Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Pornstars Rack - Mid-March Madness!

Imagine that! A magazine! Yes, and it's...


Aroused! Magazine Issue 21

Well worth its exclamation point as always, Aroused hits the virtual stands once again with a terrific lineup. Just have a look at this teaser...

Drink responsibly, but if you don't, at least take pics during it !

I will surely run out of superlatives at some point, but the diverse mix of hot and sexy photos featured in the magazine surely stimulates me. Something I particularly enjoyed in this issue is the great mix of sensuality and light hearted fun that you can find in the contributions from a beautifully whimsical Whims, and from the ever creative Erika   I laughed out loud at her naughty 'vignettes', but at the same time, found some absolutely erotic images in the set as well.

Erika wins the award for the longest picture title in the history of the magazine so far.

But if you want to immerse yourself into full hardcore action, look no further than the other sets you can find in the magazine, with the notorious artist Graham Collinson baring it all (and boning them all!) for the camera, involving wonderful personalities of the adult industry, like award winning model Carla Draesia and fellow brilliant and reputable photographer Addison Summerwind.

And a set by Sandra , featuring Joi and Ansariel. Just as hot as you'd expect!

Melany Herrera on the cover should have gotten your attention already, and the interview with her is one excellent reason alone to get the magazine (Marika's other model is worth checking out for sure as well). And how? Why, thank you for asking. Online on the website, in-world from the marketplace - for free -, or simply by bugging Marika in IMs. Come on, you know she loves feedback! She doesn't have to interview you to get some , right? See you in two weeks!

Please feel free if you are featured in a SL Magazine (or produce one!) to tell me about it, so I can feature it here! Thanks!

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