Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wanna Flick? Looking back at more flicks from February

The week is over, and it has been quite a week ! We had a real scare with that whole Google/Blogger flip-flop, but business is in the porn world has been going on as usual. With parties every day, lots of excellent pictures as shown in our various galleries, but also so many videos! Let's have a look at some...

Ah yes: with blogging in my mind, I begin with the latest effort from a producer who puts a great effort in the blogging side of 'the industry', with her daily contribution to the SL Porn blog of course, but also with the great work featuring and building up the work of her work partners, on her production company blog. I am talking about Erin Cedarbridge and "Fuck My Wife Please! Episode 1".



This movie by Club E Productions opens with some fine action by Sil and by Amia Edelmann, at her movie debut! Surely she is not camera-shy, as G and Edvard can testify.

In Erin's words:

Amia Edelmann makes her movie debut!
A man enjoys watching his wife have sex with another man, and films the events. A porn director watches the film and finds a new starlet! Part of a planned series done in a POV style.

You can watch the movie after the jump, or on Erin's blog, which is worth a visit for sure, as it's the best place to stay updated about her movie studio, have a peek at her past hits and perhaps be a part of their growing cast! And now, let's see a couple more examples of the active movie scene.

At The Fappamatic

At The Fappamatic

Daves Dethly (RandomDD) is not new to the scene, and filmaking, and all his provess shows in this new Doom movie, well presented by flickr promo pics, featuring himself and Dee. This movie's title doesn't have the politeness of the one above, but it certainly is interesting: "At The Fappamatic"

And if you think it looks so cool and well polished because it's production photos (here you can find Doom Productions' flickr), go watch the actual movie and don't forget to pick up your jaw from the floor when you are done.
Here below you will be subjected to my snapshots, anyway. I know, I know!

A really great display, mixing up sensual erotic titillation as we witness the peepshow in a grungy setting that seems to be very trendy at this time in the world of SL porn...And surprisingly enough, the patron doesn't get to JUST watch, here! Wow, how many coins do you need to put in to get THAT option?


I really enjoyed both these movies, and I am very happy to see the creators and stars of these working towards the promotion of their content. Of course, when I have time, I am very glad to bring something to the table myself, by picking movies from the group notices and featuring them. Let's see, let's see...I am picking now...this one!

...what? Sex with beastly characters is a bit too much for you, even if they are antropomorph? Pfft ! Ok ok. I am not showing 'graphic' pics from this one by veteran filmaker Kayla Whittaker. But you know such movies are out there, the possibilities of sex in SL are limitless, after all!

In the upcoming posts: a great 'newcomer', a look back at the work of a director , and active filmakers strike back!

Fuck My Wife Please! Episode 1

At The Fappamatic

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