Monday, March 30, 2015

Wanna Flick? Late March edition

Movies movies movies! Let's have a look at some of the latest, and expect more during the week as I catch up with the work of other prolific (or simply, inspired!) directors.

Gonna hit it off with a few snapshots from the just-sex work of 2 directors you all know, beginning with

And who plays who is obvious.

You know what to expect here: curvy babe sexually engaged with muscle freak. Morph Wyx films the action in his usual competent way, and you will enjoy what happens on screen from start to finish.

You might not see the elusive nipples of the female protagonist, but you'll surely see from her a lot of the booty promised in the title, and her oral prowess too.

 If you wanted pirates, tho, you'll be disappointed. :-(

 And if you wanted beasts, I am sorry to disappoint even more, but this time this other movie from Kayla Whittaker doesn't involve any of the sorts.

It does involve quite a bit of sex, tho! Darn, it's like we are a porn blog or something.


It's a straight sex flick, and if you are looking for that, you won't be disappointed.

The action is quite dynamic, and while you can probably find more up-to-date sets and decorations and overall graphics, what you see on screen is energetic and well shot, with good positioning and a truly enjoyable general feel of, uh, merry bangery. Yes. I think I just made up a word or two, but you know what I mean. It's cool to see these 2 go at it!

And now, for something entirely different, it's my absolute pleasure to feature a new effort from Erin Cedarbridge's Club E! Again complete with blog post for you to check out

The plot for this? Oh, see, your standard plot, heard a million times... "A woman intimidated by high-powered vibrator hardware opts for a "sensitive" model, with unexpected results."
I mean...enough said, right?


 I am not gonna post a lot of snaps from this, not to spoil it for you, but it's simply brilliant. Another great rendition in SL from Erin of a very humorous video, after her version of 'If Women Catcalled Men' (which I also reccomend to check out even if not technically 'porn': it involves so many people from our scene).


Anything with a Benny Hill yakkety sax receives my thumbs up, and I think that we have already 2 strong contenders for next year's award show(s), between the romantic vibrator of this video (with an eerie Dalek-like glow) and Gaheris' sexy walks in the aforementioned one. Sil (siliconvydude69) and Sandy Miggins look awesome in this, as always, so it's always a plus too.

 Well, we had a mix of sex and fun, and for today it's enough ! Have a great rest of the day and check them out! Enjoy this, after the hump. I mean, jump.
Vids are after this! Hit me up with material for a post, if you want to be featured without me taking horrible snapshots! :O
Thanks, and now, enjoy! For movies on NM, remember to hit HD for a better view.

Booty and the Beast

Caught in the Act

Vibrator Boyfriend

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