Monday, March 2, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Celebrating a Magazine!

Look, look! A magazine! And it's...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 20

Have you been at the party, Friday? Too bad if you haven't (like me -.- ), but at least you get to see how awesome it was (thanks always to the great work by the set builder as well as DJ, Yana!), in our party report post. Ok, well, that's a bit like rubbing it in, if you missed it! But most importantly, you get to see the magazine, and its 20th Issue!

I am glad to feature this time this sexy b&w by Whims. If you missed her exhibit at the Obsession Exposed gallery, you can catch fellow Aroused! artist Graham Collinson's, starting today 

Yes, that is what the party was celebrating (and why the release of the magazine was delayed one week): the 20th issue of this publication. Aroused was founded in May last year by Marika Blaisdale, amazingly enough, a newcomer on the scene: just a part of what earned her the nomination for the Sexiest awards in that category, I would guess!
Aroused has grown since and accomplished a lot, delivering without fail 2 times a month great quality photos to its readers.

A different feel by Sandra Palletier, with a new and fresh style in a steamy sex shoot with herself, Ansariel Hiller, Itoko.

Too easy for me to say how big of a fan of this magazine I am (duh!), but the truth is: when you look at it superficially, the magazine format seems something kinda pointless in SL, emulating on 'virtual paper' a medium the crisis of which has been long discussed since the start of the millenium. And yet, we all feel that certain allure a well produced magazine has; we all get that unique feeling of accomplishment being featured in one, and the influence brought on the scene by magazines producing shoots, featuring models, giving artists a motivating vehicle and platform for a 'permanent' display of their photos, is undenyable.

Jewell Infinity in one of the 3 beautiful sets of this issue by Marika, together with Pussie Galore and Kiki Ergenthal

Oh dear, I nearly ran out of space now and haven't talked about the actual issue yet! Well, why don't you go check it out yourself? Getting it on MP. On Aroused's website. Asking Marika. Come on. You'll find it. And you will find ON it sensational artists on either side of the camera, from Kiki to Whims, from Sasquatch Rhino presenting Waif Ah with a true maternal glow, to Sandra Palletier varying her style. And of course, there's the one who made all that possible.

Please feel free if you are featured in a SL Magazine (or produce one!) to tell me about your endeavours! I'll gladly feature the material you suggest me on this space! And I am open to suggestions about your exhibits, party reports, anything you like to highlight and is relevant to our community. Thanks!

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