Monday, March 9, 2015

Wanna Flick? with Travis Wagner!

You surely have noticed, in the notices (ha!) in the past weeks, a new name on the porn scene. If you followed the link to the video he posted, I am sure you remember it, because it's the type of quality video that leaves an impression.

I am talking about THIS dreamy video from Travis Wagner aka Travis82.
Travis has been so kind to spare some time to write for me a little introduction of himself and his work. Let's hear it from him!

"Let's face it, anyone that is still in SL after the first year is a fashion designer, blogger, or somehow involved with sex. Since I look terrible wearing a dress and would somehow kill myself if left alone in a room with a sewing machine, my path was clear."

"I got into this community to meet people and role play, I am always interested in including cool new people in my projects so don't hesitate to introduce yourself."

"On the technical end, I capture video with Fraps and an XBOX One controller for Flycam, Adobe After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6 for production, but I believe that 90% of good machinima is a result of planning your scene ahead of time, finding the right windlight and shadow settings, and good set decoration."

And yay, thank you for your nice intro! I grabbed a few snapshots from Travis' public videos, which currently are the aforementioned 'Dreams' / 'The Dream', featuring Aubrey, and 'Sorority vs. AV Club' , which sees also the partecipation of Saskiaingram. Both the videos are very well produced, with great music, a great pace, and something I love, which is the mixture of a slick, glam look and a real taste for the 'action': I truly enjoy those who care for quality but are not afraid at all to get down 'n dirty. Enjoy the videos, and stay tuned for more!

Videos are after the jump! If you are a filmaker, or an actor, producer, etc. etc , and would like your work to be featured, well, just hit me up with ideas! I love to give visibility to what you do!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 


Dreams from Travis Wagner on Vimeo.

Sorority vs. AV Club

Sorority vs. AV Club from Travis Wagner on Vimeo.

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