and Ka"

....uh, there's an ink smudge here, I can't read the last name. Oh well.

Now, what sort of relevant info can I add ? Not much, but here's my usual padding: I could go on and on about how much I love this issue in particular and the concept behind the magazine in general. Generally in this type of post I feature the pin-up photos in their original format and not the pages as they appear with layout, framing, writing and all that...

Examples of the cheeky style of the mag, with funny 'period' vignettes. You'll also find real and faux ads true to the 50s!

...but I wanted to make an exception this time, because one of the strong points of the magazine, and what makes it so distinctive and so entertaining to read, is exactly the stylization. Big props to the creative team of Hard Rust and Spirit: this magazine is born from a strong concept and is truly organic with the whole Retroville project. Which is, you need no reminder I am sure, a great place to visit and get the right inspiration from, to become, you too, a pin-up from that golden age.

So get your copy at Retroville (or from the group notice history), message Spirit Eleonara to learn more about how to be featured (there's a notecard in the group notices too), aaaand...that's all for now! See you in the next millennium!

 If you are featured or produce a SL Magazine, tell me all about it! I wanna put it here! Any project you are doing and is relevant to our members is very welcome and something I wanna put here. Don't make me chase you!

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