Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello! Pornstars! : Erotique's Sci Fi Pornstars Party : March 6th

A lot of great ingredients went into making yesterday's Sci Fi Pornstars Party a big success, and a lot of fun! Yana's amazing club build set the perfect atmosphere, but it would not have been anything without some ultra sexy guests in some quite amazing Sci Fi costumes. Huge thanks to every guest helping to make it a very special, hot, and fun occasion.

A packed, fun event ended with Onisa winning the 'Hottest Sci Fi Babe or Boy' costume contest and picking up an awesome collection of prizes donated by our sponsors. A full scale Millenium Falcon donated by the Sci Fi store 'NLS'. Plus a collection of great poses from Rachel Swallows Creations. Huge, huge thanks to our sponsors. I hope we can do it all again soon.

Big Thanks To Our Sponsors.

Winner Of Our 'Sci Fi Babe' Contest 'Onisa'.

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